Thoroughly Modern Jilly

New Dress for a New 'Do
An Asymmetrical/Distracted Dress

When I scored this Malibu Barbie-ish dress for $1, I knew I couldn’t leave it as-is.


Ick.  Pink.
Ick. Pink.


Perhaps this would work as a swimsuit coverup or some such thing, but as many of you know…I hate pink.  Bleh!

You can probably guess what happened next!


Brown+Red=Maroon…Wonder what Brown+Pink will yield?
Brown+Red=Maroon…Wonder what Brown+Pink will yield?




When my dress was dyed and dried, I used a clothespin to keep the top layers out of the way while I snipped the lower ones into strips.


Lots 'n LOTS of snips!
Lots ‘n LOTS of snips!


This took a while…


So.  Much.  Snippage.
So. Much. Snippage.


As I snipped each strip, I tugged on them to make the fabric curl like you see above.

When I was done, I ended up with a frock that makes me think of a post-apocalyptic flapper!


From the thunder dome...
From the thunder dome…


I know…it’s a little odd, but I really dig it!


Am I doing The Charleston?  Is that what this looks like?
Am I doing The Charleston? Is that what this looks like?


There was a slight breeze, so I kept my fringy frock under my chambray shirt.


Meet Baxter!
Meet Baxter (and Ken)!


My dress enjoyed brunch with friends…


Live fast.  Die young.  Bad girls do it well.  ;)
Live fast. Die young. Bad girls do it well. ;)


…followed by a fun game of Bocce Ball!


Such great form!
Such great form!


Cheese is a vital element in Bocce.
Pics like these are why I’ll never be taken seriously as a fashion blogger.  Whatever.  CHEESE!


After doing a fairly decent job at what might be my favorite new “sport”, I headed over to The Nickelodeon to catch a much-anticipated film with Dianne!


Love these guys!
Love these guys!



Happy film goers!  :)
Happy film goers! :)



If you haven’t seen The Trip to Italy yet, you should!  Rob and Steve are hilarious together and this sequel is even funnier (and deeper) than their first Trip!  :)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  :)


No, Baxter.
No, Baxter.








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27 thoughts on “Thoroughly Modern Jilly

  1. I hate pink as well. It’s still pink. Wonder if mixing it with orange would have made coral. I like coral. I do like the design though.

  2. Awesome! I’m also small and ruffles are just way too precious for already-childlike-shaped women. :) I *love* this solution and will definitely copy!

  3. Love the transformation, love the new color too! I used to work at a 1920’s-themed restaurant and I made several flapper outfits to wear while I waited tables. Wish I had thought of something like this! One silly question: was there some kind of modesty slip under all the layers? Just curious, I couldn’t tell from the dress form pictures, but when you modeled the dress it looked modest enough. Great job!!!

  4. Great transformation, I have a “meh” grey version very much like the “Pepto-Pink” one you started with–perhaps I should try this strategy. Your frock can even tranistion to fall and winter with tights, boots and a cropped moto jacket.

  5. I doS save to say that I like the original 1better. The other 1 just looks like rags
    on you and I agree with the earlier comment it looks like your car wash.

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