Flower Power Wraparound Pants

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I’m pleased to report that South Caroline is temporarily taking a break from Winter, hence today’s sleeveless ensemble!


Oh yeah! I’m feeling the flower power today! :)

Those wraparound polyester pants were procured for a mere $1. A closer look revealed they’re homemade, which gives them a special place in my heart and wardrobe.

The simple black shell is an item I’ve had in my closet since 2000, and is apparently indestructible.

The necklace was yet another awesome piece from the vintage haul from my NYE outfit.

A couple of folks I work with complimented me on my skirt…

It does look like a lovely skirt.
It does look like a lovely skirt.

To which I said, “But A-HA! They’re PANTS!” and did something like this:

Happy pants dance!
Happy pants dance!

Guess what? I’ve just made it into Month 2 of my 2016 challenge! :)

I hope you’re enjoying reading my daily posts as much as I’m enjoying writing them!

Only 11 months to go!


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85 thoughts on “Flower Power Wraparound Pants

  1. Am I enjoying your daily posts? You betcha!!! You’re one of THE most interesting and entertaining bloggers I know :)

    And the pants are awesome!

  2. I’m loving your post-a-day challenge. I’m super-interested in the content, and I love your fun style of presenting it. Thank you!

  3. Of course I read your daily posts!!! Congratulations on making it to month 2. I know it is a lot of work for you to post each and every day…and frankly, I feel a bit selfish WANTING your posts everyday….but I do so appreciate them! I love your style, I love your humor and I love your refashions!!!

  4. I love those pants. You mentioned they are handmade. There are some lovely tutorials on pinterest and youtube for these type of pants. Check them out. You are a very important blogger and your message is universal. Keep up the good work

  5. I love your blog! I remember when I first found it, I went through each post in about three days! You’re so inspiring!

  6. I’ve read ALLLLLLLLLLLLL of your entries on your blog and they are soooo fun. You have a GEAT imagination and it’s FUN to see what you come up with. ! ! ! ! OH and have a BLAST on your trip.

  7. I am enjoying your daily posts and am inspired to see clothing differently as I shop the thrift stores, wondering…what could I make out of THAT?! Your transformations are inspiring!

  8. Those pants are wonderful!! This is probably my most favorite outfit of yours. I think I’ve read every one of your posts this year! Keep it up :)

  9. I love your blog! Reading your blog back when you were doing your 365 day challenge was my first experience with refashioning. I hope you continue writing for many more years.

    1. I first saw you in these pants and worried you were going to refashion them into something, instead of wear them as is. They probably would’ve been cute, but I’m glad you saw the value in these as is!

  10. Thank you for doing a daily posting. You have literally revamped my wardrobe by giving me confidence to change a 99cent piece of clothing into something wonderful! Thank you for your inspiration. Keep the posts coming, loving it!

  11. ^ What they all said. ^ I love the gaucho/culotte look! I’m always afraid of them shrinking even more my 4’11” but hefty frame. I bought a pair from the thrift store ($3) to try it out on me. Gray, to wear with more gray, and gray heels, hoping for a monochromatic elongating look. Very happy with my thrift!!

  12. I am following your blog for a year now and really enjoy seeing your creative refashions :) Please carry on with your challenge this year, I am loving it!

  13. I love looking at your refashions every day and get so excited when I see any new mail from you. You have such wonderful style and a great sense of playfulness in all of your fun fun clothing. Thanks for sharing with us all!

  14. NO, please don’t count down!!! You have a great talent for writing about your passion and actually encourage and empower others to follow in your footsteps! :)

  15. I think I’ve seen an old picture of Sharon Tate in an outfit like this. Love, love love!!!!! You are so cute and have such a good eye. BTW, I am so enjoying your challenge.

  16. I look forward to your daily posts everyday. I actually stopped in to a new Savers and spent a couple of hours looking it over. Came away with a great fashionable coat for $4.99. Color was so pretty and I only have to shorten the sleeves. You are making me a believer in used clothing.

  17. I made 1000’s of wrap pants for my Renaissance Faire shops. Do you know how to tie the bottom to have several new looks?

      1. You can just tie the bottom end together in a double knot at ankle or wrap those ends around and tie for a slimmer look. Or tie below knee for shorter look. Or…. place one piece over bust and tie in back. Bring other half thru legs and tie at waist.

  18. You’re fabulously inspiring and I love reading your blog. Don’t feel you’ve failed if you take a day off here and there – everybody deserves a free day now and then !

  19. Love reading your posts. I’ve emailed a couple of times but haven’t heard back. Do you get them or did I do something wrong?

  20. I like your eclecticism (is that a word?) you pick and chose what you like and what fits your bod and persona, and you run with it. Iconoclast comes to mind as well. Good on you, and you are an inspiration to me! Thanks!!

  21. THANK YOU for taking the time to give us a Happy Place to come to every day! I enjoy each entry you make, and often go back and look through a few “Golden Oldies” from the last few years. Blessings on your sweet life….

  22. I can’t wait to read your blogs and have been fired with enthusiasm. I haven’t done anything amazing yet but I have lots of ideas. I loved the koala bear hat on your friend…… Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

  23. Oh, to be a teenager again. Or better yet, to be a size XS. You are tiny and can wear almost anything. Love your fashion makeovers. I see things on your clothes rack that I can’t wait to see you redo. BTW are you doing your cruise makeovers while on your trip?

  24. Congratulations on making it this far! I usually don’t comment but I love reading your posts everyday, so the least I can do it leaving a message here.
    I have no sewing skills but always inspire by our work. You’re one of the greateast zero waste learders I know! :)

    1. Because of the front tie and high waist, it makes me look a little pregnant if I wear it with an untucked shirt. lol

  25. I too wish that I was an XS or actually had a waist to put a belt or tie around. However you give lots of inspiration. You always look so cute in your outfits. I have to go to hospital in a few weeks and am even trying to refashion a pink nightgown with white polka dots. So far I can’t think of anything to do with it. Love your blog and can’t wait to see the re-fashions each day.

  26. Jillian that first photo looks straight out of Vogue! I made some of my own wrap pants at one time! Love those on you, very nice, and that necklace and shoes rock!

  27. Awesome pants, would love to know how you made them. I’ve been looking for a pattern, or some idea how to make a pair for me out of all the fabric I have stored up with nowhere to go.

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