A Kylie Jenner-esque Denim Dress

When fellow Columbia blogger, Haley Sprankle created a Kylie Jenner-esque denim dress ensemble with a thrifted men’s denim shirt and challenged others to do the same, I decided to hop on board.

I couldn’t care less about Kylie Jenner and her ilk if I tried, but even I had to admit this was a really cool look, and I wanted a comfy denim dress of my very own.

I also haven’t sewn a frock in a while and was craving something fun and new. :)

I ran to the thrift store and found this large men’s shirt for $1. I was kind of hoping I could do what Haley did, and just wear it as-is. Sadly, it wasn’t meant to be.

More Walk of Shame than Kylie Jenner...:/

More Walk of Shame than Kylie Jenner…:/

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Last ReFash from My Old Place & a Sneak Peek at My New Place!

Whew! What a crazy few weeks it’s been! I’m happy to report that I’m all moved out from my old apartment (yippee!) and all moved in to my new house (huzzah!)! I have some pics of my new digs further down in this post, but I know what you’re really here for…a refashion of course! :)

Last refash in the old digs!

Last refash in the old digs!

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Beige, But Not Blah Dress

I am living in a maze of boxes, my friends.

Look to your left.

Look to your left.

Getting my tripod and myself into a position to take a passable “before” photo wasn’t entirely dissimilar to completing an obstacle course.

In less than two weeks (!!!!!!) I move into to my marvelous new abode. This excites me for many many reasons. I’ll have a much better work space. I’ll have much better lighting, which means better photos. It’s also just a really cool house. :)

I’ve also been working on some pretty awesome home décor projects that I’ll be revealing when they’re in their proper home. :)

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From Flared to Skinny: An Easy-Peasy Jeans ReFashion

I simply could not believe my luck when I found these jeans in exactly my size at the $1-a-pound Goodwill Clearance Center!

Not to shabs!

Not too shabs…buuuut…

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From 3 to 1

I was relieved when the friendly-ish clerk at one of my favorite thrift stores only charged me for one piece, rather than 3 when I purchased this…outfit.

3 easy pieces!

3 easy pieces!

I LOVE that print! But I HATE this outfit. However, I was excited to have a good bit of fabric to work with between the skirt, shirt, and sash.

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