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A lot of you have been wondering what I’ve been up to and where I’ve been. First off, I apologize for making some of you worry.

I’ve been adulting, my friends. I have been doing some seriously hardcore adulting lately. :)

You see, I’m in the process of buying my first house! I’ve been super busy with house hunting, and really haven’t had time for much else. I can’t say much, as nothing is final yet, but I hope to have some really exciting news for you all very very soon. :)

In the meantime, I still need to de-stress, and nothing helps me relax and unwind quite like a fun refashion.

However, my sewing room was a mess! You can read more about how I dealt with it right here.

Now…back to the refashioning!

Well, Heluu MuuMuu!
Well, Heluu MuuMuu!

Ah! I so love a comfy muumuu. However, even a casual evening with friends should never be quite that casual.

I grabbed my seam ripper and took it to those sleeves.

Pick. Pick. Pick.
Pick. Pick. Pick.

This was taking forever, as they were triple-stitched in. As I was in a hurry, I only unpicked the tops of the sleeves, and then cut out the rest. I serged the raw edges and pinned everything under.

I <3 my serger.

I stitched the armholes down, then took in the sides.

Farewell, sweet pocket!
Farewell, sweet pocket!

After the sides were taken in, I tried my new frock on and quickly realized how rusty I’ve gotten at refashioning. This was not going to work. I looked about 7 months pregnant. :/

But I wasn’t about to give up. I hacked off the bottom…


Then, I gave it a new hem.


And now I have a fun 70’s-style peasant top!

Complete with bellbottom jeans!
Complete with bellbottom jeans!

My fellas and I enjoyed a couple of local brews and tasty noms at The Twisted Spur.

Say hi, fellas!
Say hi, fellas!

So, I’m sorry I’ve been so woefully absent, but I promise to not be such of a stranger now.

I will also accept offers of physical labor for those of you who’d like to help me move next month.

Just kidding. That could get weird. ;)

Whether they realize it or not, these guys are about to be my moving crew. :D
Whether they realize it or not, these guys are about to be my moving crew. :D



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71 thoughts on “Helluu MuuMuu!

    1. I completely agree with this!!! I love how the top came out, like I want to go find a mumu and make myself one now, but I thought the same thing about the skirt. What a fun and easy refashion that would be. Just run some elastic through the top and voila!

  1. Wow, and that lovely embroidery from the hem would make gorgeous pockets if it could fit on it. Love that color.

  2. This top turned out really cute. Very glad you had time to write a post and that all is well with you. Good luck with your new house.

  3. Super cute top!!! Missed you in my inbox, but knew you would be back soon! Best wishes on the house shopping :)

    1. Sooooo glad to have you back, Jillian! (And here I was thinking it was demonic fabric that had gotten it’s clutches into her. lol)

  4. Glad to see you back! ☺️☺️ Was actually thinking how I haven’t seen an email in a while; I’m beginning my first big refashion: my old prom dress into a 20’s style flapper bridesmaid dress. Wish me luck!

  5. Was just thinking about you the other day –wondering what kind of adventures you were up to..!! Wow, guess you are officially an adult now,going to be a proud house owner!!! Good on you!! Great to see you back in the swing of refashioning–missed your e-mails! Best to you!!

  6. House hunting in the spring!! Enjoy and can’t wait to see the “new” sewing/creative studio I’m sure you’ll set up.

  7. Congrats on the forthcoming house move. Can’t wait to see what your sewing room will look like in your new home. It will be so nice to be able to make it exactly how you want it without rental contract constraints.

  8. Love this top. Now make a cute skirt to go with it using that awesome piece with the border ! Soooooooo glad you are back and just a weary house-hunter. Thought maybe you were getting burnt out on blogging responsibilities. Hope you find a perfect house with an amazing sewing room area and a huge closet.

  9. Yes, you are allowed to have a life outside of blogging world but by all the comments following your last post you are a person who people really do care about. So glad to hear you are doing well and look forward to keeping up with your refashions and hopefully some thrifting for your new house.

  10. Glad you are ok and congratulations on becoming a grown up with a mortgage. I hope everything goes splendidly – it looks like it will considering how your ‘moving crew’ is already colour coordinated to your outfit….lol.

    When I looked at your find, my first thought was – a no-sew refash. At least, that’s what I would do because I like to hide my tuck-shop lady arms (dinner ladies in the UK – not sure what the US equivalent is) and I also look 3 months pregnant after having 3 babies.

    However…..I love what you did with the peasant top. I lurv the colour on you and am hoping you’ll incorporate the rest of the dress into something else.

  11. If you do not want the bottom that you cut , you can send me to make me a cute summer skirt. Suerte en tu nueva casa!

  12. Congratulations. I bet well see one or two ” refashions ” of furniture or rooms now?
    Love your creativity and glad you are ok.

  13. I missed you! I enjoy your refashions more than any others. Thank you for anytime you do have the time to share. I am always happy to see you pop up. Looking forward to seeing the new house. This top is another great one!

  14. Congratulations on house hunting, it can be like a second job sometimes, trying to find the just right fit, love the refashion so cute and so boho love it to bits.


  15. I’m so glad you’re back. Your blog has made me plung into sewing.:) In fact I’m going to refashion a dress today. Those cold shoulder sleeves are all the rage now, but why pasture H&M executives, when one can just chop the top part off some old dress? ^_^

  16. Glad to see you back! This is a cute top- though I would’ve liked to have seen the dress version before the final chop (I have a couple of those “makes me look pregnant” dresses that are all thrift finds- I just work it as a weird summer thing)

    Also: I’m house-hunting too and I feel your pain. Hope things are going well!

  17. Welcome back, I just sold my home and bought another one, we moved to a 55 and over community in Florida, I have a mummu just like yours, thanks for the idea, Well good luck with your new home, maybe we will see again in the next cruise.

  18. Welcome back and Congrats on the “adulting” ;) it is nice to move into your own home. Make sure it has a good kitchen so you can make up some of those great meals we all would LOVE you to share hehe

  19. Tres adorbs! Hopefully you saved that border of the muumuu to utilize somewhere else.
    I sooo love buying real estate but have no buckaroos so I am out of the market.
    Wishing all goes well on your search and closing.

  20. Yippeeeee! You officially made my day. I was starting to get withdrawal symptoms… :-)
    Love the top. It looks so sweet with your jeans.

    ps: good luck on the house-hunting, I’m in the same process ( or well, we get the keys next week) and it is so exciting and stressful at the same time! I hope you’ll end up with a castle!! Don’t try to bite the bank-guy like I really wanted to do at some time… woefully, it doesn’t help;)

  22. I worked at a consignment sale a few weeks ago and came across a few dresses that screamed your name *lol* Funny how I can no longer look at clothing without wondering what Jillian would do to it.

  23. Cute,,, nice save!
    I take my old must-keep-forever clothes and cloths, cut them up and stich them into blankets. Love it!

  24. And I bet those guys would love a keg of beer and some pizza after moving you into your new abode! Hope it has a side room for “refashioning”!

  25. This will be my first time actually posting to your blog. I found your blog from a refashion you did in 2013 from pinterest a month ago and was instantly glued to your blog. I couldn’t help but read 10 to 15 posts at a time!!!Your ideas are so inspiring! I even tried my hand at dyes for the first time because of you and love it! Hope to see more posts soon…

  26. Yes! She’s back…and with such a cute top!!!Love it! so glad you are back. How exciting! A house!
    I missed you. I check in everyday!

  27. Another hit! I love everything you refashion. We missed you and it was nice to see what you’ve been up to. Happy hunting!

  28. You still got it! Glad you haven’t “gone dark” as I just recently discovered your blog. I’ve been thrift shopping a lot lately – you’ve inspired me to do my own refashions!

  29. No apologies necessary, chica! You owe us absolutely nothing – this is your blog, not ours. I’m just glad you’ve invited us to participate. Looking forward to some more deets on the house sitch though. That is… if you want to share details. Anyway, I’m digging on the hippy-dippy vibe goin’ on with this top! Well done.

  30. Welcome back, happy house hunting. (I typo’d happy hose hunting, which is entirely different). Keep up the good work refashioning!

  31. Really beautiful – I have a large chest and find that these cute embroidered tops fit terribly. You may have looked pregnant. I would look like I was hiding a russian uboat under my top. Do you have any other ideas for refashioning a dress like that – with the high seam, and beautiful embroidery, that would be flattering on a larger chested creature like me?

  32. Impressed by your creativity, stunned by your prolific work. Shamefaced, I fear taking the scissors in hand, fell in love with my fabrics, and have only restyled one beautiful fabric but too big purchased shirt.

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