ReFashionista is Coming to the Columbia Maker Faire!

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Hi all!

I have some very exciting news to share with you!

A lot of you have asked if I ever teach refashioning classes, and up until now, the answer to that question has been no.

That was until a friendly staffer at EdVenture here in Columbia, SC asked if I’d like to teach a class during their super-fun Maker Faire on June 14 (this coming Saturday!).

I happily said yes.

Here’s how it’ll work.  The Maker Faire is from 9-5 at EdVenture.  Come on out and visit me in my ReFashion Sewing Studio, where I’ll teach you how to refashion!

I’ll be there all day with a bunch of potential refashionables, sewing machines, and all the things you’ll need to leave with a refashion of your very own!  If you have something fun you’d like to work with, bring it!  Even (and especially) if you’ve never sewn anything in your life and want to learn how, come see me!

Of course, I can’t do this on my own!  The lovely Kassie of The Olive Ant will be there too!  She’s a terrific up-and-comer, and I think you’ll dig her work and her awesome can-do attitude!  :)

You can check out how made this sweet hi-low dress happen right here!

I’ll see you there!  :)

Jillian Owens
Join me!


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10 thoughts on “ReFashionista is Coming to the Columbia Maker Faire!

  1. So would have loved to come…unfortunately UK to Columbia in a week is just not going to happen!!!
    Maybe you could consider doing a one off vlog entry so the whole world wide can see your amazing talents in action!? That would be amazing!

  2. Sure wish I could be there! I would love to see you have your own sewing show. Some You Tube videos even lol! Your blog has really inspired me to give sewing for myself a try – I just need a little more direction than the photos. I’ve often thought I would like to follow you through the thrift store and back to your sewing room to see how you do it. But, they arrest people for that – so maybe you could get someone you know to follow you with a video camera lol. I love your style and I watched you on a couple of shows – you looked and sounded just fine :)

  3. I live in Canada and as much as I would love to be able to make it down to one of your wonderful shows such as these I cannot. :(
    So I was wondering if you’ve ever considered making a video on learning to refashion?

  4. Oh my gosh I live in South Carolina! If you do another event, I want to come to it. Your refashions are so awesome I’m in awe of how cool and thrifty you are!

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