A Fall Floral Top

Oh hai fall, I didn’t know it was you!

I am deeply and profoundly excited about our (admittedly slight) change in temperature here in SC. Usually I get a little down as cold weather approaches, but not this year. :) I’m ready for stews, tea and nights curled up with a book by my fireplace.

I even decorated!

Douglas is looking...different...

Douglas is looking…different…

I’m also excited about a certain 90’s trend that’s making a comeback this year: Fall Florals!

You can read my recent Good Life Blog post about super-thriftable Fall 2016 trends here.

When I saw this frock on my refashion rack, my gears began to turn.

So fall. So floral!

So fall. So floral!

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An Early Fall Beige Brunch Dress

The other day, I asked the following question on the ReFashionista Facebook page:

Decisions are hard.

Decisions are hard.

Over 450 of you were kind enough to weigh in, and the 1970’s beige maternity dress on the left was the winner!

Winner...loser...what's the difference?

Winner…loser…what’s the difference?

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Bierkeller Dress

Hi all! I know…I haven’t posted in a while. I’ll explain why later.

For now, let’s just take in a nice, soothing refashion. Doesn’t that sound nice?

When I was asked to volunteer for a friend’s Bierkeller Oktoberfest (you can learn more about Bierkeller Columbia right here), I of course said yes. Delicious Kolsch and an opportunity to help bring something special to Columbia? Heck yeah. When I was asked if I’d like a shirt to refashion, I of course also said yes.

I was given this one:

Le front

Do you like my thrifted owlie wall art peeking at you in the background?

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An Easy DIY Wine Crate Ottoman

I’m super-proud of this swell ottoman I made all by myself!

I <3 that Celadon Green!

I <3 Celadon Green!

I’m even prouder that it only cost $29 to make ($7 per wine crate + $1 for 1970’s curtain set + free fabric for stuffing)!

I might even be prouder still that it didn’t require any carpentry skillz whatsoever. If you can sew a pillow, you can make one too! :)

I think it works well with my eclectic (i.e. thrifted) decor!

I think it works well with my eclectic (i.e. thrifted) décor!

Click here for the full tutorial.

A Kylie Jenner-esque Denim Dress

When fellow Columbia blogger, Haley Sprankle created a Kylie Jenner-esque denim dress ensemble with a thrifted men’s denim shirt and challenged others to do the same, I decided to hop on board.

I couldn’t care less about Kylie Jenner and her ilk if I tried, but even I had to admit this was a really cool look, and I wanted a comfy denim dress of my very own.

I also haven’t sewn a frock in a while and was craving something fun and new. :)

I ran to the thrift store and found this large men’s shirt for $1. I was kind of hoping I could do what Haley did, and just wear it as-is. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be.

More Walk of Shame than Kylie Jenner...:/

More Walk of Shame than Kylie Jenner…:/

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