Gimme a(n Asymmetrical) V!

A Most Secretive Maxi Dress
Tangerine Dream Dress II!

When I plucked this rather stern-looking dress from its rack at one of my favorite $1 thrift stores, it was with a certainty that whatever I did to it would be an improvement!

Dour Jillian is dour.
Dour Jillian is dour.


Nothing fun, lively, or exciting has ever happened to anyone while wearing this dress.  I can just tell.  But it’s not all bad.  I like those stripes and that funky side button placket, and I just knew there was a flirty fun frock hiding in there somewhere!

I just couldn’t stand that collar or those sleeves though.  I grabbed my seam ripper and got to work!


Pick.  Pick.  Pick.
Pick. Pick. Pick.


After an episode of Orange is the New Black, my picking was rewarded!


My foster pup doesn't seem very impressed though.  :/
My foster pup doesn’t seem very impressed though. :/


Time to close up shop!  I pinned down the raw edges along the neckline and arm holes…


No longer in the raw!
No longer in the raw!


And MORE pinnage!
And MORE pinnage!


…then I stitched the pinned parts down.




This dress is just a bit too big for me, so I took in each side 1″.


Pin, then stitch!


I cut off the extra fabric, and put the dress on my form. Now I needed to figure out how I wanted to restructure my new collarless neckline!

I pinned & played until I came up with this funky asymmetrical V!


Looking good!
Looking good!


This meant I had to let one of these little guys go.


Farewell, lil buddy!
Farewell, lil buddy!

I stitched my new neckline down, then decided to remove just a little bit of the length from the bottom of my new dress.


Just a smidgen!
Just a smidgen!


After stitching a quick hem (and of course ironing everything), I was all done!


The final step!
The final step!


I’m pretty thrilled with this one, you guys.  :)


Tres chic, no?
Tres chic, no?


I accessorized my new dress with a red vintage belt that was my Grandmother’s, and a pair of patent cork wedges.  :)

My new dress was perfect for work…


Cubicle Selfie!
Cubicle Selfie!


…and also perfect for after-work Birthday Party play!  ;)

Coming to NBC this Fall:  The Adventures of Jamie and Jilly!


The new “Water to Wine” Cooler really improved office morale!


That’s a piece of Angel Food Cake I’m holding btw. :)





69 thoughts on “Gimme a(n Asymmetrical) V!

  1. Wow!!! I think all of your refashes are brilliant, but this one is the most brilliant!! I took a glance at the original dress and thought there is nothing cute that is gonna come outta that!!! :) But, as always, you worked your voodoo over that thing and there it was….a super cute dress!!! You are a true artist!!!

  2. Love it!

    I’m still in the ‘toe in the water’ phase of refashing and I’ve been looking at seam rippers, I noticed there are two different blade types, do you recommend one over the other?

  3. Love your blog! This has to be one of my favorite pieces so far! You’re definitely an inspiration!! Cheers :)

  4. Foster pup? What???? Why haven’t you adopted that little guy? He is the cutest ever!!
    oh, and great re-fash but i got totally distracted by Douglas being fostered.

  5. Very clever with the neckline! My original thoughts were “There is no way I am going to like that dress” but I did! But no more cheating on your “before” and “afters”. Have equal makeup on in both! ha ha. Your “afters” are always so much better than the “befores”, you don’t need to skip the lipstick in the “befores”.

  6. I agree – you should have a TV show – especially if it got shown here in New Zealand.
    You have great vision to see something in that dress – and then actually produce it.

  7. The dress looks great, but I’m curious… Did you try a square neckline? I can’t tell, but I think that might be cute, too. =)

  8. This is great! I really loved how you transformed this. It may be my favorite. And the length is just perfect!

  9. At least this one leaves room for the overweight people in your town to actually find cute clothes, as it’s not just ‘sooo big lol what huge clothes’ as your expression often suggests. Do you have any idea how difficult it is sometimes (and no, it’s not our own fault) to find larger clothing? I know it’s hee-larious to you that there are larger folks than your hipstery self, but there’s no reason for the ain’t-I-a-stinker face you usually use.

    1. Yep. I usually just run around thrift stores yanking clothes out of other people’s hands while screaming, “MIIIIIINE It’s all MIIIIIIIINE! Mwahahahahahahahaaaa!”

      Project much?


    2. To assume that her facial expression implies that its “hee-larious” that people larger than herself exist is clearly a manifestation. Her face does not imply that. The point is that one thing is turned into another. Size has nothing to do with it.

    3. 1. It’s her clothing when she buys it. She can do what she damn well wants with it.

      2. None of the ‘before’ dresses are cute….unless you’re into moo-moos and shapeless tents.

      3. Thift stores exist to make a profit. They want to not only make money for their charity, but they also need to pay rent for their store space. They can’t keep stock forever, and many of the old-fashioned and unsellable clothing ends up being sent to landfill because it is taking up store space (which in itself costs a lot of money). They just can’t afford to keep things in the store for years on end. And usually the big ugly muu-muus and shapeless dresses were the first to go. Why? BECAUSE NOBODY BUYS THEM! Most people don’t want to buy something that is 30+ years out of fashion. They sit in the store for years and years and years, collecting dust, getting sun-damaged, or just falling apart due to age. Refashionista isn’t “stealing” anything.
      If anything, she is doing EXACTLY what thrift stores want you to do – buy their items. First come, first serve!

    4. God, it’s because there’s been a post going around a lot on tumblr about how horribly unfair this blog is to plus sized people because she takes large clothes and makes them small. I am very body positive myself, but I think that post is just silly. Those clothes are there for everyone. And by the way, insulting her for being skinny isn’t helping your body acceptance cause at all. She hasn’t ever criticized fat people. People are allowed to buy whatever the hell they want.

  10. I think this is my favourite so far, you definitely have your mojo back! Love the funky neckline and it is the perfect length. Good work missus!!!

  11. You def got your refashion groove back! I think this might be my favorite one so far. Amazing how something so completely hideous is now really modern, cool and adorable :) You’re inspiring me!

  12. I really like this one. Btw I was interested to hear how your week or was it two? Without booze went do you have a link you could post for the rest of the story I only read the first one.

  13. You took it from really downright ugly to very cute. It is work appropriate and also great for the casual party scene. This is one of my favorites because I never thought it would be anything more that ugly. I am not too fond of refashions that are way too simple, such as hem shortening, removal of sleeves, and neck refashioning. I consider those not really worth my time or effort. This one, however, involved a design change that took the dress to a completely unexpected level. Great job!

  14. You are just so amazing! I helped some girls do a simple refash the other day and it has inspired me to try and do my own! Maybe I will get one done soon…

  15. Seriously. I couldn’t even look at the before for more than half a second. It was horrible. I can’t believe you could see something so cute in it. Wow! The results are adorable.

  16. So cute! The asymmetrical neckline is fabulous! Love the water cooler shot too–so fun! Glad you’ve got your sew-jo mojo back Jillian! You are amazing!!!

  17. You my hero for this dress! I love love this one fo sure! Just know I wisssh there was something here in Florida where people could gather and reinvent, create new things such as this beauty! My gal pals and I during the year love to discuss you during lunch and know for a bunch of teachers, taking time off NOT to discuss work is rare! Thank you for being such an inspiration! We love you!

  18. Just found your blog via a buzzfeed article. I am so incredibly impressed with your work. Wish I had the skills to pull of something like that and really getting people thinking about eco-fashion and re-wearing articles of clothing that are so beautifully transformed. Thanks for the inspiration!

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