From 80’s Dropped Waist to ’18 Good Taste

A BOGO Frump-to-Hip ReFash!
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Has anyone else noticed a sudden influx of indigo and white patterns in winter fashion this year? While I rarely (as in extremely rarely) ever buy anything new, I still keep an eye out for general trends (even if I usually choose to ignore them). When I saw this sad and dated frock, I just new I could bring it into this decade!


The pattern is pretty, but the fit is lacking, and the dropped waist is more frumpy than elegant for this dress. Plus, I noticed a pesky coffee stain that didn’t come out in the wash!

Should I just give up? No. I should not.

A radical restructuring had to happen if this dress was to be salvaged.

Time to get cutting!

I wonder how many pads I’ve removed in my 8 years of refashioning?
Snipping off the skirt!

I cut the skirt off the dress, along with that stained part of the shirt part. Then, I cut the shirt part from the skirt and cut the gathered top part of the skirt off too. This left me with a LOT of skirt fabric, which I doubled up and folded in half, along with the top.


Time to reattach all the things! But first, let’s get this dress into shape, shall we?

Using one of my favorite thrifted tshirt dresses as a template, I snipped around the outside.

My template.

Now it’s time to put it all together. All those snips left me with a skirt front and back, and a top part with open sides (but with the shoulder/top sleeve part still intact. I first attached the skirt parts to the shirt parts (Right side pinned to right side).


I stitched them together once…


Then I stitched them together again, this time folding that seam down so it would lay flat.

Makes sense so far right?

Now to close up those sides! I pinned them down, then ran each side under the needle.

First ya pin, then ya sew.

After a quick press, my new dress was ready to greet the world!

Ta da!

I decided to pair my new dress with my favorite $1 thrifted vest and a $2 thrifted pair of booties.

That cute cameo ring is one of my favorite things!

I wore my new dress to meet up with my friend Dan at The Whig for the debut of this year’s Hopslam!

Trying the new Hopslam!
In Blur-o-Vision!

While there, I encountered a young fellow who is a fan of my fella Brian’s Twitch show wherein he plays a not-very-nice nerdy vampire (Yes, Brian is a nerd, but he’s my nerd and I love him).

He couldn’t believe Brian lives here in Columbia, and that he was talking to his girlfriend. “You mean you live with Spootnik (his Twitch moniker). I’m sorry, I’m just really starstruck right now. I mean, you’re cool too…but Spootnik!”

We plan on having him over for dinner.

A fellow Spootnik fan!

Brian frequently jokes that folks stop me in public fairly frequently to tell me they like my blog, so it was pretty flippin’ cool to run into a fan of his. :)



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51 thoughts on “From 80’s Dropped Waist to ’18 Good Taste

  1. So so glad to see you did a refashion! This one is too cute. I love the result! The pattern, the shape of the garment, the colors, everything!

  2. Absolutely adorable! I also want to say thanks for posting this and getting me to want to give sewing a third try. Fingers crossed I don’t give up because it’s not perfect lol

  3. What a sweet surprise! I love that you didn’t lop off the sleeves and change the neckline this time. It looks so cute and comfy!

  4. I think I OWNED that dress in the 80’s! Was the brand Bechamel ? :) It might have been in the 90’s. I unexpectedly went from teaching physical education (read: shorts, t shirts, warm-ups, tennis shoes) to teaching 6th grade (read: needing to buy a bunch of appropriate, dowdy classroom attire asap).

  5. I love your refashions! You inspire me to repurpose my own closet full of clothes and of course sew!!!! Love the new dress too!!!

  6. That is adorable! I wouldn’t have thought the little bit you cut off the sleeves and sides would have made much of a difference, but it made a crazy huge difference! I liked it without the vest, but I’m kinda lazy with my clothes, and the only layering I tend to do is throw a hoodie on over everything or a coordinating thermal under, so I’m definitely not one to know!

  7. I recently with your guidance from your posts turned my 90s corduroy sack dress into a mini dress and I got so many compliments and told them of your blog. Wish I could share pictures because I actually made TWO dresses from it!

  8. This was an amazing transformation! I really love the fabric pattern and the new silhouette is just so sleek and cute! You can wear it all seasons! What do you do with the extra fabric and shoulder pads you’ve collected?

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