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Day 363: All the Angles Dress

When I found today’s dress at one of my fave $1 thrift stores,  I was stoked!  Check out the amazeballs print!  :)

The shoulder pads are slightly less than amazeballs,

You’re looking at a totally 80’s shoulderpadded number that desperately needs a facelift!  Time for a Nip/Tuck!

First, I made a big chop!


Then, I took in the whole thing about 2″ on each side.

Pin, then Sew! :)

After cutting off the excess material, I folded the top raw edge over twice and stitched it down, leaving about a 1″ gap.  This is where I’m going to insert some elastic.


After digging through my stash, I realized I was all out of elastic!  Ugh!  And I was soooo not in the mood to make a last-minute craft store run!  :/

Then I remembered this leftover scrap from Day 315!

You shall be sacrificed!

I cut off the elastic waistband…

Why didn’t I think of this before????

I threaded the elastic through the dress’ new casing…

Thread it!

Then, I stitched the two ends together, as well as the 1″ gap I left to insert the elastic through.

Closing up shop!

Now that dress is ready for a fun night of Karaoke with friends!   :)

From Sad to Sassy! :)

My shoes are pretty sweet, too! ;)

The PBR tall boy in her hair really ties the whole look together! ;)

Hey, LA! :)

I would love to say that my dress was the most stylish thing I saw tonight, but this simply wouldn’t be true.

This hat beats a cute dress any day! :)

It really completes my ensemble! :)

Squids are so hot right now!

The right accessories make a difference, y’all! :)


Day 321: Here Comes the Rain Dress

The thing I really like about the completely blah and shapeless polyester dresses I find for $1 at thrift stores…

So very blah!

…is what wonderful blank slates they are!  You can really do just about anything with them!  :)

I decided to go for a quick, but dramatic no-sew refashion for this one!

First, I trimmed off that bottom hem to make my sash.


Then, I folded the dress in half and made a big asymmetrical cut!

Do you see where this is going? :)

Those sleeves needed a bit of a shortening, too!

Short ‘n Sweet!

And that’s it!  Now that dress is totally transformed!

Lovin’ the High/Low Hem!!! :)

I wore my dress to Finlay Park for a production of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged).  I was especially excited, as I was asked to review the show for Jasper Magazine and Onstage Columbia!  :)

There I was…poised with pen in hand, ready to take notes!

Let’s DO this! :)

Erin and I were really optimistic…

This play will be great! We just know it! :)

…and then it started to rain.  Hard.  :/

Oh Noooooo!!!! :/

So…the show was called off.  Such a bummer!  Luckily, I’ll be able to catch it/review it on what will hopefully be a bright & sunny Saturday!  Fingers crossed! I’ll be sure to post the link to my review when it’s released. :)


Day 317: Gotta Have Friends Dress

Friendship is certainly the finest balm for the pangs of disappointed love.”  – Jane Austen

When I woke up this morning, I felt quite off.  I knew I would.  This was supposed to be my wedding day that was called off months ago.  I plopped a pillow over my head to block out the obstinate sunlight, but knew I had to get up.  My slight hangover from a night of perhaps too much partying didn’t help my dour mood.  :/

I don’t regret the decision that was made to call everything off, but my thoughts kept retreating to a parallel dimension where we went along with everything, and how I imagined I would be feeling about it all.  It was all a bit too surreal to deal with before my morning coffee.  :/

The only reason I didn’t sleep in past 2 was that I had a friend visiting from out of town.  I reluctantly dragged myself out of bed, took a shower, and threw on today’s piece.

I look thrilled to be awake right now, don’t I?

This is a fairly dated dress, folks.  But look on the bright side…it actually fits me quite well!  All it needs is a few tweaks to take it into this century.  :)

First off, these dudes had to get outta there!

Buh Bye!

I took some of the awkward length away from the sleeves.


Enthused by my choppage, I continued on to the skirt!

More Choppage!

Then, I pinned all of my raw edges under twice.


Of course, everything had to be stitched down, too!


I pressed everything, and was all done!  :)

Taking a stroll by the river! :)

I was so happy to see Gary, one of my closest friends of 10 years from my college theatre days.  :)  We talked, hung out, and drank a good bit.  A very good bit.

No…this isn’t Gary. This is Jim Small! :)

Mmmmmmojito! :)

Much sushi was consumed as well.  :)

Raw Fish! So Delish! :)

Gary even helped me walk Pongo, the sweet pup I’m watching for the weekend.   :)

When I say “helped”, I mean “made fun of my lack of ability to control a medium-sized dog”. :)

One of the biggest things about being single that has irked me is my own inability to fix anything.  As some of you guys know, my washing machine just doesn’t get hot water, which means no dyeing of clothing.  :(

That was until today!   :) He also fixed a few other things around the house that had been driving me a bit batty.  Hooray for guys who can do guy stuff!  :)  So, look forward to seeing lots of dyeing in my future refashions, as I’ve been suffering from withdrawal pangs!

Hi Gary! :)

So…I made it through a day I had been dreading for quite a while…with a little help from my friends!  :)

I have to say, I’m extremely lucky to have all of the wonderful friends that I do.  These past few months could have been completely miserable if I didn’t have such an amazing support system.  :)  I’m honored and truly humbled by all of you.  I don’t think I say this enough, so Thank You.


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