A Silken Skirt Dress

It’s been a while since my last post, eh?  Not to worry.  I’m not going anywhere.  I’m just busy mulling ideas over for what shall surely be an amazing Year 2 of my blog (starts next month!).  I’m getting quite excited about it!  :)

Today’s outfit began as a discarded silk skirt.

Caffeine makes the magic happen!

 A charity shop was about to toss it out because of this:


This was an easy fix.  I turned the skirt inside-out and re-sewed the torn seam.

A quick fix!

If this skirt hadn’t needed mending, this would’ve been a no-sew refashion. :)  I decided to wear it as a dress, cinching it at the waist with a sash from another dress.  :)

A simple transformation!

Before you find fault with me for doing such a quickie refashion, please understand that I had other things to make for the evening as well.  :)

Mmmmmmm! Turkey Chili! :)

MMMMmmmmmm! Blueberry Mojitos!

A Saucy Slit!

After a bit of mojito pre-gaming, I was ready to head out for the evening!  Have you ever noticed how when you’re in pictures wearing a strapless dress, you look as if you’re naked? :)  I mean, look at this!

Looking topless...

Happy and nekkid-looking


My DIY Save the Dates

Fella and I have been engaged for a while now, and have finally set the date for our big day!  I decided to make my own Save the Date magnets from a bunch of materials that were about to be thrown out by my buddy’s business.  Yup…these were totally FREE for me to make.  :)

I had a bunch of colored file folders.


I had loads of fabric scraps from all my sewing projects.


I had a big stack of these magnets from last year’s symphony season (not too useful for anyone now).


I also had some really nice letterhead stationery and envelopes that were an old logo, and were about to be thrown out with the folders and magnets.

I cut, pasted, and sewed.


And now I have some pretty awesome Save the Date magnets for our nearest and dearest! :)

Love em!

They're magnets!

They have envelopes!

They look terrific, they’re eco-friendly, and they didn’t cost a thing! :)


My Picasso Shirt

I woke up at 5:30 this morning feeling ridonkulously (and most uncharacteristically) energized!  I tied on my trainers and ran two miles (I think something might be wrong with me).  Still feeling all sorts of jazzed, I decided to make a boring shirt I scored at a clothing swap a bit more interesting.

Hi. I'm your average Tshirt. *Yawn*

First, I grabbed some chalk and drew a sort of Picasso-esque little line drawing on the shirt.

I am obviously going through my green period.

Then, I ran it through my machine, tracing the chalk outline…first with fuscia thread using a straight stitch, then with white thread using a zigzag stitch.

I stitch the line.

I dug through my huge tin ‘o buttons and pulled out this guy.

So many buttons!

I hand-stitched the button onto the shirt for my guy’s eye.  I think it’s pretty nifty!


Gypsy likes it, too!

Hi Gypsy!

Sorry Gyps!  I’m the only one who gets to wear it!  :)

Like my hoedown scarf?