A No-Sew Coffee Date Top

A Big & Small Thrift Score Thursday
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Sometimes, all you need to make a refashion work is one simple step.

Yes, we could all expend a ton of effort for every. single. refashion. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Sometimes the simpler solutions are the best ones.

This is one of those refashions. :) I began my morning with this dowdy dress with a fun print.

I don't know if one cup is going to be enough for me today...
I don’t know if one cup is going to be enough for me today…

Here’s a closer look!


This dress if very ho-hum. But I love that print, and the poly/cotton blend is quite comfy.

How to make this one a little less overwhelming….Hmmmmmnnnn…


I gleefully chopped away at the full skirt. I wanted the bottom hem to be uneven, so I did no measuring whatsoever as I chopped.

I turned the dress around so the button-up back was the new front, and folded the sides down to make a V-neck.

I think it’s quite boho chic!


I like it a lot with the wide-legged jeans!
I like it a lot with the wide-legged jeans & my vintage hat!
What? What is this second cup of coffee doing here???
What? What is this second cup of coffee doing here???

My new top enjoyed even further caffeination during my lunch break!

Yes. This is Cup #3 for those of you who are counting.
Yes. This is Cup #3 for those of you who are counting.

And can’t wait to use the leftovers for another project!

What's to become of me?
What’s to become of me?


Ribbet collage


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46 thoughts on “A No-Sew Coffee Date Top

  1. You inspire me!! Can you give us a little insight about how ‘thoroughly’ you sew up your new fashions?? I am especially wondering about the hems….are they folded twice? straight stitch….hemming stitch on the machine? This is where I get very intimidated and tend to be too critical of my own work when I really should just try!! Do tell!!

    1. It varies on quickly I need to work/the quality of the original garment. :) Sometimes (Heck…usually) I just don’t feel like doing a proper blind hem, and I fold twice with a straight stitch. Works just fine for me. :) Most modern clothing doesn’t have blind hems, so meh. ;)

  2. I adore the top! The outfit is marvelous, thanks for doing tops!

    If you don’t have an idea about what to do with the bottom, it would make an awesome batwing sleeve top. You know, where you make the hem the top seam and the waists gets a piece of elastic tossed in it to be the bottom?

    PS- what brand are those jeans?! I love the cut!

    1. Rug is from Target 3 years ago….I have the same one.

      Jillian, I misread the email title & panicked for you that you had a date, with no coffee! Wtf! The tragedy. Bless yout heart! Then the worlds came together along with my warm sips of my Lavazza & the dyslexia faded & I saw that you were safe, as coffee goes, & with a fantastic tops

      Brilliant as always! I love readying your blog

  3. You have no idea how much you are going to make this year enjoyable by posting every day. I mean that with 100% seriousness…..THANK YOU!

  4. Sometimes, I imagine you as a very young version of one of the fabulous ladies from Designing Women. This is one of those times. (just in case, I’m going to clarify that this is in no way an insult. I loved those ladies!)

  5. Great idea! I have 2 dresses that I never wear because on their own, I just feel overwhelmed in them. However, I think they’d look great and would definitely be worn as tops!

  6. Love your ideas and posts!! I love looking forward to my email daily just to see what creation you have done or about a refashion….you make me smile and give such amazing ideas!!!!

  7. Very creative, as always. I read this, got inspired, said to my hubby “I really wanna go sew!” (It had been many moons). I went to my machine and fixed one potholder, one shirt sleeve, one satchel, then by hand darned a sock and reattached buttons to a coat and two jackets!! You totally inspire me to have fun, not worry about perfection (although your refashions are always fab), and get the most out of my clothes. Thanks for being you and for sharing with us!

  8. There are people who drink less than 3 cups of coffee? They probably also don’t have fantastic refashioning vision either.

  9. I love the top and you really are rocking those wide leg jeans. I wore those in the 60s, and you know, what goes around, comes around!

  10. I don’t know if the fabric can be dyed, but I would dye the skirt portion and either turn it into a skirt or an infinity scarf if the texture was right for it.

  11. I love the print. I just dropped in to say that it was your no sew region refashions, especially when you talk about fabrics that don’t fray, that inspired me to take a stab at certain minor edits myself. Who knows if I’ll ever advance to a machine, but I’ve got a few items rescued by a dye job or an altered t shirt neck line to thank you for.

  12. adoro tu blog te admiro y me inspiras, desde que lo conocí no dejo de revisarlo cada vez que puedo, mis mejores deseos para tu vida, saludos y besos desde Honduras C.A.

  13. Unlike most of your comments, I felt this was a lazy way to go. It looks cute on you but I seriously doubt that the majority of people would be able to pull off this look. This is just my opinion, but why didn’t you curve it so the back was longer, or both sides were longer than the front/back, or even have it ‘sparrow-tail’ in the back to give it a more fun shape? There is no doubt you have skills but a little more thought/effort would go a longer way…

  14. This is a silly and a tad personal question….but how tall are you miss Jillian??? I feel like you’re a petite little thing and that’s encouraging to me (4’10”) but then again clothes seem to fit you well as if you’re “average” size. Just curious! :)

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