An Anticlimactic Thrift Score Thursday

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I loathe to disappoint you guys, but this week was a total thrifting bust. :/

My luck of recent weeks completely eluded me, and for the first time I can remember, I brought home absolutely nothing. :/

However, I do have a few interesting contenders to share.  
At first glance, this sweater looked really fun and unique. I imagined it wth skinny jeans and boots…until I took a closer look and saw all of those rust stains at the shoulders. I’ve never had much success getting those out, so I left this one behind. Womp.

This retro slicer/grater thingy also tempted me.  

I already have a food processor, so I have no need for this, as cool as it may look.

Here the path to hoarding lies, my friends. Womp womp.

And I’m SURE if I had purchased these they’d sell for a ton on eBay (And yes…That’s sarcasm)! Womp womp womp.

I also passed up on these odd fake wooden books.  Must be the condensed versions. Wompitty womp.

This mug was tempting for the sheer kitsch factor, but I maintained restraint.

In fact the only item I came close to buying was this mysterious $1 napkin and coaster set.

A quick wiki search on Hex Signs revealed that this set is just a cheesy souvenir. Meh.

So I have absolutely nothing fun to show you. :/ cross your fingers that my thrift karma will make a triumphant return!

In other totally unrelated news, I have bangs now! Does that make this post any more interesting? Probably not, but here they are.


76 thoughts on “An Anticlimactic Thrift Score Thursday

  1. Love the bangs! The real art to thrifting is to know when to just walk away. It is a mystery why the thrifting gods throw treasures in our path for weeks and then nada. Last year at this time I couldn’t leave the thrift store without several cashmere sweaters in hand and this year I find zilch.

  2. Jillian, I’m headed out to my Goodwill surplus store today. Maybe the thrifting gods are shining on Central Florida….and hopefully I can score for both of us!

  3. Have you ever used Bar Keepers Friend for rust stains? It is a cleaner for cookware etc. I have always used it to get rust stains out of clothing etc. you find it in the cleaning supplies in the grocery store. Works great, just dampen area make a paste and apply. Of course do a test first to make sure it won’t harm your fabric. Love your posts!

  4. Bangs accent your beauty, love the new look! I concur with the others who find the hunt pics just as satisfying as the score. I am busy divesting my own items so while I enjoy looking, I rarely bring anything home and even then my rule is that I must love it. So glad to see your posts each day, I look forward to them.

  5. I probably would have bought the Hex signs thingies because I love kitsch like that. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of months and have just been amazed at the things you’ve made. So after years of not sewing, I decided I’d give this a try and I bought myself a new sewing machine. I decided to go to or local Goodwill to look around and I guess the thrift store gods took the day off because there was absolutely nothing that I was interested in. I did see one dress with some possibilities and started to reach for it when a woman came sprinting across the aisle, yelling “that’s mine” at me, and then she grabbed it up and took it away. I never knew thrifting could be dangerous! btw, the bangs look wonderful.

    1. Whink is the best for rust stains but will take the color out of some things…like your laminate countertops….be careful, speaking from experience!! Lemi-Shine is also really great for overall rust tint and dingy clothing. Just soak overnight, and wash item normally it works great, also great for a dirty dishwasher and removes water spots on dishes too. The bangs look great! Keep up the good work.

  6. Your bangs are awesome! I was looking through some very old posts, and was thinking of telling you to cut you some bangs. Way to read my mind.

  7. Au contraire! Your bangs liven up this post quite nicely! Sorry you didn’t find anything this week. Some days are like that, but don’t give up!

  8. After losing more than 50 pounds in 2014, my favourite pieces of clothing hung like sacks on me. Your blog gave me the encouragement I needed to start sewing again. This week I remade 3 tops and 2 pairs of pants. Thank you so much for your great blog posts. As for your new bangs… that’s a big yes. Love them.

    1. Congratulations! I lost about the same amount in between ’14 and Fall’15. Have had the same problem with clothes I liked, but have not been brave enough to try taking them apart and remaking them to fit. Do you have any advice for a nervous nellie?

    2. Sorry you Thrifting Thursday didn’t work out this week, but I enjoyed seeing and reading about the things you didn’t buy. Also really enjoyed the comments from your other readers. I know now what to do about rust stains.

      L O V E the bangs!

    3. Enjoyed this post… The bangs are great… Sorry the thrift shop Goddess did not hang out with you . I scored big time with small things at Goodwill and Sally Ann today for my current ‘Fidget Quilt’ passion… Came home so pleased I was almost smug….

  9. Your bangs look great, Jillian! I have to say I’m for going back for that sweater. Try the rust remover, even maybe paint on bleach on the spots. If all else fails cut out the shoulders and make a racer top dress.

  10. Like all your loyal fans, I look forward to your creative, ingenious, information laden, daily posts. Also, like your loyal fans, I say, be kind to yourself. We all appreciate the fact that you have other commitments that demand a goodly portion of your precious time. Your bangs are well suited to your face. Indeed, you really are a cutie pie. Remember, take care of yourself.

  11. I’m only speaking for myself here, but I get more out of looking than I do buying, most of the time. The only time that changes is if I really need something specific. Then I’m a little disappointed not to find it, but it cheers me to think that I have a reason to go back next week :)

    Your bangs look great on you!

    1. The word bangs comes from a hair cut called a bang-off, where the front was cut in a straight line. Eventually, bangs came to mean any shorter pieces in the front. :D

  12. LOVE the bangs. I have been sporting mine for a couple of years now.
    Sometimes, ok, most of the time, thrifting is a bust for me and I spend A LOT of time at it (hence, the name of my blog thriftshopcommando. I am amazed at thrifters who are successful at reselling. I cover thrift shops in at least 3 different counties and hit up 4-7 a week. I made $25 on Etsy last year. *sighs*

  13. I love your style and ideas! I’m huge on using ad much second hand as possible. I’d love to follow. Do you have twitter or pinterest? I’m @maybemicha and my page is

  14. I’m fairly new to your blog but LOVE it! You have inspired me to look at my clothes a whole new way, and I’m sure you hear that often from people. What you probably don’t hear as much is that you have inspired me to jump right in and sew! Sewing has always intimidated me!

  15. I finally went to Goodwill on a Monday. Not only were blue tags $1.29 but two other colors were 40% off. I was prepared. I wore tights and a tight t-shirt. No waiting in line for the dressing room for me. I got many treasures to re-fashion. I tried on my sweater skirt for my hubby this morning. he kept saying, “How was that a sweater?” :) Your bangs look adorable. :)

  16. When I read your blog, and the comments, I wish Australian op shops were like those in the US. No way can you find a $1 dress worth refashioning. Most garments start at around $5 and head upwards from there. Therefore, there can be some hesitation at chopping into a $15 – $20 dress, in case it doesn’t work out. You don’t want too many refashioning disasters, at that price. Ho hum.

    1. So true! On a trip to the US last year I came home with half a suitcase of thrifted treasures. It’s just not the same here – in my local salvo’s all the dresses are $10+ :(

  17. Vraiment jolie avec cette frange !!!! Cela adoucit ton visage !!! Et j’adore tellement ton blog, il m’inspire beaucoup !!! Merci à toi, Jillian.

  18. I remove rust with lemon juice and salt. It has to be a sunny day. Lay the rusted garment in the sun. Squeeze lemon juice in the rust spots until soaked. Cover the spots with salt and squeeze on some more juice to wet the salt. Leave for an hour. If still there add more salt and juice. This has always worked for me to remove rust from old clothing. I have used iron delicate old fabric with no damage.

  19. I was just looking at some old posts where you had bangs and thought how cute they looked! You must have been on my wave length lol! I love your blog and I am totally inspired by your creativity and thriftiness. And humor! :-)

  20. Hey, my mom had a Kitchen Magician! My job was to dry the dishes, & I tested how sharp the blade was. ..I lopped off half of the top of my thumb. Turns out, it was quite sharp!

  21. My mother had a set of those napkins and coasters years ago! Too funny. And the beanie baby bears, that made me laugh, I see those in just about every thrift store I go to as well. Better luck next time!

  22. I just had a thought for your shoulder pad collection. Pattern weights! Pick the seam open, fill with buckshot or beans and stitch the hole back up. Can be beanbags for kids games too. Love the haircut! The bangs are darling.

  23. I love that you shared your lackluster thrift run with us. Sometimes it’s just nice to see it happens to everyone. Your bangs are darling and we love your posts, regardless of actual success. :) Those wood books are super weird, I’m super curious about them now.

  24. SO SO heartbroken you left the Elvis mug! He is my idol. How could you do this to me?! :(
    I’ll forgive you this once though because those bangs are SO darn cute. Love!

  25. You are absolutely adorable! And, not to forget incredibly talented woman! I love your bangs, they really work for you (-:

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