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A Winesome Winsome Saturday Dress

Here’s a super-comfy shapeless/dated dress!




Not much to dig here. The length is lousy.  As I said, it has no shape.  It’s just not terribly exciting, now is it?

Luckily, all it really needs is a few chops!


Douglas investigates!
Douglas investigates!


That very bottom bit was chopped off to remove an ink stain that didn’t come out in the wash.  The next-up bit was going to come in pretty handy.  See those buttons on the side?  They’re totally functional!!!

I used the button-up part to make a belt by wrapping it around my waist twice.

I’m pretty happy with this no-sew tunic, I must say!


No need to hem, as Jersey doesn't fray!
No need to hem, as Jersey doesn’t fray!



I think my sweet vintage brooch looks swell with my new top!
I think my sweet vintage brooch looks swell with my new top!


My new top had a fun mellow evening with friends.


…like Ryan here!
…like Ryan here!


We even crafted a tasty fall cocktail with ginger beer, whiskey, and…other things????





Cool pose.  Bad lighting.
Cool pose. Bad lighting.





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30 thoughts on “Take Advantage of the Details Tunic

  1. Every day I go through my emails: delete. Delete. Delete. Delete… Then I see your post du’juor and I get a big smile!!!
    What you do with clothing, I do with furniture and lighting.
    I just adore you! Thanks! (And Daaayuuum, don’t you have a fun life!)

    Terri V.
    St Augustine, FL
    (aka “Amy Avalon” on fb)

  2. I’ve never commented before but I just wanted to say how much I love this. It’s one of my favorites !!! I do have ask you……. what are your plans for that royal blue, little house on the prairie beauty you got there behind you? I see that one in a lot of your pictures & I’m so curious !!! ;) ;)

  3. Nice, I like the improvements without losing the comfy look. Oh and personal experience says hand sanitizer or rubbing alcohol can help greatly with ink stains.

  4. when I see your first photo I sometimes try to guess what you will do. I was sure you would somehow use the bottom buttoned part to make a collar.
    The tunic looks GREAT. if it were me I’d put elastic in the sleeves and hem the bottom, I prefer a finished look. I’m not criticizing just imagining what your finds would look like if I did the refashioning.

  5. Love this refashion…great look for a cool fall day! Douglas is darling and I’d love to know your ginger beer concoction recipe :)))

  6. To be honest, I used to have a dress like that-back in the 80’s! I was excited when I saw it at the beginning, I was looking forward to seeing what you did to it. Funny part is, I cut mine off at some point too.

  7. I love it! Lady Bug you are an inspiration! Whenever you have a dull “nothing to see here” dress I KNOW you’re going to make it into something cool! And is there anything cuter than Douglas?

  8. I really love your site with all your wonderful creative ideas. I do wish I had affordable resale shops around me. The price they want at the shops around me I can go to Kohls and buy a brand new item. I do wish though that there was not so much drinking in your blogs but you look like you have a fun and great friends!

  9. Loved the stripes but just couldn’t see how you were going to make this one over. You made it look so simple and now it’s an amazing piece! Thanks for sharing!

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