Sorry, Safari!

Wow!  Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for all your support for Revente’s Last Call! Neiman Marcus can’t ignore all the bad publicity they’ve brought upon themselves through their corporate thuggery.   I’ll be sure to keep you posted as soon as I know anything new with this situation.  Fingers crossed!  :)

Now…back to the refashions!

Why did fashion retailers in the early 90’s all seem to think that the best thing to do with a boring awkward-length dress was to stick a safari scene on the bottom of it?

Oh yeah…gimme some of that shapeless boredom!

Let’s get a closer look at nature’s exotic splendor, shall we?

Majestic, isn’t it?

Unfortunately in this particular scene, the sky has turned black and Armageddon is upon these innocent creatures in the form of diamond-shaped red-hot fireballs.  :/

There’s just no way I could make this bottom section work, so off it went!


I decided to make this dress a little more fun by giving it an asymmetrical hemline.

In getting rid of all that wilderness, this piece ended up reallllly (as in dangerously) short!  And I still have to add a hem so it wouldn’t fray!  :/

I grabbed my bottle of Fray Block and applied it to the bottom edge.

Just a dab’ll do ya! :)

Then I folded it over once…juuuuust enough to have hem and sewed it down with a zigzag stitch, since my hem was on the bias (meaning:  It needs to be able to stretch a little).


I wrapped those side sashes around me twice, and now I have a cute dress in Gamecock colors!  :)

Gotta love that Garnet & Black! :)

My new dress was perfect for an afternoon “Stock the Bar” Shower for these awesome people:

Erin, the future bride!

Ken, the future groom!

Everyone had a blast celebrating this awesome couple!  :)

Such a great way to spend an afternoon!

My Gent even stopped by with his son, who I’m giving the alias of Dram (I’ve always thought this was the perfect tacky Soap Opera name).

Arms crossed? Check! Hair in eyes? Check!

Yup.  I’m totally dating a guy with a kid.  For the first time ever.  I’m pretty terrible at the whole thing, as I haven’t a clue how to talk to a teenager (Heck…I didn’t know how to talk to other kids when I was a kid!).  Fortunately, Dram is a great kid who tolerates my awkwardness (“Uh…er…how’s being all young and stuff going for ya?” Seriously…awkward.)

Gotta love David’s “Blue Steel” face! :D

I’ll leave you with this beautiful pic of Erin & Ken’s loot!  :)

Party at Erin & Ken’s!!!! :D



Call to Action! Help Revente’s Last Call Keep its Name!

I need your help.

Hello Friends,

Revente’s Last Call is in trouble, and needs your help.  In 2+ years I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve never asked for any favors.  But this is serious.

When I started my 365 day project of refashioning a used and/or abused item of clothing every day, I needed to pick an awesome organization to partner with.  I immediately thought of Revente’s Last Call, a small Charity resale shop that opened in Columbia SC in 2010.  ALL of their net profits go straight to the Columbia Women’s Shelter.  To date, they’ve donated over $40,000 to women and children in need.  As most of you know, I donated every piece of clothing I made last year to this shop.  Without RLC, my project would have been pretty meaningless.

Debbie and Patti…helping The Women’s Shelter do its good work!

Sounds great doesn’t it?  So what’s the problem?

Boo! Hiss!

Neiman Marcus sent RLC a letter ordering them to stop using the words “Last Call” in their store name, which they are arguing their outlet store owns the trademark for.


Don’t even THINK of calling “Last Call!”, Fella!

Now, as much as I LOVE the idea of my fave bars no longer being able to kick my tipsy self out onto the street at the end of the night (Imagine a drunken me yelling, “Hey!  You can’t call Last Call!” That’s trademark infringement!!!!! *BURP*”), I can’t just sit on my hands and let this corporate bullying stand.

Neiman Marcus is a (ridiculously) high end retailer.  Revente’s Last Call is a charity resale shop.  Just image a gigantic NM store next to the tiny local thrift store with a hand-painted sign.  And Neiman Marcus has the audacity to accuse RLC of “unfair competition”????

It makes my blood boil, folks.

What’s in a Name?

The only resolution that NM is offering is for Revente’s Last Call to change their name…and fast.  Rebranding is expensive, folks.  RLC will have to completely separate itself from the name that they’ve built a stellar reputation with.  By agreeing to Neiman Marcus’ demand, do they validate their false claims of willful deception?

Also, keep in mind that Revente’s Last Call gives all of their net profits to a charity that helps women who are struggling with problems that are much bigger than a need for high-end retail therapy.

I feel for ya honey. I really do. *SARCASM*

This doesn’t exactly leave them poised to pay legal expenses to go up against a retail giant like NM.

What can you do?

1.  You can go to the Last Call By Neiman Marcus Facebook page and let them know what you think.

2.  You can send an email to the Media and Public Relations folks at Neiman Marcus. , , and  While you’re at it, why not contact Corporate Communications as well?

3.  You can friend Revente’s Last Call on Facebook to show your support.

3.  You can also join the Help Revente’s Last Call Keep Its Name group.

Let’s let Neiman Marcus know that we value our small charity thrift stores, and we won’t let them be bullied!

Thank you.

A Few Cool Things!

Ahhhhhhh!  How goes it, friends?  I’m taking a week off from work/refashioning/doing anything responsible whatsoever, but felt the need to let you guys know about a few Reallllllly cool things that are coming up!  :)

First off, remember when I went to New York back in February?  Did any of you wonder why I did that (or why I was wearing false eyelashes in my after pics)?  Well…I was filmed on an epidsode of The Rachael Ray Show, which is being aired Thursday, July 5!!!!!  Check your local listings, folks!  You can see a snippet of my segment right here!  :)

We’re totally BFFs now! So why doesn’t she take my calls…and why the restraining order, Rach? I mean geez…you steal ONE risotto pan…:)

That’s not all!  Revente’s Last Call is hosting a fun ReFashionista Day on July 5th!  If you live in the Columbia, SC area, you should come by and check out the show, as well as some sweet second-hand deals!  I promise to make an appearance (especially if they have wine). :)

In other cool news, I’m also a theatre reviewer for Jasper now!  I’m pretty darn stoked about it!   They say everyone’s a critic, and now I am that thing!  :)

Ok.  Back to my week of boozing and sleeping.   It’s a tough gig, but someone’s gotta do it!  ;)