Day 350: Charity Shop Chic Top

Sometimes I draw a lot of inspiration blatantly steal ideas from other refashionistas out there.  Today’s refash is inspired by Sally over at Charity Shop Chic.  :)

Sally’s blog recently featured a Carrie Bradshaw Month, where she created clever knockoffs of stylish pieces worn by Sarah Jessica Parker on Sex and the City.

She was inspired by this top right here…

Tres Chic, no?

…so she created her own version (you can check out Sally’s tutorial here) out of a thrifted tee!  :)

Sweet! :)

I decided I simply must have a go at making my own version!  I managed to thrift a navy and white stripey tee for $1.

Not very exciting, eh?

Alright.  I knew I wanted my tee to be fitted like SJP’s, and I knew I didn’t want to lose any of the bottom length (I like my tees a bit longer than normal).  This meant I’d be deviating from Sally’s tutorial (where she got the fabric for the flower from the bottom) and winging it!  :)

I took my tee in 3″ on each side.


Then, I cut off the excess material…


Okay…now here’s where I go out on my own.  I pinned the doubled up serged seam from one of the chopped off sides into a pleated spiral.  This will make my flower nice and full.  Then, I put it under the needle!

Stitching it down!

I didn’t make my flower as big as SJP’s or Sally’s.  If you want a larger flower, just stitch the two discarded sides together and make a bigger spiral.

I opted for a pretty shoulder flower instead.  :)

Quite fetching, I think! :)

Next time I do this project, I’ll try not to chicken out and go full-flower!  :D

This will do nicely til then! :)


Day 343: Fab Foodie Dress

I’ve had today’s piece for quite a while.  I really wasn’t quite sure what I’d be able to do with it!  :/

See what I mean? You’d be intimidated too!

By the way, don’t let that fence behind me fool ya.  My neighbors can totally see me when I do my before pics outside.  They probably think I’m insane!  :)

Anywho…back to this insane muumuu!  I chose it for its cute foodie print.  :)

Yum! :)

Sadly, this thing is just flippin’ huge on me!  I decided to take it in from the back…a LOT!  On my dress form it went!


Then, I sewed a single seam down my pinned line.


This left me loads of extra fabric to snip off!


Okay…so now my new dress is looking much better and size-appropriate!  But, I still needed to hike up the length a good bit more.

Chop & Hem! :)

Check that wonky muumuu out now!  :)

Such a fun little frock! :)

Now I just need to wear it to the grocery store! :)

This comfy cotton dress is just the thing for a hot SC day!  :)

Fun with camera filters! :)


Day 339: Miss Fix It Dress

A less observant refashionista might not have noticed anything amiss with today’s dress.

So what’s the big deal?

But look a little closer!

See it?

Some of the black stripes have bled onto the white stripes, making the whole thing look pretty shabby from close up.  Also, the length was just a tad too long for my tastes.

I got started by chopping off some of the bottom fabric.

Then, I started a dye bath with these guys:


Some of you are probably wondering what’s up with my color choice.  First off, the fabric of this dress is a cotton/polyester blend.  This means that it isn’t going to take on a very saturated hue.  I wanted to dye it a soft grey, but I hate flat grey.  Adding a bit of Kelly Green dye to the mix will give it a more complex and interesting color.

To make things even more interesting, I grabbed a few hair ties…

…because I don’t have any plain old rubber bands.

…and bunched up different parts of the skirt of my dress like so:

All tied up!

I dropped it into the bath for about 30 minutes, gave it a good rinse & dry, then put it on my dress form.

I grabbed the undyed bottom section, and pinned it to my new dress.

I started to stitch it down, and kept coming up with the same problem:  The upper thread kept breaking off!  :(

I re-threaded my machine, and switched out the needle.  No dice.  What to do?!?!

Thankfully, I have some very knowledgeable readers out there!  When I started having problems with my machine coming unthreaded, a few of you told me I needed to clean my machine.

Methinks they were right!

Eeeeeewwww!!!! How did all that crap get in there?!?!?!!

Finally finished!

I ran out the door to meet a friend for some celebratory sushi!


…and a bit of celebratory sake!

This calls for a toast with Mr. Mystery Hand! :)


Day 336: Into the Garden Top

Holy Housedress, Batman!  :/


You’re looking at a rather massive muumuu I scored for $1.  It’s label read “Smart Time” (?).  The smartest thing I could think of to do with frumptastic piece (with a fun summer print…I must admit) was to turn it into a fun top.  :)

First, I took it in 4″.  My sewing machine has been a bit wonky lately.  I keep having to adjust the upper and lower thread tension every time I use it.  Anybody know what that’s about?


Then, I lopped off that bottom tier!  :)


And that’s it!  Now I have a fun summer top that pairs well with my GINORMOUS red shades!  :)

I look like a fly in my big shades, but I love them all the same! :)


Day 335: Turtleneck Skirt

I hate turtlenecks and they hate me.

I have no neck, you see.

I love tacky prints, and this one definitely fits the bill, but it just isn’t working for me as a top…and certainly not as a turtleneck top!  :/

Of course, I have a plan!

First, I pinned straight along the side seams, all the way down through the sleeves.

Closing up those sleeves!

Then, I stitched those side seams down!


I cut off the extra side fabric, and trimmed straight across that atrosh neckline.

Making the Cut(s)! :)

Now I have a sexy new miniskirt!  :)

This pose is from the “I’m trying to look sexy, but instead look like I have to pee” collection.

And here’s how the top works:

Just roll it down to make it whatever length you want! :)

Cheers!  :)