One Dress, Three Ways…Take 2!

The Return of Thrift Score Thursday!
One Dress, Three Ways!

Hello and Welcome to the second installment of One Dress, Three Ways!


So, the first version of this dress was pretty swell for a no-sew, but it’s time to take this frock in a totally different direction!

First, I unpicked most of the neck from the rest of the dress.  Then, I made a big chop!

Just like that!
Just like that!


Next, I plopped my new frock on my dress form and began getting it perfectly fitted!

It's shaping up nicely, eh?
It’s shaping up nicely, eh?

I actually ended up having to remove the pins from one side of my form in order to get it off the form, but that’s no problem.  I just repinned it after.

No biggie!
No biggie!


Each side went under the needle, then I got to work on closing up that raw edge at the top!





Getting my new halter strap all closed up!
Getting my new halter strap all closed up!


And just like that, my new dress was ready for the World Premiere of Cinema Purgatorio!

Red Carpet Worthy!
Red Carpet Worthy!


It's quite terrific!
It’s quite terrific!



You can and should check out this terrific film right here!  Oh…and here’s the trailer!

Of course I enjoyed schmoozing with the cast and crew.

Hi Jeff!
Hi Jeff!f 


Meet one of the filmmakers, Emily!  :)
Meet one of the filmmakers, Emily! :)


Such a fun evening!
Such a fun evening!


Hmmmnnn…wonder what I’ll do for the final installment of One Dress, Three Ways?  :)




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20 thoughts on “One Dress, Three Ways…Take 2!

  1. Hey Jillian, I absolutely love your blog but I have more of a question then a comment..I get your blog updates via email and since there is so much information provided via email I never really have to come on the actual blog site to view posts unless I’ve missed an email or want to go back and rehash the refash’s :) so my question is this, since I see the posts via email and don’t come on the site as often, does this affect your stats for the site? I am a big fan and I imagine there are many others out there but if I don’t have to come on the site to view the blog, does it affect the blog?

    1. Thank you so much. I honestly have no idea how that affects my stats, but don’t worry about it! I’m doing this blog because I love it, not because of the numbers. So…keep viewing it however you like and I’ll keep a posting! :)

  2. Thanks so much and I definitely keep up with the posts, your refash’s are awesome and although I’m not quite ready to sew a refash, I’ve tried some no-sews and even buying cheaper outfits that don’t quite fit and just making them work!

  3. Love this concept! Can’t wait to do this to some TShirts from runs, or events! I never wear plain, old blocky tshirts, but I could totally do this to them & love them!

  4. Awesome! This may be my favorite so far. It may be painful to see you take it apart for the third refashion. I’d be ok with you changing your mind and keeping this one :)

  5. Nice to see you have your mojo back! Lookin good! I so enjoy what you do – and you’re very good at it!

  6. Just a suggestion on the next transformation- how about making the bottom half into shorts and adding a bit of elastic to make a one-piece romper? All you need is a pair of shorts that fit loosely but comfy to trace/pin the seams for your pattern and elastic.
    I really like this transformation. Great work :)

  7. Very cute dress! I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to revamp it the third time and just keep it as is! Also, the trailer to that movie, hilarious! Made me smile and want to watch it haha!

  8. Oh my gosh. I love this dress so much, I hate to see you change it for a third look. For the third look, I think you should just stuff the bottom of the dress into your shorts and save the dress to wear again. ;) It’s one of my favorite refashes yet!

  9. Of all your refashions thus far, this is my favorite! You have been such an inspiration to me! I ran across your blog by accident over a year ago and started trying some refashions myself. I have had the most stressful year of my life this past year and the refashioning has been my stress relief and has kept me sane through it all!

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