The Perfect Little Black Dress

This is an epic day, my friends!  I’ve done it!  I have created the perfect refashion!  What follows is my by far my personal favorite refashion to date!  :)

It started off pretty ominously with this wool/acrylic blend turtleneck dress that wasn’t doing me any favors.  :/

Pretty terrible, eh?

Pretty terrible, eh?

I wasn’t even sure what I could do to save this one…so, I started cutting!

When in doubt, just start chopping things!

When in doubt, just start chopping things!

I closed up that raw edge at the top of the dress…



…then I threw this barren husk of a dress on my dress form inside-out and started taking it in!

It's not very exciting yet, is it?

It’s not very exciting yet, is it?

I ran each side through my machine, and was left with an okay-looking tube dress.

But that just wasn’t good enough!

I cut off the sleeves from the original dress…

Chop!  And Chop!

Chop! And Chop!

And pinned them to the top of my new dress.

Le Front!

Le Front!

Le Back!

Le Back!

This is about the time I started getting really excited!!!

I stitched my new sleeves down…

Two rows of stitchery!

Two rows of stitchery!

…and now I have a perfect little black dress!  :)

Here’s how I wore it at work:

Office Chic!

Office Chic!

…and here’s how I wore it at play!  :)



If you look in the mirror behind me, you can see the back!

If you look in the mirror behind me, you can see the back!

So, why am I so ecstatic about this really basic dress?

  • It’s super-comfy!
  • It’s extremely versatile!  I can dress it up or down and wear it to just about anything!
  • It’s black!
  • It’s a really simple & straightforward refash…even for you newbies out there!
  • This type of refashion would be flattering on all sorts of body types!

I kept rocking my frock into the wee hours of the morning!

I even stole a hat!

I even stole a hat!

My favorite beverage of the moment!

My favorite beverage of the moment!

This was a special evening, in which I attended a midnight showing of the most brilliant movie ever in the entire universe, known as The Room!

Oh hai Tommy!

Oh hai Tommy!

Oh hai movie theater!

Oh hai movie theater!

So now I have created the perfect little black dress, and I’ve shown you how to do the same.  I think I can quit this blog now and die happy!  :)



PicMonkey Collage 2

Day 216: That Little Black Dress

When I found this dress in a big bag o’ refashionables from Revente’s Last Call, it was anything but little, but it certainly was black.

The big black dress fad just never really took off...:/

This just won’t do!  I decided to turn this thing into a cute little black dress for an evening of Karaoke!  :)

As some of you know, I’m a bit of a bad movie buff.  Some of you might have seen the complete and utter flop that was Shock Treatment, a sort of follow-up to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  If you haven’t seen it, don’t worry.  You really aren’t missing out on much.  :) But…there is this one little song that kept running through my head as I worked on this dress.  Click right here if you want to hear the catchiest (and strangest)  little song about the LBD ever.  :)

First, I went rip rip rip with my seam ripper…

Rip Rip Ripping off those sleeves!

Then I pinned and stitched those raw edges under.

I can't wait to slip slip slip into my little black dress! :)

…and this is where the photos end on this one.  Don’t worry.   All will be explained soon enough (Mwahahahaha!).  ;)

I put the newly unarmed dress on my dress form and pinned it down the sides to get it nice and fitted!   I measured each side as I went along to make sure that they were Even Steven.  :)  Then I ran each side through my machine and cut off the excess material.

The last thing I did was snip snip snip (have you listened to the song yet?) some of that length away, and gave it a brand new hem.   :)

Now my Little Black Dress is minimal (even if it isn’t criminal or siniful) and fabu!  :)  I pinned on my favorite brooch, tossed on a pair of heels, and headed out the door!

Let's face it Mac...That basic black is coming back! :)

Hooray for Karaoke!

Cheers!  :)

Day 72: From Little Black Mess to Little Black Dress

Yay!  A new old lady dress!  As you know by now, every time I see one of these, I get giddy!  :)

A Little Black Mess

So…this isn’t very attractive for a fun Friday night.  :)  Let’s get to work, shall we?

First I chopped off the top of the dress.


Then I folded the raw edge over and pinned it.

Pin it!

I ran the pinned edge through my machine.  Now I have a casing for some elastic to make the top nice and snug.  :)'s fantastic!

Now I have a super-cute little black dress…perfect for an evening hanging out with friends!

First, we swung by The Cigar Box

Which one shall I choose?

Then we spent some quality porch time.  :)

Cigars, Wine, and Friends...Ingredients for a perfect evening! :)


Cigars & Cigar Box Malbec!


Cute as a Button

Jazz Hands!  Today’s dress reminded me of my high school chorus’ (which I never joined…partially due to the ugly uniform) dresses, hence my show choir pose.

A suitable dress that doesn't suit me

At least I look happier than this chick…


As the only singing  I was gearing up for was taking place on the Karaoke stage, not a high school cafeterium, Changes had to be made.

First off, I easily removed the velcroed-in shoulder pads…


and stuck them on random objects in my house.

The lamp is now protected!

What you can’t really make out in the “before” shot, is that this is a sweater dress!  Perfect for keeping me warm on a chilly, rainy night!  Still…I needed to get rid of that length and take it in a bit…which is exactly what I did!

Basement Kitteh looks on skeptically

Taking it in 1" on each side

Pinning my new hem!

Sewing that spankin' new hem!

So…now that I had taken my new dress in and up, it was looking mucho bettero.  However…it was still fairly plain and boring.  I decided to dig through my massive box ‘o buttons and pulled out these guys.


Then, I hand-stitched them in a cluster near the bottom of the dress.

Cool Vintage Buttons!

I threw on some warm brown boots and brown accessories and was all set for a night of Trivi-YEAH at The Whig followed by Karaoke at Art Bar!

Cute as a button!

Oh…and check out my awesome new fave sweater!  It’s an uber-warm army sweater I snagged for a buck!  Complete with elbow patches and epaulets!  It’s a bit boxy, but I think I’ll leave it as-is.  :)

Do I love this sweater?!?! Sir! Yes Sir! :)

I braved the cold and rain to meet my teammates (yay Team What About Bob!) for a night of brain teasing and karaoke pleasing!

The Team:


Alex: Knows about Greek stuff


Bob: Knows all the answers to the Grateful Dead questions

Marty: Music Guru

Jillian: Has a surprising grasp of