Happy St. Pat’s!

Cloudy Easter Caftan
From 90's Merp to 60's Mod

When I purchased this verrrrrry short frock, my good pal Erin raised an eyebrow and said, “I think that’s meant for a small child”. I could help but think it would be just perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

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It IS easy being green!

There was absolutely NO WAY I could wear this without those jeggings (thrifted from the $1 a pound Goodwill!). Other than the shortness, my new frock fit perfectly!

Just call me Sylvia.
Just call me Sylvia.

My new dress had a great time with friends!

A lovely sunny day!
A lovely sunny day!
Susan seems skeptical...
Susan seems skeptical…

I hope you all had a fabulous St. Pat’s as well!

22 thoughts on “Happy St. Pat’s!

  1. I believe the dress is an Irish dancing costume (Riverdance etc). They are often seen here in the UK and Ireland. Looks good on you though – an advantage of being tiny. Smile. X

  2. So how many people assumed your name was Sylvia? (I love that you kept the stitching on…I would have, too, for a conversation starter, if nothing else.).

  3. Very nice! You must have been glad to get something that didn’t require altering! Could be saved for next St Patrick’s Day too!

  4. Fits you like a glove! Keep on with the leggings, and wear the dress while you can, you have youth and great legs on your side! :-) Jillian

  5. I love your blog. Recently, I’ve been living vicariously through you because I haven’t had time to sew/refashion. No judgement here on how often you can or cannot post. I’m just happy to read what you post, when you can post! Kudos on your seemingly limitless imagination.

  6. Hi there! Just found your blog and subscribed. You have inspired me to try some refashioning! I have numerous thrift garments in my closet I can start with, none of which ever looked very good to begin with. But now? I’m going to give them a try. Nothing ventured nothing gained, since I don’t wear them anyway. Thank you x 3 !

  7. Looks absolutely gorgeous. True, a little short, but with those jeggings they look fabulous. Has a soothing effect on the eyes and goes perfectly with the St. Patrick’s. It’s probably been a great choice for you to go green with.

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