Day 361: The Right to Bare Arms…er…Arm Dress

Some days I honestly just don’t want to bother.

Refashion, Schmeschmashion!

But I must soldier on!  I’m so verrrrry close to the end of my 365 Day project!!!!

The print on today’s dress is lovely, but the cut and the size aren’t quite doing it for me.  I wasn’t in a sewing mood, so I started playing with my new dress, and pinned it in a couple of places.


Pinned again!

Okay…so the above pics are slightly less than informative, so let me explain what I did here.  I took one of the sleeves and pinned it inside the dress to my opposite shoulder.  Then I pinned it again right near my armpit (from the inside again) to make the top nice & fitted.

Now I have a lovely shoulder-baring dress for a fun evening with friends!  :)

I have the right to bare arms…er…arm! ;)

She drinks a cider drink…:)

Cheers!  :)

Day 360: Spearmint Dress

Today’s piece was a rare find!  :)

Extra long = Perfect dress potential!!!!

A Men’s 3X shirt isn’t such a rare thing, but an extra-long shirt is.  I pretty much always have to go with shirts that are 3X and above to have enough length to make a proper dress (proper=reaches the end of my fingertips and covers my naughty bits).

Of course, this shirt wasn’t going to work as a dress…yet!  First off, as a white shirt it was kind of see-through, so into a bath ‘o dye it went!

Remember that top from Day 355?  Well, it wasn’t alone!  :)

Once more into the green!

Never Bathe Alone! ;)

Since this dress was made of rayon, I knew it wouldn’t take on too dark of a hue, and that was just fine.  :)  After a rinse and dry, my shirt was ready to be dressified!  I took it in about 5″ on each side.

Pin it!

Sew it!

Trim it!

After a quick press, my new dress was ready for a gorgeous summer day!  :)

Wearing my big girl shoes!


Day 359: Scrap-Busting Dress

For today’s piece, we need to go back to Day 117 of this lil’ blog.  :)

First it was this.

Then it was this…

…but what about all this?

For those of you who were wondering what was going happen to the bottom part of this dress…wonder no more!  :)

I needed something that would work as a cute coverup to wear erranding before I ventured over to a friend’s place for an afternoon swim!

I laid my leftover dress scrap upside down, and placed one of my best-fitting dresses over it, right in the center.  This is going to be my template!

Just like this!

I pinned along the outside of the template dress…

You can outline this in chalk if you like.

I left everything from the armholes up open, placing two pins right at where the shoulders of the template dress start.

I sewed two seams, one on each side of what was about to be my new dress!

Emo sewing: All life is a meaningless abyss, dude.

Then, I sewed my shoulders down!


Now my sweet new coverup is ready to head off for an afternoon at the pool!  :)

Love the sides!

Refashioning gives you wings! Literally! :)

Not bad for just a few little seams, eh? :)

Digging that neckline! :)

I must say,  I’m quite happy to know someone with access to a private pool!  It makes the SC summer heat somewhat bearable!  :)

Keeping cool in da pool! :)

Good company & good beer make for a great summer day!  :)

Mmmm! Tasty Wheat Ale! :)


Day 358: Anita Dress

Today’s dress comes all the way from Saudi Arabia!  Anita bought it from a second-hand bazaar with the intention of refashioning it for herself, and then decided that those ruffles just weren’t for her.

Ruffles Galore! :)

I was actually pretty stoked about this one, folks!  I love the ruffles and that bright red hue! :)

This dress still needed a bit of work though.  First, I trimmed off those sleeves.


Then, I pinned each side to get it more fitted.

Shaping up!

I ran each side through my machine.


I used one of the leftover scraps from the sides as a sash to break up the lines of the ruffles a bit.

And I must say…I love it!  :)

Lady in Red!

I heart these ruffles! :)

Cheers!  And Much Thanks to Anita for sending me this fabu frock!  :)

Day 357: Grown Up Enough Top

I almost didn’t want to bother with today’s piece.


It might not look so bad at first glance, but look a bit closer.  First off, this dress is pretty unflattering on me, as I’m bigger on the bottom than I am up top.  It just doesn’t do anything for me.  :/

Also, it’s really worn out and faded.  :(

It’s a little hard to see in photos…but look hard.

Not a prob!  I reached for a box ‘o dye!

Feeling a bit green!

I left my dress in its dye bath for about 40 minutes, then gave it a rinse & dry.  So, now the fading has been taken care of, but what about the shape?   I decided I didn’t feel like wearing a dress today anyways, so I made a big chop!

Le Chop!

This dress is made of cotton jersey, so there was no need to hem that bottom edge, as it isn’t going to fray. :)

Now I have a fun Art Deco-ish top!  :)

Muuuch more striking than that boring dress! :)

I turn up my nose at faded frocks! :)

This is what I wore to work today.  Yes…I am apparently incapable of dressing like a proper grown-up.

Grown Up in Disguise!

The way I see it is, work is grown-up enough!  Might as well surround yourself with as many fun things as possible!

Joe Don Baker keeps me motivated!

My sweet sock monkey earns the respect and admiration of my colleagues!

But perhaps this is silly.  Maybe the time has come to do away with childish things…

No one should have a puppet in their office, should they?

…or not.  :)