ReFashionista on GMA!!!!! What the WHAT?!?!

An Evening in New York Dress
Happy Birthday Phillip & Jamie!

I have some really exciting news, folks!


I’m gonna be on Good Morning America on Friday, July 18!!!!!


It's legit.
It’s legit.


I’m NOT KIDDING.  It’s really going to happen.

I can’t wait to chat about my refashions and do a surprise refashion LIVE on the show!

Nervous?  I'm not nervous!
Nervous? I’m not nervous!


I hope you’ll all tune in and check it out!





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181 thoughts on “ReFashionista on GMA!!!!! What the WHAT?!?!

  1. Awesome! I hope you really help people get out there and refashion some clothes and help slow down the overwhelmed clothing market a bit and give money to some really good causes. Great work!

  2. Mmm hmmm! As soon as you made that one shouldered masterpiece out of those big legged britches, I knew you were on your way up! :-) I’ll be cheering from Texas!

  3. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! And to think, we knew you when! Gotta set that DVR tonight.
    Wonder what that guy that didn’t understand why this blog was so important to you is thinking now??? Remember him????

  4. That is so exciting!! Congratulations! You’ll do just fine! Plan on being nervous for the first 15 seconds and then you’ll relax because you are going to talk about what you love to do! I love your Blog!

  5. I just found your site yesterday! Great news about your upcoming appearance on Good Morning, America. Congratulations! Your style is amazing! You make me feel like I could turn Goodwill finds into treasure too. Thank you for all your tips!

  6. Well, it’s about time mainstream media got hip to you! Congrats! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stood in front of a mirror in a thrifted find and wondered, “What would the ReFashionista do?” You inspire me!!!

  7. YAY! Congrats! You really deserve it. I’m doing my first refashion and I have been thinking about you the whole time…not in a creepy way. ;-) I will be tuning in.

  8. I’m so super happy for you!! I show my daughter all your refashions because I think your so super talented, I’ve even shown my hubby. I’m happy that the rest of the world will see how talented and creative you are. Your pieces are worthy of showing off. Congrats!

  9. Can well believe it, Congratulations! I’m an avid follower..but live in Germany, will there be a way to watch it afterwards?enjoy yourself!

  10. I’ll be sure to tune in. I’ve never watched GMA before but for you, I’ll be sure to watch. Just be yourself, you’ll shine!

  11. Wow! Congratulations! Could you post a clip on your blog afterwards so those of us not in the US can see it? (I’m in Australia but would love to watch your segment). I think you’ll have your own show one day ;)

        1. Be sure to check out Mea’s link below for the video. I am sure Jillian will post a link when she is done jet-setting and celebrating her excellent performance :-)

  12. Hey! Laurel from the Orange Dress Reader ReFash in March here. So happy for you! You are an inspiration and deserve great things. I will be watching! Congrats on the recognition you are getting. I am glad I was with you back in the early days. Go!!!!!

  13. Hi Jillian, found a link to your blog on 22words a week or so ago and I read every post from front to back. Your refashions are inspiring, love your color compositions and marvel at all your shoes! Congratulations for appearing on GMA, you will knock them dead! I bouhgt the S.E.W. book you recommended in a post and I’m buying myself a sewing machine! I can’t wait to find mummuus and old lady dresses to remake!

  14. I’m so excited for you. You create change one person at a time. Friday you could change millions! Congratulations.

      1. Will you be posting an imbedded link for it later? Apparently due to the licensing, we can’t view it up in Canada. GRRRR! Long time fan!

  15. Congratulations, Jillian! It is wonderful to hear you will be sharing your unique take on things to a national audience. Just pretend it is karaoke night (sans margarita ;-). Remember to have fun and enjoy the hair/makeup pre-show (not that you need it, but I am sure it will be fun).
    Can’t wait to see what you whip up for America.

  16. Congratulations! Well done and well deserved. I”ve been following you for a few years and am always amazed by what you can do with your “finds” and your sewing machine. Best of luck and keep those refashions coming!

  17. Congrats!!!!! That is super cool ! I am already a fan, but so glad more people will get to see the rad stuff you re-create!

  18. Congratulations! I am so not a morning person, and after a sad sigh I realized I can tape it and watch it when I get up!!! Hurray!

  19. So excited for you!!! Your blog has really helped me get out of my shell and start enjoying my clothes more. I love looking at them and seeing something new thanks to you! I cannot wait to see you on the 15th!

  20. That is great! I’m so happy for you! Do you know any place where I can watch this online? I live in the Netherlands so unfortunately I am not able to tune in on GMA.

  21. So excited for you and for THE UN-REFASHIONED MASSES! You are about to rock the world! This is great news and while you should be nervous, you should also try to have so much fun! Congrats from The Ineson Family……

  22. This is so exciting! I watched you on both Rachael Ray and Good Afternoon America and you did so awesome on both of those shows! You have great stage presence (yay for Theater!) and I’m excited to see you in action again.

  23. You’ll be wonderful! Good luck! We’ll be watching (along with another couple of million people – no sweat.)!

  24. Wowee! It seems that just a few weeks ago, you were struggling with your creativity and NOW your blog’s gone viral and you’re on a major TV show! Your mojo is definitely back! I’d say that your mystery man is a good luck charm… :) Seriously, congratulations! You are awesome!

    1. btw all serious “creatives” or “artists” struggle with creativity and inspiration on a fairly regular basis. That is part of the whole process.

  25. Congratulations! And Thank you, for sharing your post with such fun details. Looking forward to your continued success and inspiration.

  26. Watching! Sounds like you should be on any minute now. Palomita, try later to see if you can see the video. If not, you may be able to get the ABC app. The show is Good Morning America. I’m such a fan. My site is all about making things out of other things. If I had her body, I’d be making clothes out of castoffs in a New York minute.

  27. Congratulations! Your segment on GMA was fabulous. What you do is amazing and inspirational. I love the idea of repurposing just about everything, but only if it results in beautiful or practical items; you accomplish both very well.

        1. Excellent! Thanks Mea. Jillian was so very poised. I am sure there will be many new members of the blog family after that wonderful segment.
          Thanks again for the link.

  28. I didn’t get to see it when it first aired, but I found the video online (same spot I think Mea posted). Awesome work, Jillian! You definitely inspire me (although, my refashioning has taken a hiatus because of baby duty).

  29. just watched your piece on GMA and you were just as I thought not only bubbly but a natural too! you should be on TV regularly!!!!

  30. Congrats! You’ve inspired me to start my own blog, and show people what can be done with their old clothes. I was hoping I could share your GMA video. Would that be alright?

  31. I have been following your blog for about 10 months and get so inspired!!! Especially love the tip to dye – never would have thought of that. And what an awesome piece on GMA today! Congrats!!!

  32. Yay for you…. I stumbled onto you blog a few months ago!!!! I’m a definitely a fan. I can sew….. So since stumbling onto you blog I’ve been thrifting and I have a huge stack of *old* fabulous pieces to refashion! Thanks for making it look so easy. It’s so great to see your true personality on the show.

  33. Australia saw you this morning on GMA (Yes, Saturday here but we got to see it), that purple number was AMAZING! Congrats from down under xx

  34. I remembered to set my DVR & I watched!! You were awesome! You were pretty poised for someone who doesn’t spend all her time on camera. You looked like a pro! Congratulations! I hope you get a gazillion new readers out of it!

  35. Recorded the piece and just now saw it. You are a wonderful inspiration. Thank you. When one’s weight fluctuates due to medications it is nice to know something beside buying new clothes can be done. I have yet to brave the re-fashion but will be doing one this weekend. I’ll send pics to you by e-mail. Congrats. You deserve it.

  36. I NEVER watch GMA, but when I read you’d be on, I made an exception. It was such fun to watch you doing what you do best: Magic Makeovers!! You looked like a pro! Someone should give you your own program!!.

  37. I set my DVR and watched it – I especially liked the one you dyed. When I’m thrifting if I come across 100% cotton white tops – t-shirts or blouses – for a good price, I get them so that when I get a hankering for a certain color to make an outfit, I can create it. I hope they have you back again on GMA!

  38. I watched the video of you on Good Morning America! I have been reading your blog for some time now… But only recently subscribed (I have a phobia of getting too much email…). You did such an amazing job! It was one of their better segments in the lifetime of the show! Bless you in your future refashioning endeavors!!!

  39. I am sorry that I missed it. I will look for it on Hulu or youtube. com. Life has been happening somethings have taken the back seat. I am sure that you did great and knocked it out of the park. I have been reading your blog for awhile now and I love it. I have taken hubby’s slacks and made a skirt out of them for me. ;) Keep up the great work my kiddos and I like looking at the cute refashions that you do.

  40. Awesome job on Good Morning America! You looked very comfortable on camera, were clear and to the point on how much can be done with thrift clothes. You are an inspiration to me and right now because of your segment on GMA I’m working on removing sleeves off a dress. Whirrr!

  41. You are so fabulous on and off TV and definitely not frumpy even before, just those dress… Your my hero..

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