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A No-Sew Sweater for Douglas!

Remember the Trace & Stitch Dress I refashioned for my trip to Asheville a few months ago?  Here…let me jog your memory.



I dug the dress, but just couldn’t come up with a good way to save the jacket part…until a surprisingly chilly day when my little Douglas didn’t want to go outside, that is!

First, I cut off one of the sleeves!

A simple chop!

A simple chop!

Then, I cut a hole through both sides of the sleeve that was big enough for Dougie’s legs to fit through.

Holey Moley!

Holey Moley!

THEN, I trimmed off the part of the sleeve that was too long for my pup.  :)

Just one more chop!

Just one more chop!

Just look at my comfy cozy pooch now!  :)

Snug & Warm!

Snug & Warm!

This sleeve trick is great for Dachshunds, as they’re usually too long for normal dog sweaters.  Normal dog clothes tend to make them look like little puppy strippers wearing midriff-bearing crop tops :/

Luckily, Dougie gets to stay classy AND warm during this cold snap!  ;)

Thanks, Mom!  :)

Thanks, Mom! :)



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Windy Hill Dress

I am on a cider kick, my friend!  :)  Most of my beer snob pals turn up their noses at me as I blissfully sip what they call “apple juice”, but I just don’t care!  Hard Cider is so incredibly tasty, refreshing, and my new favorite summer beverage!

When a friend texted me, telling me Windy Hill (a nearby cidery) was being featured at World of Beer, I wanted to dash out the door right away!

Unfortunately, I didn’t have anything to wear!  :/  I needed a super-fast refash, STAT!

I chose this summery polyester dress for the evening:

I'm attempting a "Glamor Shots" pose here.  It's not really working out...

I’m attempting a “Glamor Shots” pose here. It’s not really working out…

Check out the neck ties on this one!

Why would anyone tie these together???

Why would anyone tie these together???

I grabbed a small pair of scissors and got to snipping!

Snipping off those sleeves and that collar!

Snipping off those sleeves and that collar!

Farewell, oh Puffy One!  :)

Farewell, oh Puffy One! :)

No, Douglas!  NO!

No, Douglas! NO!

Can't forget these!

Can’t forget these!

I took the snipped-off neck tie thingies and used them to cinch the top of each shoulder, like so:



And that’s it!  A quick No-Sew dress is born!

Easiest Sundress Ever!

Easiest Sundress Ever!

Most of the ciders were, of course, amazing!

This is Cider Night and feelin's right...

This is Cider Night and feelin’s right!

Just chillin in the background...

Just chillin in the background…

Fancy a flight?

Fancy a flight?



Sleepwalk Right Through It Dress

Today’s dress was a fab gift that made me quite happy when I saw it!

I never look a gift dress in the mouth!

Isn’t that print just awesome?  And don’t you love the navy/mint green combo?

And check out the label:

This was an expensive dress, folks!

This dress probably sold for $300-$500 originally.

But even this dress’ previous owner wasn’t completely happy with it:

Sleeves slit by previous owner!

This dress is too big for me to fit as it is intended, but luckily, I had other plans!

Triple Chop! :)

After a few amputations, I cut a sash from the very bottom hem of the dress.


And with this five-minute transformation, I was ready to  meet up with a few fab friends for a movie and drinky drinks!

Happy Theater-Goer! :)

We met up at the new Nickelodeon Theatre to see the subtly moving and funny film, Sleepwalk With Me.

Mike Birbiglia has a dream! Several, in fact!

After the film, we headed off to The Whig.  :)

Buds & Booze!



Oh…and are you as fascinated/horrified by the art work behind me as I am???

I’m buggin’ out over it! Eep!


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