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I know. I’m behind.

I am so so so so so very behind in my daily blog posts. :/

I’m sorry. I swear I’m not a bad person. I’ve been stuck in a week of being incredibly bzzzzzzzy, then having to deal with something unpleasant *seethes inwardly* , then having to deal with being sick. :/ Not fun.

But I’m here now and I’m on a mission to get all caught up. All 366 posts of this ReFashionista Challenge MUST be accounted for!

The show must go on!
The show must go on!

When Super Bowl Sunday rolled around, I needed something cute to wear for a get-together with friends.

I don’t actually care for football, but I’ve had this dress on my refashion rack for ages, and it was about time I got around to using it. It seemed silly to not refashion it when it was the only thing in one of the team’s colors…and I do live in the Carolinas so…there ya go.

Back to the dress. This is one of those 80’s frocks that was created by someone who thought while women were making headway in the work force, they still weren’t quite capable of executing their own layering. At least that’s the only explanation that comes to mind for the existence of that white thing that was sewn in.

This is why it had to be removed, along with those massive shoulder pads.


I didn’t care for the buttons that made the sleeves poufy either, so they had to go as well.

Later! This dress will be better of without you. Much like...*inwardly seething*
Later! This dress will be better of without you. 

Next, I unpicked the front of the dress a little. I wasn’t in the mood to layer at all, which meant I needed to unpick each side enough to fold them over to a decent neckline level and restitch them.

Pick pick pick...
Pick pick pick…

When I was done, the front looked like this.

Crossing over
Crossing over

I liked where this was going!

I added a few stitches to my new neckline…

Just a lil.
Just a lil.

…and then tackled that awkward length.


After a quick hem, I was all done!

Go Panthers!
Go Panthers!
If only I cared about football...
If only I cared about football…

Ugh…so many more posts to write. ;)

Better get back to it!




61 thoughts on “Go Panthers (I guess) Dress

      1. No way! I live in Boise too! I rock my orange and blue all the time and I’m way over 21 LOL! I figure I have 3 degrees from that college and for what I paid I’m going to be buried in orange in blue…

  1. Wow how bout that! first comment :P
    I love the print on this dress! kinda has a Kimono feel to it, and those are kinda “in” right now! Keep em coming! I know you can catch up. Glad you’re feeling better and hope everything ironed itself out! :)

  2. that really came out great! Before I saw the last picture, I thought that would look great as a tunic with black pants and that’s what you made

  3. Love the black and blue kimono! Very appropriate colors for our Panthers. Love the idea of the cross-over with the white “dickie” removed. It has a completely different look with that gone. Good job. Go Panthers! Sue from Charlotte

  4. So glad you are back! Sorry things have been rough for you lately. I know I am not the only person to say this – but I really look forward to your emails everyday and have really missed seeing them these past few days. Thank you for being an amazingly talented, witty, fashionable and inspiring creator. You inspire so many!

  5. Cute! You’ve totally inspired my 12 year old daughter to learn how to do some sewing and refashioning! She’s working on it, and we’ll take some before and after pictures for you.

  6. This was a good makeover on that dress. As for not posting everyday, I would rather you miss a day here and there than to burn out and stop posting altogether. You have inspired me to look at a Savers nearby and I have found a few cute things. Also, thank you for telling us about others that inspire you. I follow a few of them now also. Keep up the good work and enjoy your upcoming cruise.

  7. Fab refashion well done, as always.
    Glad your feeling better, don’t pressure yourself to catch up on post’s, it’ll take the fun out of it for you, although I do love getting your daily post’s ;)

  8. I was wondering about not seeing any posts but then remembered about your plans for vacation and figured you were enjoying your time somewhere in the Bahama’s. Well it’s a bummer that you’re not vacation yet but on the other hand it’s nice to read about yet another great refashion! Hopefully things will go much smoother for you going forward! :)

  9. Amazing again, love the colors and refashion. Don’t mind if you switch to once a week – whatever keeps the great blog comin’! Best wishes.

    1. Yes, well said! No worries. I’m a fan of ’rounding’…up or down, as needed. So, 366, 300, 350…
      One of my favorite refashions and I’ve read hundreds! See, rounding.

  10. Love this refashion! And you know what, I’ve never been a football fan either, but the joy & teamwork that this Panthers team has shown has changed my mind. They made the Carolinas proud!
    Good work on all your posts, Jillian. I love hearing from you so often – but don’t put so much pressure on yourself that it takes the joy out of it!
    Joyce from Charlotte

  11. I love how everyone is so positive. I love, love, love getting you posts. I miss when you don’t post, but I always think life is more important. That being said, I think this looks like a house robe. But, to each his(her) own. That’s the great thing about fashion. It’s a miss, but can’t wait for the next hit.

  12. So glad you are back:) I am growing very fond of the daily emails too! Even the reader refashions let us know that you are ok!

  13. I second some other comments. I greatly enjoy your posts, but please don’t burn yourself out unnecessarily. Most workers only work 5 of 7 days per week. Everyone needs a break.

  14. You were missed but don’t catch up on my account. Better to move ahead than to go back. Now I try to look at your first picture and try to envision the finished project. I thought this would be a top cut to just above the hip. Well done.

  15. Adorable refashion!

    Don’t wear yourself out trying to catch up. You’ll do it, but please don’t push yourself–don’t want to make yourself sick.

  16. Refashionista! I missed you I’m glad you are back… I thought I stopped getting notices for new posts and kept checking like a crazy person (Nuts, huh?!) Anyway, good job on the dress. You inspire me….

  17. Echoing lots of folks here: while I am sure we’d all enjoy daily posts from you, most of us would probably prefer having fewer per year than facing the prospect of not having any at all if you got burned out trying to deliver on some grand scheme. So if that means posting just on weekdays or every other day or just on weekends, whatever!

    The most important thing is to take care of yourself (followed by enjoying yourself and things that make you happy — say, a nice glass of red or a rootbeer float — in the company of loved ones).

  18. It’s so silly, but I was so worried when your posts stopped. It is such an amazing community on this site and everyone loves you and loves your work. But I echo others that have said look after yourself first. If you miss a day no stress we will still be waiting patiently for the next one.xxx

  19. Wow! Your creative eye for “nip, tuck and
    picking ” a garment until transformed is amazing. You look great! I’ve always loved thrift stores for finding that special ready to wear item. But you’ve inspired me to take a second look at a lot more! Glad you’re feeling better :)

  20. I would love to do more refashions but think I need a dress form. Where should I get an affordable one? Love, love, love your blog. It is a huge inspiration to me, thanks!!!!

  21. SuperCam would love this! Way to honor the Carolina Panthers! I used to live in Charlotte and even though I moved back to Virginia, they are my team! (I’m surrounded by Dallas and Redskins fans here.)

  22. I liked the refash, it suits you and made me smile. Like so many here I love reading your posts, love your humour and missed you so much when the posts seemed to just stop. I know I am not the only one that missed you but I am not expecting daily posts… We all know you have a life and a busy one, at that… I enjoy seeing others’ refashes and as an enthusiastic thrifter I like to see your scores… ( I feel smug about several of my own. *wink*… )

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