One Dress, Three Ways…The Final Chapter!

Tangerine Dream Dress
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You’ve waited with bated breath for the thrilling conclusion of…


For my final trick, I chopped off the top halter section of my $1 dress’ most recent incarnation!

It's hard to say goodbye!  :'(
It’s hard to say goodbye! :'(


Then, I took that raw edge and pinned it…



…followed by a quick bit of whirrrrrring!



Time for a little role reversal!  I turned my dress upside down, so my newly-stitched edge was the new bottom!  Then, I grabbed a safety pin and pinned my new shoulder down from the inside so it wouldn’t show.

I was feeling a little ornamental, so I took an orphan earring and attached it to my new shoulder as well for a bit of pizzazz!

After tying on the original belt/sash thing, I was left with this saucy cocktail dress!

Ooooh la la!
Ooooh la la!


I wore my new frock to a few fun events around town where I ran into some terrific people!  :)

It's fellow local theatre critic, James Harley!
It’s fellow local theatre critic, James Harley!


I'm not quite sure what's going on here...
I’m not quite sure what’s going on here…


Thanks for the pic, Rob!  :)
Thanks for the pic, Rob! :)


It's Nick "Danger" Dunn!
It’s Nick “Danger” Dunn!


I even shared a drink with this handsome gent who managed to keep me and my friend Erin alive on a recent kayaking trip!  You can read about our little adventure right here.



So…that’s the end of One Dress, Three Ways!



Buuuut…I wanna know which one was your favorite!

Was it Dress 1, Dress 2, or Dress 3????


Leave your answer in the comments section and let your voice be heard!  :)



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160 thoughts on “One Dress, Three Ways…The Final Chapter!

  1. I liked dress 2. Dress one was way too much fabric and dress 3 left nothing to the imagination. :) Love your blog!!!

  2. I have to say that they all were pretty nice but dress #3 is my favorite!! (I wish I lived closer so that I could come to the Maker Event!!) If you ever come to Wisconsin or upper part of Illinois please make sure to let a follower know, I want very badly to attend a workshop of yours.

  3. Love, love, LOVE your blog! Always so fun and inspirational! Thanks for putting cool stuff on the internets :)

  4. All of them are cute, but my fav is #3. I’m amazed at what you come up with, I can look thru your site for hours! I think my favorite is the faces you make in the beginning of each post with how horrible the outfit is!

  5. Although it was hard to love one more than the others, number 3 was definitely my favorite. It is absolutely adorable!

  6. Really a toss up, they are all great. My favorite would totally depend on what I was going to do in them. Dress one for a date, like dinner and the theater. Dress two for a cocktail on the patio or a summer wedding. Dress three for a night in a club!

  7. Without a doubt…#3. This one just seem to suit your personality more.

    This was fun! I hope you do it again!!


  8. I’m a sucker for 40’s glam which is what the 1st one reminds me of so it might be my favorite and its less effort, which to pull off in vintage is hard! I actually saw the third look coming out of Bourbon while you were headed in! Though it took a moment to reach my brain or I would have said hi;) Oh and I’m digging his shirt as well!!!

  9. I think I love dress #3 the most, when I first saw how you clipped off the top edge, I thought you were going to turn it into a maxi skirt, though I see that you probably still could make it work that way now, for a “one dress, four ways” idea :) Just wondering what happened with all the extra fabric from the bottom, nee top, when you pinned the shoulder down with the safety pin, didn’t it gape on the one side??

  10. I love what you make out of those weird dresses, but seeing you easily chop off pieces off your last refasion I wonder if you actually wear your refashioned dresses more than once. Do you actually want to change your wardrobe substantially or do you just add to the pile of fast fashion waste?

    1. I definitely wear ’em more than once, and then I give ’em to my friends when I’m done with ’em. :)

  11. #3 was my favorite but i did like #2 as well I love your stuff I just pulled a few thing from my closet that i haven’t worn in a long time and am using some of your idea’s to make them new again keep up the GREAT work :)

  12. I liked #2 the best. The halter was unique! I want to find a dress that I could do the same! All of your creations are wonderful!

  13. Finally! I can’t get through my day without seeing one of your refashions :) I really like all of them. I think #3 should have been a tad longer but other than that all fantastic.

  14. Question: on dress #3 do you have the seam that used to be the waist (belt casing) going around your thigh area? I can’t really tell by the photo.
    #2 is my favorite.
    Great color!

  15. I loved dress 1. It just looked so elegant. I always look forward to recieving my emails from Refashionista. You have inspired me to remake items from my own closet.

  16. Dress three I think is the most fun. The others are cool, but the third one screams ” I don’t take life too seriously, but I look seriously fabulous!”. Maybe that’s just how it seems to me :)

  17. I love 2 because it would get worn all the time. But if you have the right place to wear it, I like 3 even better. Love the use of the orphan earring! Thanks for all the amazing ideas and inspiration.

  18. even though i love halter top dresses, but i’ve gotta say my favorite one is definitely #3,, soooooooo pretty, and my favorite color too, looks smashing on you ;)

  19. Dress 2… they were all good, but Dress 2 was really clever and would probably have been more wearable in the long run if it still existed.

  20. I just spent HOURS looking through all of your posts and I think you may have inspired me to keep my sewing machine and not sell it like I was planning. I love altering things but they never seem to turn out right. I think I just need more practice, though, so I won’t give up yet. Especially since just yesterday I was thinking about how I need to make all of my own clothes because I keep a very small (under 25 items) wardrobe and am particular about everything being mix and matchable, fit perfectly, be able to be worn different ways, etc.

    :) Keep up the good work. I love the thrift store you went to that had the painted windows “Never buy new”.

  21. I LOVE the creativity of turning the dress upside down!! But honestly, I like dress #1 the best. You’re awesome to even figure out ANY of them, let alone THREE!

  22. I like #1 but I tend to always wear sleeves. I like the suggestion of 1940s style.

    I just found your blog. Thanks for the inspiration! I have trouble imagining what I can do with a piece while I’m thrift shopping.

  23. 3 is my favorite, but all 3 looks were great! :) (by the way, I’m a new reader of your blog…I love it! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

  24. It’s so hard to choose! They are all fantastic! I think dress 1 would look best on me and I think dress 2 looks best on you followed closely by dress 3. So….all of them?

  25. Wow. Thank you for showing me, a fat person, the best way to take away my resources. How about instead of taking fat peoples clothes, you go to your local fabric store and grab stuff there. That way, fat people can still wear those clothes! Fat people have such a hard time finding clothes that actually fit and then you go to a $1 thrift store where those people can actually afford it, and take it and use it for yourself. Stop taking resources form fat people.

    1. This was a dress found at a thrift shop that literally no one was buying or wearing. Fabric is also prohibitively expensive. Instead of letting a piece of out-of-fashion clothing sit in a thrift shop for another year (before the thrift shop sees the need to throw it away to make more space), Jillian decided to repurpose it as she saw fit. As an also-fat person, I see no need to randomly diss someone for actually practicing one of the four Rs and not unnecessarily buying new material. We could both see fit to go to a thrift shop and repurpose old things to make something new.

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