One Dress, Three Ways: Fake Vest Edition

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I can’t believe the weekend is almost over! Ugh! I hope yours was as fun & relaxing as mine was!

I spent most of today in this green frock:

Yes. That's a fake vest. :/
Yes. That’s a fake vest. :/

Whoa Nelly! This is a fine example of unflattering 80’s wear…complete with an attached fake vest! The mind reels.

Since I see quite a few ways I can redo this dress, this feels like a time for…

Ribbet collage

That’s right! One Dress, Three Ways!!!!!

For my first refashion of this frock, I’m going no-sew.

I made a few snips…

Later, massive pads!
Later, massive pads!
I shall not miss you, fake vest!
I shall not miss you, fake vest!

I pulled up the front part of the dress to over my knees…sort of like I was making a curtsy…


Then, I safety-pinned it in the back, hiding the pin on the inside of the fold.

It took a little finagling.
It took a little finagling.

And that’s all it took!

Digging the high-low look!
Digging the high-low look!
It was quite a bit windy today!
It was quite a bit windy today!

Without the vest part, I actually really like the print on this frock. :)

My new dress enjoyed a late lunch with friends. :)

Hey guys!
Hey guys!

I wonder what I’ll do to it next…:)




47 thoughts on “One Dress, Three Ways: Fake Vest Edition

  1. I look forward to the ideas you show in your blog. So many times I have seen fabric I love, or part of the item, perhaps even the whole thing (but it doesn’t fit). Truly inspirational. Thank you for such a wonderful blog.
    On another note, there are those of us out there who are cheering for you. For the good to be good and the bad to get better. Keep on truckin’!

  2. Paisley, yes! It was “in” back in the 60’s and it’s in again now. And obviously somebody made a dress of it in the 80’s … though I missed the trend that time … maybe it was too soon after the 60’s and I blocked it out? :)

    Very cute. Looking forward to the 2nd and 3rd ways you refashion this one.

  3. In the first pics I was seriously doubting the print choice and no sew, but it really looks nice and the colors you paired it with make it pop.

  4. Absolutely LOVE the print on that dress, the after pictures in the natural light show it so nicely! Great refash, looks awesome!

  5. Enjoying!
    Would you consider being a guest for a group? I teach sewing and keep wanting to do something with my wedding gown and thought it would be cool to do a special class with my students.
    (I am a friend of Dianne Davis – perhaps we could contact via her..?!!)

  6. What was the cost of that frock? I hit the thrift store today after the SEAHAWKS WIN!! but alas, I found nothing worth the prices they were asking.

  7. This is my favourite re-fashion to date! I love seeing what you’ll come up with next and you always inspire me to see clothes differently!

  8. The lightening in the first few pictures does not do that awesome paisley print justice! It looks great in the daylight – love the simple fix to make that cute tunic!!

  9. That print pops so much without the vest! And I’m a sucker for paisley. I remember having a few pieces with attached vests and thinking they were soooo amazing! It’s funny how styles change.

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