Of Sparkles & 60’s House Slippers

Sgt. Pepper's Not-So-Lonely Hearts Club Jacket
Melissa's Skirt to Capelet Reader ReFash

Today’s outfit is uber-cheap, and uber-fun. :)

Sparkle AND color!

That twinset was given to me by the same nice fellow who gifted me my faux fur for New Year’s Eve.

The skirt was bought from Goodwill from their clearance section for 50 cents.


But let’s take a moment to check out those shoes. :)


You’re looking at a pair of 60’s Keds house slippers I bought for a mere $3. When I first purchased them, the original insoles has disintegrated to powder (despite giving the appearance of having never been worn). No worries! I just bought a new pair of insoles, ripped out the old ones, and was good to go!


Not bad for $3.50!



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29 thoughts on “Of Sparkles & 60’s House Slippers

  1. YAY! I am the first to vote & first to comment!!!!! (Easily Amused, party of one? *raising hand sheepishly) Bad A$$ outfit. You look like a 90s GRRRRL band singer– in the best way possible. 5 out of 5 stars.

  2. That is so adorable! It seems like the pieces were made to find each other. I love it when you buy a pair of crazy colored shoes and they complete an outfit perfectly.

  3. I am crazy in love with every last bit of this outfit! I think I even love the necklace (but can we see an up-close picture sometime soon).

  4. Great skirt, but I think the necklace is what pulls the whole outfit together. Definitely needs someone with your panache to make that twinset work.

  5. The thing about twinsets is that it’s really hard to make them look anything but classy. So, I dub this outfit cute and classy. Your necklace looks very interesting. Is it made from bottle caps? Very cute!

  6. You have soooooo inspired me. I’m staying away from everything but the clearance racks at my two fav discount stores (yes, I’m still addicted to being a Fashionista BUT I limit my trips now and head to Salvation Army, Goodwill, and our local thrift stores here in Orlando. Keep rockin’ it so we can emulate!! :-)

  7. You are the new “That Girl” with such a keen eye for awesome deals and the know-how to combine all the pieces to become Simply Marvelous, Dawling! We applaud you, Jillian!

  8. Totally agree!! Need a close up pic of the necklace…some of us are all about the accessories! Love the outfit. You look great in the twin set. I, too, have resurrection shoes with new insoles. That is one refashion I can not screw up!

  9. I’ve been reading your blog for about a month and I’m totally hooked on the refashioning that you do. In fact I bought a new sewing machine last night so I can do some of my own refashioning. I can’t wait to start! You are a real inspiration.

  10. I saw an adorable car coat – new with tags but upon further inspection, some materials between lining and coat was disintegrated to a horrible, crumbly mess. Do you have any ideas on salvaging?

  11. I so totally wish we had places in the UK like you have there!! The stuff that lands up in our charity shops are tiny in quantity and one step away from the very end of their lives. The best thing I’ve scored is a duvet cover for £1 that I used to practice a sewing pattern :)

    1. Where do you live, I wonder? Here in Sussex, and also at my daughter’s in Glasgow we have fabulous charity shops where I have bought many many things including a fake fur coat (generally
      mistaken for real, an Aquascutum reversible coat; a cream raw silk suit etc. Find an affluent area convenient to you and trawl regularly. There will be some days when you are NOT lucky. When you see something you like, buy it at once. It won’t be there when you come back

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