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Today’s outfit is mix of old and new (to me, anyways)!


I’m going for a late-50’s vibe today, friends!

The navy sweater is vintage Laura Gayle, and was thrifted for $1. Even though it’s acryllic, it’s incredibly soft, and I just love the zip-up back!

Thanks for the comfy sweater, Laura!

That gorgeous flower brooch was my grandmother’s, along with my navy & white polka dot head scarf.

Those faux leather/lizard skin patterned pants are the priciest part of my ensemble, coming in at a whopping $25.


When a coworker of mine was getting ready to consign several pairs of jeans and pants (all high-end boutique brands) online, I bought a couple of pairs. While I’m not a size 10, I was able to take these in really easily. I promise to show you a tutorial on this soon! They’re surprisingly versatile, and I’ve already worn them several times, so I think I’ll end up getting my money’s worth.

A closer look!
A closer look!


Sweater: $1 (thrifted)

Pants: $25 (used)

Brooch: Free

Head Scarf: Free

Total: $26




23 thoughts on “Laura Gayle + Fashionista

  1. Love, love, love everything about this outfit and your cute poses! :) I sometimes play that same calculation game: it’s a good day indeed when I am loving my look AND everything put together costs less than the price of one new shirt at my favorite store. Woo hoo!

  2. Can’t wait to see the tutorial for the pants! It will add a lot of flexibility to what we can repurpose from the thrift store!

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