You Too Can Rock a Formal Mumsy Jacket!

Thrift Score Thursday: Sylvia Edition
Made in Italy by Roslein

What do you wear on a day that’s juuuust cool enough for a light jacket?

...a light jacket! Duh!
…a light jacket! Duh!

Today’s thrifty outfit consists of an ancient grey T-shirt dress layered under a $6 secondhand hi-low cotton T. But what really makes this outfit is the jacket.

Here’s a better look:


This jacket may look pretty mumsy and dated on the hanger, but look at the details!

Amazing gilded print!
Amazing gilded print!
Beautiful beads!
Beautiful beads!

It originally had some pretty large shoulder pads in it, but those were easy to remove. For $1, I think it’s a pretty swell statement piece. And when paired with my $2 thrifted 80’s necklace and my green suede boots (sadly, new), I think a pretty swell outfit.

Great for work or play!
Great for work or play!

I wore my green, black, and gold to Keg Cowboy after work for some tasty noms with my good pal, Dan. Many cheeses were consumed.

Dan is drinking...water? Huh?
Dan is drinking…water? Huh?

The cost of today’s outfit is:

Grey Dress: $10 new years and years ago. :(

Black T: $6 from Sid & Nancy (secondhand shop)

Mumsy Jacket: $1 (thrifted)

Necklace: $2 (thrifted)

Total: $19




34 thoughts on “You Too Can Rock a Formal Mumsy Jacket!

  1. I know this post wasn’t about your boots but I used to have a great fringe jacket that same exact color in the 80s. Gaah, I wish I still had it although it wouldn’t fit. Just have a picture for the memories now.

    Great styling of the jacket!

  2. I think it’s easy to get down on ourselves when we buy new items, but if they’re pieces we’re going to have for years and years, then it’s ok to make that investment from time to time (besides, those boots are fab!)

  3. I freakin love those boots! What brand are they? Also, what did you do to the jacket (other than remove the shoulder pads)?

  4. I don’t think it’s sad at all your shoes are new! Quality shoes are important and if you’re going to invest in something, make it shoes and bras! Because support :)

  5. I don’t know why, but whenever I am in thrift shops, I always have a huge crush on things that are a bit mumsy or fussy.. jackets, pencil skirts, old-fashioned dresses… They are just irresistible! I’m not sure what makes me buy them.. maybe my spirit animal is just a rocking, 80 year-old granny?

  6. I have two knee length jacket weight coats that I took the sleeves off and wear as long vests. I can wear them over leggings. One I had in high school, I really liked it but it was to small. Once I took the sleeves off it fit. Love them.

  7. Jacket looks really nice with the modern dress. You don’t see such nice gilded print or beading in today’s outfits. I love your sense of fashion.

  8. The only adjustments you had to do were to remove the dated shoulder pads? Wow!! That’s my kind of refashioning!!

    Love your way of “thunking”!!

  9. Love the detail in the jacket and you look fab in it! Where did you get those boots? I LOVE them and that is my colour!! :)

  10. Okay, I’ve read every post you’ve ever made on this blog and T H I S O U T F I T. is the best. ever. That is all.

  11. Love the jacket and suits the ordinary clothes you wear with it! You are one stylish lady! Like everyone else I adore your boots! Will be a great investment for the future!

  12. I love it! Looks like brocade. I recently moved to Bronx, NY and searching for a real thrift shop w/great prices, but, the only ones I found are insanely overpriced – like I could do better on a name brand store sale…. any suggestions?

  13. Jillian – By the way, I have been shopping in my husbands closet and refashioning his things: A stripped button down shirt made me a nice tunic to wear with leggins. A suit vest was adorable with a long striped tee over leggings with heels. He has a kimono wrap that I’m trying to decide what to do with next. Today is another example of layering pieces that otherwise wouldn’t do by themselves. I’m going shopping in my own closet with this in mind.

  14. This is exactly the type of thing I often walk straight past in my op shop for being too ‘mumsy’ or ‘daggy’ or ‘omg, did we REALLY used to dress like that?’ LOL But after this post I may just have to rethink things. You have a great eye for fashion and design details that I just don’t seem to have – will need to work on that! And learn to sew, beyond buttons and minor repairs at least ;) Thanks for the continued inspiration.

  15. Love the jacket with the beads… so cool! I just found a gray tweedy number at our local thrift store. Loved the it fit and has some gorgeous machine embroider on one side of the front. Very stylish.. $5.00

  16. I don’t know if you’re happy or what you’re up to these days, but You. Look. Mahvelous. Seriously. Loving your hair these days, but overall you just look especially swell!

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