A 40’s Fabulous Frock

Free Fashion Books, Courtesy of The Met
Go Panthers (I guess) Dress

“Absolutely! I’m not proud.”

That’s what I say when someone asks if I’d like to dig through some of their vintage duds that they’re either about to donate to a very probably unknowing public or just leave languishing in their attic.

When the founding partner of Riggs (the creative marketing consultancy I work for) offered to let me have first dibs on a wardrobe box of dresses that used to belong to her grandmother, I quickly gave the aforementioned response. I wasn’t disappointed. The dresses were mostly from the 1940’s. Sadly, many pieces were quite deteriorated in their old age, but I managed to restore several pieces.

This is perhaps my favorite:

Why yes…my kitchen is a bit tacky. ;)

I hate hate hate that I was unable to get a pic under better lighting, as I just couldn’t get any that did this lovely dress justice. Sadly, The Big White Thing (patent pending) I like to use from work was in use for actual work things, so this is as good as it gets. :/

I would absolutely never touch the length of piece this old, so I left it as-is. I paired it with a $1 thrifted belt and a $30 pair of Tory Burch boots I bought at a charity shop a while back.

See? I’m making progress in getting caught up on my bloggery!

And this is how I shall spend the remainder of my evening…

Girl…You’d better work!


26 thoughts on “A 40’s Fabulous Frock

  1. OMG – what a gorgeous dress. Well done for salvaging it!

    I also use that phrase – “absolutely – I’m not proud”. Although we (hubby and I) have followed your lead in wearing gloves to go through clothing bins :)

    Keep up the great work. 2 posts in one day is making up for your absence :)

  2. Love the dress… wish choice to not touch it; it’s perfect as it is. Love the gorgeous belt too… and as for your kitchen being tacky… Girl, shake your head! It wonderful! :)

  3. Beautiful, especially with the belt you chose :)

    And your kitchen? not tacky, just reflective of your personality, which I would call warm and full of life!

  4. It’s looks beautiful on you, love the style!
    Am so confused about fashion lately, I’m older and can’t keep up with trends anymore. Thinking of creating my own vintage style & mixing vintage clothes or things I already own with just one modern piece like jeans or shoes.

    1. Laura, you and me both! I wear what I like whether it is in “fashion” or not. And sometimes you just gotsta make your own fashion! :D

  5. I can’t believe how lucky you are to have someone give you clothes from the 40’s!!!! The 40’s is my favorite era. I have many dresses and blazers from that era that look like they were made for me. I too, like you, like to wear a sassy belt with them.

  6. Love the dress and belt georgeousness to the tenth. But with plainer boots, love those but they take away from the dress.

  7. Your kitchen is NOT tacky! Just adorable, like you! Love your daily posts……
    Love what you do, and I love that you love old things and real old things!

  8. I totally grew up with that same “lady on a zebra” Vogue poster! You say tacky, I say charming. And what a beautiful dress too!

  9. I’m going to have to agree with Jillian that her kitchen is tacky… but only because there’s just ONE lonely bottle of wine! What the WHAT?!
    Love those boots! Instantly thought “Wicked Witch of the West”!

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