My Drapey Halter Top

Today’s piece began looking like this.

A large & saggy tank. :(

Let me just say that one of the many things I’m digging about my new dress form is no longer having to subject you guys to what I really look like in the morning if I don’t feel like it.  You might never see me without makeup on again, friends (Yeah right…as if I could resist making silly faces in my “before” pics for very long)!

I needed to wear something with the colors Garnet and Black to Support these guys in their College World Series game against Virginia.

Go Cocks!!!!

As there were no garnet ugly ducklings in my stash, I went with a too-big tank.

I snipped off one of the straps.


Then I turned the raw edge from the missing strap under twice, and hemmed it with the line of the seam.  Then I poked my head through the existing strap, making it a halter top!  I tossed on my faux garnet earrings and red flats to show my support for the old Alma Mater!  :)

Check out my massive handbag!

I love how the top drapes and the asymmetrical neckline!  I also like how the bottom hem shows just a teensy bit of skin.  ;)

digging the drape!

I also loooove the sexy back!

Ooh la la!

I met up with some pals at The Thirsty Fellow to watch the big game after work.  :)

Go Cocks!

Gleefully watching our guys being awesome!

Our smiles become strained in the 13th inning...

The Gamecocks fought a hard 13 innings to pull off a 3-2 victory!  Huzzah!  My fingers are firmly crossed that they’ll be able to win the World Series yet again!

Go Cocks!  :)

Go Cocks!!!!

This was an exciting day.  For today I was taking off work early to do something I had never done, even in my 6 year stint at USC.  No…I wasn’t going to dance naked at a frat party while singing Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” (I said something I had never done, remember?)  Oh no.  I had never, ever, in my life, tailgated for any football game.  Ever.  It was time. 



But first, I had to figure out what to wear.  I decided on this icky number for its Garnet hue.  Gotta show some school spirit to cheer on those Cocks.  Yep.  Cocks.  Our mascot is a Cock.  A fighting gamecock, to be precise. 

It's COCKY, USC's beloved mascot!


The color was right, but everything else about this huge dress was wrong.  Time to get to work!  This dress consists of 2 pieces.  The sheer part you see and a solid maroon slip.  First off, I hacked of the bottom of the sheer part. 

basement kitteh agrees. The length must go!


Next, I shortened the sleeves. 

Gone and Gone!


Then I hemmed the bottom and the sleeves to get rid of those raw edges. 

Pinned and Hemming!


Next, I needed to shorten the slip.  I decided to let it show from under the skirt to break up the whole polka-dot thing a bit. 



The straps on the slip were looooong as can be and needed to be shortened.  I snipped the straps shorter, and into the machine they went! 


I hemmed the raw edge around the bottom, and was done! 

I know what you’re thinking…”Isn’t she gonna take that in?  It’s huge on her!”  Nope.  All I had to do was use the ties built in on the sides, wrapping it around me a couple of times and making them look more like a sash.  I was ready to tailgate! 

Showing that school spirit!


I even used the leftovers from the slip to make a matching band for my fedora! 

On my way to the tailgate site!

Soooo…how was it?  AWESOME!!!! I don’t know WHY I had such a stick up my ass about tailgating/tailgaters in general!  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I was in excellent company with the coolest refs in Columbia Roller Derby… 

Slaughterhouse Jive!


Ref Around the Edges!


MattStick! :)


He doesn't have a ref name yet! :(


Thrill Kill Jill (retired)!!!!! :)


I am now a tailgating convert! 



Hooray Beer!




Slaughterhouse and Thrill Kill!!!!


Ice Ice Baby.


Oh yeah…and the Gamecocks won against whoever it was they were playing.  :)