Beige, But Not Blah Dress

Last ReFash from My Old Place & a Sneak Peek at My New Place!
From Flared to Skinny: An Easy-Peasy Jeans ReFashion

I am living in a maze of boxes, my friends.

Look to your left.
Look to your left.

Getting my tripod and myself into a position to take a passable “before” photo wasn’t entirely dissimilar to completing an obstacle course.

In less than two weeks (!!!!!!) I move into to my marvelous new abode. This excites me for many many reasons. I’ll have a much better work space. I’ll have much better lighting, which means better photos. It’s also just a really cool house. :)

I’ve also been working on some pretty awesome home décor projects that I’ll be revealing when they’re in their proper home. :)

Okay…back to the refashion!

This frock has been on my refashion rack for over a year. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted to do with it. Usually I’m not a fan of beige, but I decided to leave the color as-is and see what I could make of it.

First, I removed the sleeves.


First off, let me say how flipping happy I am that I’ve found my fancy/expensive sewing shears! :) :) :) I thought I had left them at an ex’s place months ago, but hadn’t quite given up yet on finding them. I imagined him spitefully cutting paper with them in a fit of passive aggression…laughing like a cartoon villain.

Not today sir. Not today.

Both the fabric (a non-fraying polyester) and the piping around the sleeves meant I could cut the sleeves out (carefully), and I wouldn’t have to sew a thing to remove them. Done and done.

I wasn’t quite done yet though.

I didn’t care for the functionless (and in my opinion frumpy) buttons down the front, so off they went!

Pick! Pick! Pick!
Pick! Pick! Pick!

I laid out my new frock and chopped a bit from the bottom.


Then, I added a new hem. As I said before, this fabric isn’t going to fray, so I only tucked it under once. Since the fabric is thin, it’ll drape better this way too!

Measure & pin!
Measure & pin!

All that was left to do was press my new hem. I was nervous about burning the thin polyester, so I tested the heat with a chopped off sleeve first.


Annnnd…here’s the after!

Boxes everywhere!
Boxes everywhere!

Lovely, no? It has a nice high-end look to it methinks.

I wore my new frock for a day of boring errands, and then rewarded myself with some reading time.

I highly recommend this book!
I highly recommend this book!

I promise to get in a couple more refashes before my big move. I know I haven’t been posting much, and I’m sorry about that. :/ But look forward to an expanded scope, better photos, and many more projects to come! :)

Bear with me!
Bear with me!



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67 thoughts on “Beige, But Not Blah Dress

  1. Good luck with your move. Whenever you can post is great! I truly enjoy you blog it is in my top 3 favorite blogs. Thank you for your terrific writing with the all the humor!

    1. It may have looked blah before, but you saw the possibilities, and gave it a new life. You are a great seamstress!

  2. Beautiful refashion! I have to admit though – I love the sleeves!! If it was my dress, I’d probably have to take them off cause I have monkey arms and no sleeves are ever long enough, but I thought they looked really sweet on you!

    Either way, the end result was great!

  3. Congrats on achieving the last curve before the big move. :) I wish I could afford a house (heck, even a nice spacey flat will do!) – but here in Poland it’s nigh impossible unless you’re filthy rich. People get themselves ears deep in mortgage to obtain one.
    As for the dress – I despise beige, but it looks rather fetching on you. Good thinking with those buttons. Why do they keep attaching silly useless things to ladies’ garments? When a guy bloke buys himself an item of clothing, he can bet his sweet ass that all pockets and other shenanigans will be functional.

    1. I volunteer at a thrift store. We get a lot of blazers in where the pockets are still stitched. I don’t think women realize that there are functional pockets if they just pull the thread out. But I do agree with you on how silly much of women’s clothing is.

  4. Sitting here in Liverpool, U.K. Rain pouring down waiting for bread to bake, feeling a bit jaded. Then read this… always inspire, have missed your blogs lately so glad to see you back. Fran.

  5. Fabulous refashion! Don’t worry about not being around as much as you would like – we’ll all still be here once you are ready. Enjoy your new home x

  6. Love the dress. Simple, refined, and timeless. Good job! I have a few frocks that have been sitting in my closet… Their only offense? Ugly sleeves.. You have inspired me to “get to it” and remove those sleeves..

    Good luck with your move.. Never easy, but well worth it! I can’t wait to see your new casa.

  7. Very inspiring! Going to make some summer dresses from winter ones from my good old closet! Best wishes for an easy move!

  8. Not blah, and SO cute!! You’re a genius. Congrats on finding a new abode. Can’t wait to see pics of your new place and home decor projects. :-)

  9. Two thumbs up. Another great example of how a few simple tweaks can transform a drab dress into a classy creation. Good work.

  10. I’m always amazed in what you see in a dress versus what the rest of us see. The before would’ve been in the donate pile so fast it would make your head spin! Thankfully, you have X-ray vision and can see through the dated boring-ness. We are all happy whenever you post. Don’t put undue pressure on yourself. It’s supposed to be fun.

  11. Some of my favourite refashions have been done with just a couple of small changes like this. What a difference they make! Congratulations on your new place – how exciting!

  12. I knew what you would do to that dress before I read it….all the bits you changed just looked like they didnt belong and had been put on by a toddler!! Loving the refash!!!!

  13. Your refashions are inspiring, I’m moving in a couple weeks as well! I sooo understand and empathize about living with boxes… liquor store boxes are fabulous for books and with the dividers left in, are great for kitchen stuff. Remember, bend at the knees…

  14. I’m not a beige gal either, but you did a nice reshaping of this dress and it’s super cute. So glad you’ve found your first dream home! It’s so exciting to have your own place!

  15. Love beige ! It looks great on you. Very wise to make two subtle changes to transform the thrift store number into a very classy, sassy cocktail dress. So excited to see photos of your soon-to-be new home–and that large sewing room, yeah !

  16. I would love it if you had time to post some sewing “how-to-do” videos, like hemming or taking in a dress to fit better, etc…

  17. Very cute! I actually like the color now that it’s been refashioned! I think the buttons were taking it from classy to frumpy.

  18. You made my day! Thanks for the new post! Good luck with the move…look forward to your new posts in the new place!

  19. So classy! Congratulations on your new home. I’m really looking forward to seeing all your home decor projects.

  20. We just moved and it was a bugger. I hope yours goes much more smoothly. I really enjoy your refashes!!!

  21. Beige is just right. And you can always add any color by accessorizing if you want. I’m refashioning and using my sewing machine more lately. I haven’t sewn this much since making little toddler outfits 25 years ago when my children were babies. Thanks for the great ideas!!

  22. No pressure to post more often–I’m just happy that I can look forward to more surprises from you! Happy Move!

  23. I am not a big fan of beige either but wow, this dress looks great on you! One of your best refashions in my mind. Love it. Wishing you happy moving….

  24. I swear that I saw a woman at the supermarket wearing this dress in kelly green with white trim! So badly I wanted to go up to her and just say “Do you have any Idea what that dress could become?” This is one dramatic transformation.

  25. I lurk around this blog a lot but never comment… But this dress is truly amazing! Couldn’t resist telling you so :) I love what you do and I look forward to more posts. Congrats on the new house!

  26. Damn! That’s a cold ass honkey! ahahaha listening to Macklemore as I read your blog. Your such a inspiration to us all, I like the way you think! I wish lived in the same city as you, so that we could do this together sometimes. Oh well… I love your blog! Good luck with the move! :)

  27. Keep seeing this post for the first time. It turned out lovely! You have such a good eye for seeing the beauty in something that everyone would pass by.

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