Things are Happening!

An Asymmetrical/Distracted Dress
Grecian Statuette Dress

Okay…so I don’t have a refashion to share with you guys.  Don’t worry!  I’ll have one for you tomorrow.  :)

This last week has been a bit of a whirlwind.  A whirl of wind!

First off, look at THIS:


Whut! Whut!

The other day, I received an email from the amazing Burdastyle that said,

Hello and Congratulations!
The votes are in, and the BurdaStyle community has voted you one of the Top 50 Best Bloggers for Sewing Enthusiasts.


I had no idea there was a contest, and they haven’t posted my ranking or any of the other winners yet, but still…HUZZAH!  And to whoever nominated me/voted for me…THANK YOU!




Go Cocks!
Go Cocks!


Not only did I win a really awesome award, I also got the news that a proposal I wrote to the Darla Moore School of Business here at the University of South Carolina was accepted…and then some!  This semester, I’ll have two teams from the Management 479 class helping me make ReFashionista bigger and better!  One team is going to focus on the bloggy side of things, and the other team is going to help me start a ReFashionista fashion line that will be sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly!  I’ll keep you posted on all the goings-ons with this exciting new partnership!

So right now I’m kind of feeling like this:




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131 thoughts on “Things are Happening!

  1. Congratulations! That is all fantastic news! I just recently found your blog and I think what you do is terrific. I am new to sewing but I’ve already started refashioning some old sweatshirts and I find your blog very inspiring. From one South Carolina transplant to another – Way to go!!!

  2. Congrats! You’ve been an inspiration to me…I’ve cut off sleeves, adjusted inseams, and shortened dress hems (my husband thanks you!) because your blog always motivates me. I salute your Whirrring! Thank you for the time you put into your posts!

  3. You so richly deserve the recognition and support. You have inspired so many people with your creative “Rags to Riches” styles. Way to go!

  4. Oh wow! Awesome, fantastic and incredible! Way to go. I always enjoy seeing your creations and am amazed at the garment you start with and the transformation it goes through. Keep up the great work and enjoy working with your teams!

  5. Hi, I am new to reading your blog. I haven’t had a chance to go exploring around past blog entries, but I noticed you are from California. I’m intrigued by this team plan you are talking about. And, congratulations for your award! With this team idea you mention, is there a chance that the team will work on showing us ideas for refashioning clothes into a more cold weather style? I love what you do and what I’ve seen so far, but where I live, well….

  6. You know, I was kind of depressed because all the fashion bloggers seem to have commercial sponsors and I was like, how is Refashionista going to get any kind of sponsor? Thank God I was wrong! :-)

    Well deserved.

  7. Adding my vote of confidence to you and from here in Vancouver BC– way to go, girl.
    Love what you have done for us all in re- thinking previously worn clothing and transforming it into something amazing.

  8. Jillie, I never comment. Never. But I am so proud and happy for you, and I hope you enjoy every second of these new adventures. You’re brilliant and funny and chipper (even when you’re a little blue).

    Jess (creepy non-commenting reader since 2012)

  9. Congrats from south Georgia via a NY state transplant. I so enjoy your clothing redos…just wish I were as tiny as you so they’d look as nice.

  10. Congrats!!! I really enjoy your blog and getting inspiration for my own refashions!! I’m excited for you your new adventures!!

  11. Congratulations! You deserve that and more. I can’t help but reflect on the creative block you had a little while back and really and truly celebrate these awesome events with you. I think it’s true, it’s often darkest before the dawn. We just have to keep moving forward baby steps at a time and suddenly… there is the sun! Proud of you for pushing through to the other side :)

  12. Congratulations! You earned them! Hard work and perseverance are finally paying off…When things like this happen, I start believing in humanity again :) I discovered your blog over a year ago when I was going through dark times. Reading your posts and seeing the wonders you can do helped me remember what I loved doing once, sewing and inventing new things. So, thank you! for being an inspiration

  13. Again I say “you RoCk!” You deserve it! Your ideas are so creative, original, unique all while saving the planet…you’re just way tooooooo cool you know..just saying!

  14. Congratulations!! that is great news. Going to be crazy having a whole team of helpers for you!! looking forward to seeing you refashion lots of models!

  15. Congrats! I have been following you for a few years and yours is the first email I open in the morning when you’ve blessed us! Your sense of humor is awesome! Your work is incredible! And I agree with another commenter, you have also reminded me how much I love sewing. It is a creative outlet for me. Along with using items for something other than what they were intended for. A job well done Ms. Refashionista!!

  16. “Cheers!” is right! Hooray for you! I’m so glad that your talents and efforts are being recognized by the “community”! May God continue to bless and use your life!!! Jill

  17. How wonderful for you! Can’t wait to see what new and exciting things these teams will bring to my already favorite site. Wishing you the best and much (more) success!!

  18. Wowie zowie!! Things are really happening for you!! So excited about your award and your new blog/business adventure with the university. Here’s to you and all your hard work!! Cheers!

  19. I am not surprised at all. You had it in you all along. You are an original and an iconoclast. Always remember that! Congratulations!!!

  20. Congrats to you! How ironic I have an old gamecocks sweatshirt that I acquired from my days living in SC, no not personally an alumni, that I’ve refused to let go of but haven’t come up with a refashion purpose for it yet. I’m living in south Texas and sweatshirts are not needed very often.

  21. Congratulations my blogger friend! No you don’t know me from a hole in the wall, but I do actually feel as if you are a friend! I love what you are doing and I am thrilled for you receiving an award and that your proposal was accepted! Good on you girl!!! I hope I might be you first customer of your exciting line of re-fashioned clothes!!!! Do keep us all in touch. Love and hugs to you. Ann Blackwell

  22. SUPER! Just keep taking deep breaths and one day at a time and all that! This is a wonderful opportunity and such a blessing to women everywhere. When we move back to Irmo after our stint in Prague, we really must meet you. Of course, you are invited to visit us here. I’ve got a list of the 102 resale shops in Prague………

    Thank you for your wonderful blog, Beth and Quinn Ineson. Your biggest little fans!

  23. Congratulations! This is a perfect example of how one person’s creativity and one small idea have the potential to develop into something much bigger! Here’s to creativity and entrepreneurship!

  24. Congrats – You are so talented and deserving! Luv your blog and anxiously check my inbox for your latest post – I don’t sew much, but watching you create makes me think I could! Luv your amazing creativity – how you can see something beautiful in a frumpy frock – wishing you continuing success! Lynne

  25. Super cool news! I already think of your work as being eco-friendly, but does this mean your blog will be more professionalized and fancy? Can’t wait to see what develops. Congrats!

  26. I’m curios how the Refashionista line of clothing will go along with the blog – what will you use to refashion?

    I really like your refashions and you have inspired me to do some of my own.

  27. How totally wonderful (and much deserved) for you! Congrats! As stalkers (oops, “followers”!!) we look forward with bated breath to your future posts! You’re an inspiration!

  28. I’m thrilled! You are too good at what you do not, to be noticed! Congratulations! You will be on the front of a magazine cover one day, which will no surprise, you are great!

  29. You have really ‘earned’ this recognition. Years ago in high school in Charleston, SC I wanted to do something in design of women’t fashions for broke and/or creative gals…..but in ’58… such interest/support . So I designed and had made ‘party clothes’ for a couple or years. So glad for what you are doing……an inspiration!!!

  30. I just found your blog today! I would have totally voted for you for that contest! Congrats! I love upcycling clothes! I always do it! Especially for kids halloween costumes :) (My daughter will be Elsa this year and her outfit cost me $7.58 after finding a few pieces already made to sew together :) Love this blog!!!

  31. Man! Wow! Congrats! You are such an inspiration to me to hire me a sitter for my son, find out how to thread my stinkin sewing machine that is mad at me for not using her and start sewing!! Yeeeeah! Ok im off my soapbox CONGRATS ONCE MORE!!

  32. The two teams from the management class, how did that work out for you? I have a suggestion for you or anyone helping you with your blog. It would be great if all the older posts were updated so they show the before and after pictures at the end. Also, if any of the typos could be corrected that are in old posts that would help your blog look better too. Since you’re constantly getting new readers who go back to read from the beginning, this would be nice for them. I am one of those, as I started reading your blog in Dec 2014. Wishing you the best in 2015!

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