Gimme a (Deep) V!

I’ve noticed a trend that I’ve been desperate to get in on.

It’s called the Deep V-backed Sweater, and I LOVE it.

Subtly sexy!

Subtly sexy! But $52. :/

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A No-Sew Coffee Date Top

Sometimes, all you need to make a refashion work is one simple step.

Yes, we could all expend a ton of effort for every. single. refashion. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Sometimes the simpler solutions are the best ones.

This is one of those refashions. :) I began my morning with this dowdy dress with a fun print.

I don't know if one cup is going to be enough for me today...

I don’t know if one cup is going to be enough for me today…

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One Dress, Three Ways: Fake Vest Edition

I can’t believe the weekend is almost over! Ugh! I hope yours was as fun & relaxing as mine was!

I spent most of today in this green frock:

Yes. That's a fake vest. :/

Yes. That’s a fake vest. :/

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A No-Sew Cozy Tunic Dress

This has been the warmest winter I have ever experienced. While some of you are undoubtedly bundling up in thick puffy coats over thick puffy vests, we’ve been wearing short sleeves and flip flops for the past month here in SC.

Until today. Last night, temps finally plummeted to winter-appropriate levels. :/ I pulled my porch plants inside and shrugged. It was time. While I hate being cold more than anything in the entire world, I LOVE wearing warm, cuddly, fleece-lined things. :)

Sooooo cooooomfy!

Sooooo cooooomfy!

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A Polyester Flowers No-Sew Top & VANELi

One of my favorite thrift stores has recently done something that leaves me peeved. They have DOUBLED the price of their clothing from $1 to $2. Grrrrrrr! I know that for some of you, especially those who live across the big pond, this is still ridiculously cheap. But a 100% markup? C’mon! Would we let this stand in other areas of our lives???? Like, what if the price of dishwashers suddenly doubled? What then?  ;)

Anywho. *angry pout*

I found this dress for $2, which is $1 more than I would have preferred to pay for it. ;)

2 dolla! Holla holla!

2 dolla! Holla holla!

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