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The Good Life Dress
Fashion History: Slaxtastic Edition

Hey all!  It’s me again!  I hope you’re all having fabulous summers and that you all have a friend with a pool. ;)  Yep…I’ve been woefully absent again, but there are a few fun things on the way, friends!

First off, stay tuned for a SUPER AWESOME promotion I’m about to unfurl upon the refashionsphere next month.

Secondly, I’ve been working like crazy at my day job to get an amazing project off the ground that I don’t doubt you guys are going to LOVE (maybe more than this blog).  Hint: It have everything to do with Thrift Culture and it’s coming in August.  ;)

Thirdly, There’s a redesign in the works for this lil blog, so if things start looking weird, don’t freak out!  :)

Okay…back to the refashioning!

I was suuuuuper excited to discover this polyester dress with an amazing floral print in a recent thrifting venture!


Can we all let out a collective “Yikes!” for that ruffly collar? With such a busy print, it doesn’t quite fit, does it?  And those ruffle-bottomed sleeves weren’t going to cut it in 100 degree SC weather. It’s also waaay too long for my short lil self.

Let the removal of extremities begin!  First, I picked off the sleeves with my seam ripper.


Pick. Pick. Pick.
Pick. Pick. Pick.


Then, I cut off the ruffly collar, leaving about 1/2 an inch or so behind.




This left me with these guys:


Okay. This pattern combination is hurting my eyes.
Okay. This pattern combination is hurting my eyes.


I got to work pinning those raw edges under/stitching them down.  First, the arm holes…




Then, the neck hole!




...then stitch!
…then stitch!


Do you see why I didn’t use my seam ripper to remove the ruffly bit now? By leaving enough left over to fold down on the inside, my neckline would look just fine.  Since the fabric of this dress is of the non-fraying variety, this trick works. Of  course the inside isn’t as pretty as it could be, but nobody gots to know that, amirite?  ;)

I wasn’t happy with how the top of my new dress fit me, so I took it in just a smidge.


...just a lil bit!
…just a lil bit!


I cut off that extra material from the sides, then trimmed a bit off the bottom.




Once again, this fabric won’t fray, so I didn’t mess with hemming the bottom.

For my final trick, I grabbed those sleeves and cut off the rounded shoulder bits.


Can you guess where I'm going with this?
Can you guess where I’m going with this?


I stitched the sleeves together, and had an instant sash with nice ruffly details on the ends!  :)

I must admit, I’m pretty thrilled with this one, guys.


And it has POCKETS!!!
And it has POCKETS!!!


Seriously…I think this dress looks like it stepped out of an Anthropologie store, but instead of costing $100+, it was just $1!  :)

I wore my new frock to Trustus Theatre to review their new production of Dreamgirls!

Trustus’ Excecutive Director, Larry Hembree couldn’t resist a quick photo op!


One day he'll come out of his shell...;)
One day he’ll come out of his shell…;)


Erin and I had a great evening!


Happy Theatregoers!
Happy Theatregoers!


It can't be dreamy all the time, ladies.
It can’t be dreamy all the time, ladies.









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45 thoughts on “Your Move (Anthropologie) Maxi

  1. Way cute! That dress looks wide enough that you could have turned it into a pant suit! That would be adorbs too! Although I understand about your hot weather there.

  2. Cute, cute, cute. Question, how do I get rid of the long sleeves of a too large item and then have large arm holes? Any tips you can help me with is appreciated.

  3. Love the pattern and the refash! My daughter would love it especially if I made it in to one of the high low dresses. Glad to see you back on your blog and can’t wait for the new things that are coming!

  4. Is it wrong that I’m saying “chop” and “snip snip” to myself before I even read the captions under the photos? Great refashion!

  5. I was so excited to see your post that I quickly read through each step (it was hard to resist jumping to the end of your post to see the refashioned design). I LOVE it!!! You are so creative and inspiring. Thank you for sharing your talent and refashion ideas

  6. I love this dress! ( I love pockets too.) You sound happy and enthusiastic, so glad to think your life is going well. Blessing,s Debbieb

  7. Or you could have left the ruffly collar, cut the dress knee-length, and with the extra fabric made a matching clutch. But I like your solution, too. ;)

  8. You are so cute! I’m old enough to be your mom but hope some day we meet out there thrifting since we both live in Cola. Love everything, well almost , you do! Many blessings. Linda

  9. Clever Girl! You are looking energized and rearing to go!
    Thanks for the inspiration! Looking forward to hearing/seeing your exciting activities.
    Much love Jillian :-)

  10. Once again love it – although I was imagining a JUMP SUIT which you could easily do with all that fabric! Happy to see you back Jilian!

  11. That print! Love it – all of it. Nicely done. Can’t wait to read more about what you are working on. Thanks!!

  12. I just think you’re swell! Love your creations, your enthusiasm, your energy, your writing. I want all good things for you. Great luck with this new endeavor; I’m looking forward to it.

  13. I could watch you refashion a shower curtain and enjoy it. (In fact, I’m pretty sure you could–and should–refash a shower curtain into something adorable to wear!) Just so you are sharing your creativity. As usual, great job!

  14. Good one! I love the navy with the white and green print. That dress came a LONG way!! Like several other people, I at first thought the final product was a pants suit or jumper – that would also be cute!

  15. Wonderful remake into a cute, cool, summertime, goin’-out-to-the-theater dress! Glad to see you again, and waiting anxiously to see all of your new “stuff” coming up! Blessings…..

  16. I think you are adorable and your refashions are amazing. That being said, why do I have to go hunting for you now? I no longer get notification of a new post. I don’t want to miss anything!!!!

  17. I have kept your blog open since July. :) I had surgery and found it on Pintrist and followed the link. I didn’t sleep well while recovering, so I read all of your posts when relaxing. Thanks for keeping me company during a rough time of my life (I now can’t have any more kids because of the surgery) it was very emotional. Sewing again gave me something to look forward to while I returned to myself and my life. Thanks again for your blog.

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