Green Poppy Dress

Don't be Drastic! Add Some Elastic!
A Teal Brunch Dress

I find so many 70’s housecoats when I go thrifting!  I really liked this one with it’s lovely green flowers!




Yikes!  That turtleneck!

There was also a good bit of damage on the sleeves.


Holey Moley!
Holey Moley!


I can only assume the previous owner of this frock was mauled by an animal of some sort...
I can only assume the previous owner of this frock was mauled by an animal of some sort…


I’ve been working on a really exciting holiday project (It’s gonna blow your mind dear friend) that I can’t wait to share with you guys.  It involves a LOT of really tedious sewing, so I felt like taking a lil no-sew break today!  :)

Chops happened!


Bye damaged sleeves!
Bye damaged sleeves!


I turned this dress so the back was the new front.  I unzipped it a bit so that turtleneck became a funky collar.  That very bottom scrap turned into a sash for my waist.

Not too shabs, I must say!


Are you green with envy over how easy this rehash was?
Are you green with envy over how easy this rehash was?


My new dress enjoyed a laid-back day that consisted mainly of hanging out with friends and a tasty dinner.  :)


Yay!  Layers!
Yay! Layers!


Hi (again), Erin!
Hi (again), Erin!





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41 thoughts on “Green Poppy Dress

  1. You are so amazing! The vision you have for repurposing clothing is inspirational. Thanks for sharing your gift!

  2. Love it! But as a child of the 60’s whose mother wore a few of those housecoats, I think the zipper goes in the front anyways. :) Love what you to see the housecoats refashioned!!!!

  3. How did you and Erin become friends? She seems like such a fun girl always ready to hang out! Plus of course cute dress!

  4. LOL! I LOVE your blog! I can’t sew a stitch…but you always make me think I could! Luv u…and your quirky fashion sense!
    Patty Mishler
    “The Epicurean Explorer”

  5. Love this find. Ps. You’ve inspired me to only thrift and refashion in 2015.*

    *shoes, socks, underwear, bras are exempt and may be purchased NEW as needed.

  6. Super cute and I have to tell you that I did my first ever refashion today inspired by your blog! I was going through my closet to get rid of clothes I don’t wear and stumbled upon a shirt that I’ve only worn a couple of times. I loved the fabric, pattern, and the shape of most of it, but being a broad shouldered gal, the fluttery sleeves did me no favors. I don’t sew AT. ALL. (it’s on my “learn someday” list) Anyway, I realized that this particular top had raw edges left all over the place so it must not fray. I grabbed the scissors, chopped off those sleeves and made it a cute sleeveless number that’s infinitely more flattering on me! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. You are so inspiring. I look forward to everything you do. I am 67 years old and had a stroke 10 years ago. I used to be a seamstress and now can’t sew so good. When I see what you do I am so proud of you.

  8. Amazing, as always! A very imaginative idea to turn it around. I never would have thought of that. Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. Nicely done. Since you said jersey does not fray, I admire how you were able to cut such a straight line at the hem. Sleeves can always be cuffed, but not a hem.

    Nice tights and boots too. They match the dress perfectly!

  10. Do you find that these housecoats have bust darts in them? I would think that would feel weird to have the extra fabric on your back. I love refashioning vintage clothes though. I feel like they were made so much better.

  11. If you ever feel like refashioning this already totally cute refashion, you could chop off the sleeves, turn the zipper to the back again to take advantage of the turtleneck (or refashion the neckline to make it wider and lower, more of a funnel neck), take in the sides for a slimmer (and beltless) mod A-line dress, and rock it with those same boots….

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