Zip It…Zip it Good with this FREE class from Craftsy!

It’s hard out there for self-taught sewists.  When I first started refashioning, there was a LOT of trial and error (mostly error).  But guess what?  It doesn’t have to be that bad!  Unlike generations past, you and I have some awesome online resources to help us learn the techniques we need to learn in order to make our refashions truly amazeballs!

Craftsy is an awesome example of such a resource.  In their classes, you can learn all sorts of sewing skills, from the fundamental basics to advanced skills (like garment design and pattern making).

But let’s start with the basic stuff, since that’s where a lot of you are coming from.  One of the most useful and feared sewing techniques you can learn is how to put in a zipper.  A lot of the stuff you’ll find at thrift stores has damaged zippers that need replacing, or you might want to put a new one in to get a more flattering fit.

Craftsy’s got you covered in this awesome FREE online class:



In this class, you’ll learn how to insert slot seam, invisible, and lapped zippers like a pro.  The instructor, Sunni Standing runs A Fashionable Stitch, an online sewing blog and brick-and-mortar shop (formerly Yellow Bird Fabrics) in Salt Lake City.

You zippers could look like this!

Your zippers could look like this!


This online Zipper class is broken down into five lessons, and each lesson is fairly short – All of them are under 20 minutes, except for the more complicated Zippers in Lined & Faced Garments lesson which is 35 minutes long.  This is super-helpful for us with magpie-like attention spans (Oooooh!  Something shiny!).

You don't have to be afraid of putting a zipper in a lined garment anymore!

You don’t have to be afraid of putting a zipper in a lined garment anymore!


I enjoyed this class a lot.  Sunni has a nice voice and she’s a terrific instructor.  Now I can finally get my zippers right on the first try, and without them looking like something out of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein!  Huzzah!  :)

Craftsy classes also rock because you can pace yourself and take them whenever you want.  And if you’re anywhere near as busy as I am, that’s a huge help.

So…go ahead!  Give this free mini-class a try…and Zip it!  Zip it good!  ;)


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New Dress for a New ‘Do

I have a soft spot in my little ReFashionista heart for handmade garments.  When I found this one, I snatched it up, despite it being pretty awkward.





The print is cool, if faded, and that light cotton fabric is perfect for our still-warm temps.  Plus…I knew it would take on dye like a charm!

Remember this funky frock? Well…it wasn’t alone in its dye bath!


My dresses rarely bathe alone!

My dresses rarely bathe alone!


Of course this dress took the dye on much better than it’s partially synthetic pal!

This dress needed a bit of reshaping, so that’s what I did!


Kind of looks like fins...

Kind of looks like fins…


In order to get my more fitted dress off the form, I had to unpin a few pins.  No worries.  I just made a chalk line so I could re-pin one side with ease!


Tailor's Chalk is your friend!

Tailor’s Chalk is your friend!


This thing had gussets galore!  Not sure why…

This thing had gussets galore! Not sure why…


After I chopped off the excess fabric, I stitched the two bits together.   I left the edges raw, as I thought it would give this otherwise conservative dress a bit of an edge.


Just a lil whirr!

Just a lil whirr!


I rolled the sleeves up a bit, and my new dress was ready for wine with my newly-injured pal!


Check out the hair!

Check out the hair!


Check it out!  I have a new asymmetrical ‘do that I have a HUGE crush on!

Here’s a look at my dress (and ‘do!) from the back!


Also asymmetrical!  :)  I loves!

Also asymmetrical! :) I loves!


Air Er!  ;)

Air Er! ;)


Even with a broken foot, Erin was still nice enough to take my “after” pic.  :)  Please send good healing vibes her way!  :)


Thanks, Erin!

Thanks, Erin!


After hanging with my one-footed friend, I headed over to The Nickelodeon for their monthly Lowbrow Cinema Explosion!


Oddball movie lovers!  :)

Oddball movie lovers! :)



Our Film DuJour!

Our Film DuJour!


Nick is very serious about his cinema!

Nick is very serious about his cinema!




Ribbet collage

Thoroughly Modern Jilly

When I scored this Malibu Barbie-ish dress for $1, I knew I couldn’t leave it as-is.


Ick.  Pink.

Ick. Pink.


Perhaps this would work as a swimsuit coverup or some such thing, but as many of you know…I hate pink.  Bleh!

You can probably guess what happened next!


Brown+Red=Maroon…Wonder what Brown+Pink will yield?

Brown+Red=Maroon…Wonder what Brown+Pink will yield?





When my dress was dyed and dried, I used a clothespin to keep the top layers out of the way while I snipped the lower ones into strips.


Lots 'n LOTS of snips!

Lots ‘n LOTS of snips!


This took a while…


So.  Much.  Snippage.

So. Much. Snippage.


As I snipped each strip, I tugged on them to make the fabric curl like you see above.

When I was done, I ended up with a frock that makes me think of a post-apocalyptic flapper!


From the thunder dome...

From the thunder dome…


I know…it’s a little odd, but I really dig it!


Am I doing The Charleston?  Is that what this looks like?

Am I doing The Charleston? Is that what this looks like?


There was a slight breeze, so I kept my fringy frock under my chambray shirt.


Meet Baxter!

Meet Baxter (and Ken)!


My dress enjoyed brunch with friends…


Live fast.  Die young.  Bad girls do it well.  ;)

Live fast. Die young. Bad girls do it well. ;)


…followed by a fun game of Bocce Ball!


Such great form!

Such great form!


Cheese is a vital element in Bocce.

Pics like these are why I’ll never be taken seriously as a fashion blogger.  Whatever.  CHEESE!


After doing a fairly decent job at what might be my favorite new “sport”, I headed over to The Nickelodeon to catch a much-anticipated film with Dianne!


Love these guys!

Love these guys!



Happy film goers!  :)

Happy film goers! :)



If you haven’t seen The Trip to Italy yet, you should!  Rob and Steve are hilarious together and this sequel is even funnier (and deeper) than their first Trip!  :)

I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  :)


No, Baxter.

No, Baxter.








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