Helluu MuuMuu!


A lot of you have been wondering what I’ve been up to and where I’ve been. First off, I apologize for making some of you worry.

I’ve been adulting, my friends. I have been doing some seriously hardcore adulting lately. :)

You see, I’m in the process of buying my first house! I’ve been super busy with house hunting, and really haven’t had time for much else. I can’t say much, as nothing is final yet, but I hope to have some really exciting news for you all very very soon. :)

In the meantime, I still need to de-stress, and nothing helps me relax and unwind quite like a fun refashion.

However, my sewing room was a mess! You can read more about how I dealt with it right here.

Now…back to the refashioning!

Well, Heluu MuuMuu!

Well, Heluu MuuMuu!

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Cloudy Easter Caftan

When I found this comfy caftan at the thrift store next door to my office (Yes…you read that right!), I was thrilled! Look at that embroidery!

Sometimes I manage to contain my enthusiasm very well.

Sometimes I manage to contain my enthusiasm very well.

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Happy St. Pat’s!

When I purchased this verrrrrry short frock, my good pal Erin raised an eyebrow and said, “I think that’s meant for a small child”. I could help but think it would be just perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

FullSizeRender (4)

It IS easy being green!

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From 90’s Merp to 60’s Mod

When I found this frock, I was immediately drawn to its amazing buttons!

Aren't they great!

Aren’t they great?

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Honorable Intentions/Reality…and a No-Sew ReFash!

Alright all…when I began this year, I started with a most noble goal of writing a post every day.

I don’t know what else to say, except that wasn’t realistic.

It just wasn’t.

“But wait! You did a refashion every day for a year four years ago! Why can’t you do it again?”, you may be wondering.

There are pllllllenty of reasons. My day job is more demanding. I have other interests (like cooking) that I want to explore. I miss reading. I travel a lot. Writing every day made it hard to actually sew anymore.

Most importantly, I felt I was losing the joy of this blog by trying to make myself post every day, and then feeling guilty when I had to take work home at night or wanted to make a good meal.

So…I’m done beating myself up with trying to post on the daily. :/

However, the blog shall go on, and I’ll post whenever I can. :)

Let’s start with this:

Fresh out of the shower with a new frock!

Fresh out of the shower with a new frock!

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