Kaylinn’s Reader ReFash!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Take Advantage of the Details Tunic

When I saw this pic of Kaylinn, I must confess I had my doubts that there was much to be done with her chosen starter piece.  :/




She’s a braver woman than I.  I HATE velour and velvet.  Yes, they look nice (although this shirt is looking a bit scary as-is), but I HATE the texture of them.  I CAN’T STAND to touch them (or cotton balls for that matter).  Does this make me weird?

Anywho, thankfully Kaylinn had no such qualms.  And that’s why she was able to turn that top into an adorable fall frock!


Love it!  Also:  Holla to my fellow asymmetrical hairdo pal!  :)
Love it! Also: Holla to my fellow asymmetrical hairdo pal! :)


And just loooooook at how she did the back!


Front shall be back and back shall be front!
Front shall be back and back shall be front!


Awesome job, Kaylinn!




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43 thoughts on “Kaylinn’s Reader ReFash!

  1. I have to admit I really love this, and I have no issues with touching velvet and velour but I have my doubts that I wouldn’t be able to pull it off and I’ll look like a giant 90s oddball prom queen. Ugh!

  2. Loooong time reader but first time commenter ;-) My sister is the same way with velour, velvet, and cottoballs–she can barely stand to touch them! Once, I handed her a box of corn starch and the contents inside shifted, it felt so icky to her, she about keeled over. I don’t know what it is with you ladies and stuff that feels strange, just know you aren’t alone…ha!!

  3. For a first, or even a third, redo that’s amazing. I’d love to see the person who owned the shirt, in the shirt. Great job.

  4. Fabulous job. I have to say I just had to see what you were going to do with such frightening shirt. How was that shirt ever cool? But you made it cute and current. You could even make a purse and seperate skirt. I’m kinda in love with that color now!!!!!!

  5. My mom has the same texture issues with velvet, velour and even peaches! I can’t handle chiffon or nylon. Just the thought makes my skin crawl! This dress is super cute!

  6. Loved it! I do like the velvet texture but I was more concerned about the color… the “Before” was really scary! Kaylinn you are my hero! — and now I want a mustard dress just like that one! lol

  7. Great job! I made red velure curtains for small bathroom with cut up pajamas that had red and black high heels on them .creativity can be so fun

  8. WOW! What amazing skills! I definitely had my doubts when I saw the “before” picture, but she really saw the chic-ness within! You GO super sewers :)

  9. OMG. I cannot touch velvet either. It gives me the heebie jeebies. Also, I can’t touch some kinds of foam. Specifically the kind that used to slide over thick metal hangers. (my Dad was a clothing manufacturer’s rep, so we always had them in the house. I don’t think they make them anymore, thank goodness.)

    But the refash is pretty and super flattering on your reader! Kudos!

  10. I just found your website today and its awesome. AND……I am super excited you hate velvet and velour cuz everyone thinks im a weirdo when I say that. I refuse to touch it, it skeeves me out and gives me goosebumps!!!! Felt too for that matter….

  11. You are literally my spirit animal!!! I HATEHATEHATE touching anything velvety, or cotton bally feeling. It makes my teeth itch! Gah! That said, this dress is bomb.com looking! Although, the texture would make me vomit.. Looks great on her!

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