Thrift Score Thursday: Liz Edition

A Funky Flashback in 1970s Polyester
One Dress, Three Ways: Fake Vest Edition II

As I scurried into the office the other day (I was running late), I noticed this sitting in my chair.

Oooooh! Mysterious!
Oooooh! Mysterious!

My first, completely nonsensical thought was, “I’m late, and now I’ve been replaced by a box.”

Fortunately, cardboard boxes make lousy digital marketing strategists, and even worse writers, so I’m pleased to report my job was secure.

The box was left there for me from my coworker and talented copywriter,  Alexandra. She had just finished helping her grandmother sort through her closets, pulling out what probably wouldn’t be worn again, and choosing which pieces she’d like to add to her own wardrobe.

There were a few pieces she decided to pass over, but told her grandmother (Liz) about her coworker who kind of has a thing for vintage clothing.


You are looking at an amazing collection of 1970’s dresses that I cannot wait to wear! They’re all in immaculate condition, and look to have been quite pricey back in the day.

Here’s a closer look at my favorites.

A magical technicolor maxi!
A magical technicolor maxi!
It's a 2-piece!
It’s a 2-piece!
One of my other coworkers said "That one makes me think of opera cutains."
One of my other coworkers said “That one makes me think of opera cutains.”
I hate to play favorites, but....
I hate to play favorites, but….

So, technically these aren’t thrift scores in the sense that they came from a thrift shop, but what could possibly be thriftier than a free collection of beautiful frocks?

I feel so honored that this collection was entrusted to me. Be looking for these lovelies in future posts!

And a special THANK YOU to Alexdra’s grandmother, Liz! You have amazing taste in fashion. :)


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36 thoughts on “Thrift Score Thursday: Liz Edition

  1. It doesn’t get better than that – and oh my goodness I totally LOVE all of them! What a SCORE! I have also been given things by people over the years and it’s like found treasure. I can’t wait to see what you do with these lovelies!

  2. I have a recurring dream where I inherit a collection of funky-tastic clothes from an elderly woman (I have no living grandparents so no clue who…). Your post makes me so happy! And that orange detail is to die for!!

  3. What a great gift! I have cardboard boxes with that same pattern from the 80s. It’s probably about time I investigated what is in them!

  4. I had a funny flashback when I saw The Box…..I used to have the same style of storage boxes! I’m new to your blog, but I am loving your great ideas and great style. Can’t wait to see what becomes of these lovelies!!

  5. Hmmm…that glimpse of chocolate gauze is intriguing. Will you be revealing the other two dresses at some point?
    Nice score!
    Thanks, Liz and Alexandra, for providing Jillian with goodies for our edification and entertainment.
    (David Letterman would have said “edu-tainment.”)

  6. So excited to see what you do with these! I’m a HUGE fan of the blog and have been following since college. My college sweetheart (now my husband and father of my twin boys) knows your blog well from years of talking about it.
    My own blog,, features my own “refashionings” with thrifted furniture and home decor. I love giving new life to cast off pieces and combatting the mass produced cheap materialism of today. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

  7. “I’m late, and now I’ve been replaced by a box.” Love it! That actually made me laugh out loud. Glorious dresses too – you lucky thing!

  8. How wonderful for you! I had shirt in the 70’s that looks like the orange/red dress you have here that was my favorite. You reminded me of that….thanks. Can’t wait to see what ingenious creations you’ll come up with. Hope we don’t have to wait too long as these are really nice pieces which you truly deserve!

  9. Wow, that Maxi is the best (my colors!). It gives me an idea to help out my mom (83) who complains her closet needs downsizing, has a hard time letting go, and keeps buying more. She is classy, buys timeless classics, great accessories, and conservative trendy high end clothes. I’ll encourage to let me inherit a few pieces next visit. If I show her a few results, she may be more inclined to let things go. Thanks for the inspiration in more than refashioning!

  10. I am excited to see what they look like on you! I am most curious about the drapy beige dress and of course, the black and orange zigzag dress! Hopefully, you won’t have to take them in much?

  11. I have those boxes… they’re terrible…lol
    And I have the black/Orange dress, yes it’s from the 70’s and I loved it.
    I’m not a grandmother but it was a trendy dress in 1978

  12. I agree one cool granny! You, Jillian, are most spendidly blessed! Looking forward to what you will do with each dress and seeing them on you with your awesome accessories.

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