Thrift Store Thursday: Crystal (?) & Couroc

Mad Woman Dress
The Problem with Patterns II: The Recovery ReFashion

This week’s thrift score haul is an eclectic mix!

What have we here?
What have we here?

We have a not-very-exciting, but still comfy purple minidress for my upcoming vacation (!!!!). I really don’t need any more clothing for this trip. I’m probably going to be changing clothes more times per day than the ladies of Downton Abbey as is.

Next, I scored a a neat chevron-printed beach tote. It may just look like an ordinary bag, but look what happens when you zip up that front pocket:

So cool!
So cool!

I couldn’t resist that adorable alabaster owlie. If you were to walk into my apartment, you’d discover I have quite a thing for owls. :)

Whoooooo goes there?
Whoooooo goes there?

I scored 4 each of the following glasses that may or may not be crystal.

Just too lazy to bring them all to my couch
Just too lazy to bring them all to my couch

I’m happy to replace the “got it for free from the vinyard” wine glasses with these much classier ones. :)

The tray was my favorite find!


I gasped when I found it, because it matched an ice bucket I found back in August!

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 10.38.26 AM

What are the odds??? The brand is Courcoc. Here’s a great article that will tell you more about this mid-century California brand.

The ones that got away…

Of course, I can’t buy every interesting thing I see in the shops. Here are a few of my favorites that didn’t end up coming home with me.

Hey there! Would you fancy a giant flyswatter?
Sadly, I only use grinders.
Sadly, I only use grinders.
If that teapot had a lid, this set would be MINE.
If that teapot had a lid, this set would be MINE.

So…what’s the grand total for my scores?

Dress: $1

Tote: $1

Owlie: $8

Glasses $12 ($1 apiece)

Tray: $7

Total: $29

4.8 (95.77%) 52 votes

38 thoughts on “Thrift Store Thursday: Crystal (?) & Couroc

  1. They are crystal! Cristal d’arcs. That’s what I have. Discontinued and very pricey at Replacements. I grab them at thrift whenever I can. Score!

    Sorry but the portrait creeps me out.

    1. I think I have that same set of crystal. I’m always learning something from everyone who posts. Thank you. Jillian, great thrifty haul! I look forward to all of your posts. Quite exciting to see what you’ll create next.

    1. I love old frames and have a huge montage on my wall of vintage family pictures dating back to the 1800’s, all of which are in vintage frames. I really love the old ornate frames like this one. But, until you mentioned the frame, I did not even notice how beautiful it was. Why? Because the painting of the baby was so freaky…hahahah

    1. Years ago my hubby bought me a really nice glass cutter. (it has oil in it) The vintage frames do not come in the traditional sizes . So I buy a huge framed something or other for really cheap, just for the glass. Then when I get home I figure out the best possible way to cut the piece so I have the least amount of cutting lines, and more size pieces that I want for all of my vintage frames. And kids say that you don’t need to know math….ahah

  2. You really need to google Quillo, it’s a blanket that folds into a pocket and forms a pillow. You can add straps to the pocket, use a beach towel instead of a blanket, and you get a beach bag that folds out into a beach towel.

  3. Lisa is correct in that the crystal is Crystal d’ Arcs brand. I believe that the pattern is called “Longchamps”. I have several sets. If you will pay attention to movies and such, this is often used on set, as it is quite lovely. I think that it is 24% lead crystal, but I bought it some 30 years ago and could have forgotten that little detail. Nice stuff… enjoy it!

  4. Yes, that baby picture is kind of creepy, but I agree the frame is nice! I can just “picture” it as a chalkboard menu frame hung over a wine bar featuring those pretty glasses or hung in a kitchen!

  5. I love that tray! Is it a road runner? I still have a Couroc “avocado” plate received as a wedding gift nearly 27 years ago, right before the company stopped producing them. I recently found the owl plate in a box lot I picked up at an auction and thought my 3 year old niece might like it, since she’s crazy about owls too. If you like their products, maybe you can also find the owl and satisfy two cravings?

    1. What’s a great idea I want to grow herbs on my kitchen window but usually they have such boring containers and I don’t have the budget for expensive pots.

  6. Usually the term “vineyard” is reserved for the orchard, where the grapevines are planted. You got the free glasses at a “winery”, which might fancy themselves by sticking the word vineyard in their name, but believe me, a winery they are.

  7. The road runner tray and bucket makes me think of Enid Collins purses. I’d love to score one of her purses on a thrifting adventure…if only(sigh)

  8. Fab scores and that baby painting is still pretty terrifying, I too would have had the owls, have an obsession for them lol! Your try is gorgeous and as you say it matches so it was a meant to be, but I want those blue loafers! They are so completely and utterly gorgeous and meant for me blah, blah I need them xx

  9. Loving this post:)
    You inspire me to look at charity shops in a different way. I love going in them for clothes, but often I can’t “see” what’s there- the hidden treasures. I enjoy all your posts, thanks for writing them. Vicky

  10. I have two Couroc plates (one with an owl, one with mushrooms), and the matching owl tray. And several alabaster “owlies”!

  11. I received one of those trays for a wedding gift years ago. It was from my husband’s aunt in Arizona. The bird is a roadrunner which is the state bird. Lost the tray in moving. Always wondered where it went. Loved it! Enjoy

  12. I love to see what your able to.find. I love purses, and what girl doesn’t. I go to thrift stores to look for name brands, especially Vera Bradley. I scored today with three wristlets and a tote bag all for $20.00! All needed a good washing, but that’s what’s nice about Vera Bradley.

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