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This week’s Reader ReFash comes from Sloane of Life and Food and Beer in South Florida!  Perhaps it’s because I just got back from a lovely wedding (In Paradise…sigh), but you’re about to see the first Wedding Dress refashion I’ve ever posted here!

Oh…wait.  There was this one.  ;)  You’ll be happy to know Sloane’s story ends a little differently than mine.  ;)

It was always my moms dream for my sister or myself to wear her wedding dress. It was straight from the early 80’s and my sister was smart enough to pass.

She shipped the dress to my after I called complaining about not being able to find a dress I liked. It arrived in a USPS, if it fits it ships box. The dress itself was actually wrapped in a trash bag.

Once the box arrived, I stuck it in my closet without trying it on. After a night of drinking, I came home and decided to try it on. I blame it on of alcohol of course, because as I was standing on the toilet lid, I decided I could work with this.




With the help of a professional seamstress, we redid the yellowing, aged, liner, took off the puffy sleeves and made them into straps, but keep the look of the original dress. My mom wore a hopped skirt under the dress, very southern bell, so we slimmed the base of the dress in as well.

On the day of the wedding, I did a dress reveal with my mom, and as soon as she seen it, she started crying saying “you keep it the same”.

Seeing her so happy, made the 3 months of crying and wishing I had just bought a new dress worth it!

Whoa!  :)
Whoa! :)


Awwww! <3
Awwww! <3


Ahmazing!  And no, Sloane didn’t choose to execute this one herself, but she still earns Mega Awesome Points for seeing the potential in a dress that was once in a garbage bag, not buying new, AND supporting a small local business (her seamstress)!  :)  Well done, M’dear.  You look beautiful!  :)

You can read more about this refashion at Slone’s blog, Life and Food and Beer!

Cheers to the happy couple!




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17 thoughts on “Sloane’s Weddingtastic Reader ReFash!

  1. That is so touching. I think redoing it but keeping it and wearing it is an honor to to mother and so clever. Big applause.

  2. my daughter asked if she could “re:do” my dress someday- I thnk its a fabulous way to reuse a sentimental dress and can’t wait to see her use it.

  3. You rock! First let me congratulate you on making mom happy. Second let me congratulate you on finding a professional dressmaker. Third let me say you totally rocked this dress. And new hubby is a darling, too.

  4. I did the same thing – redid my Mom’s wedding dress and wore it as mine. My daughters both are interested in doing something with the dress when they get married someday. My dress was from 1969, and I redid it in 1993. :)

  5. Love this post! I just recently found a wedding dress in what was thought to be an empty box. Come to find out it’s from the early 70’s. Not sure if I should re-fashion or just find it a new home but this post inspires me!

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