One Dress, Three Ways: Fake Vest Edition II

Thrift Score Thursday: Liz Edition
Beeware! I Spy LaRoque and Aldo!

In my last refashion, I began with this miserable frock.

Remember me?
Remember me?

Luckily, it didn’t stay that way for very long after its first refashion!

And then there was this!
And then there was this!

But remember, this is…

Ribbet collage

Woo hoo! Time for refashion #2!

I took my scissors to the top part of the dress, and removed the skirt part, leaving just about 1/2 an inch of fabric.

Just a tad!
Just a tad!

The reason I left a little leftover fabric from the skirt is because I’m about to turn this dress into a top, but it was already going to be pretty short as-is. I didn’t want it to be any shorter than that.

Next, I pinned that edge down. Now, if this was going to be the final version of this refashion, I would have serged the raw edge before adding the hem. But, since I’m going to be making this into a dress again oh-so-soon, it’s fine.

Pinning commenced immediately.

Pinning/Watching Mad Men!

Then, I ran it through my machine.


After a quick press to my new hem, I have a fun lil crop top!

It's only a lil skin!
It’s only a lil skin!

Of course, not everyone likes to show skin about the midriff, which is totally fine. That’s why we have a third refashion coming up!

But every now and then, it's fun!
But every now and then, it’s fun!

My new top paired really well with my owlie necklace I’ve had since the beginning of this blog. It’s only a little worse for wear.

His little branch has broken, but he's still hanging on!
His little branch has broken, but he’s still hanging on!

I can’t wait for the third refashion of this once-dowdy dress!


Ribbet collage



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23 thoughts on “One Dress, Three Ways: Fake Vest Edition II

  1. At first I wasn’t crazy about the print, but your refashes have changed my mind! I’ve got to open my mind a bit more while thrifting!

  2. Very cute top, my grandmother had one of those necklaces too! She had an owl collection That dark artwork behind you makes it difficult to see the refashions sometimes

  3. I’m super ecstatic that you are back every day!! It’s like an extra burst of happiness and creativity for me. My husband and I just drove down through SC and passed by Columbia on our quest for all 50 states (we’re at 49- so close!) and I told him, “That’s where this awesome blogger I follow lives!” He looked at me crazy, per usual, but I was still excited. :) Also, not to mention it’s super inspiring that you can pull of committing to a post every day- makes me want to start blogging again.

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