Day 324: Play in the Park Dress

Check out this lovely 2-piecer!

Has the word “lovely” been redefined recently?

Talk about a BOGO!  :)  I’m a huge fan of this fun tropical print and the lightweight fabric of this thing.  I’m not such a fan of the frumpy cut of the dress or the not-so-hot layering action!

Time to get this dress ready for a warm & beautiful day!

First, I cut the dress off near the top, right where it starts to get narrow.

Making the cut!

Then, I hemmed the resulting raw edge!


Next, I cut two strips from the back of the jacket.

Strip #1 and Strip #2!

I stitched them both into tubes…


…and turned them right-side out!

Just like this!

I pressed my tubes, and pinned them onto my dress to make straps!

From Strips to Straps!

View from the back!

I stitched my new straps down, getting really excited about how this dress was turning out!  :)

Stitch that Strap!

I hopped into my fab new frock and out the door to catch a performance of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged)!  Thankfully, there was no rain, and the show went on!  :)

At Finlay Park! :)

Lovin’ that drapey back! :)

As you can see, I grabbed a leftover scrap to wrap around my head for a driving scarf (I drive a convertible).  :)

It started to get a bit chilly, so I donned a cozy cardi in a complimentary color (such a sucker for alliteration!), as I began taking notes for my review of the show!

Pen & Paper at the ready! :)

Theatre-Lovin’ Pals! :)


Day 304: A Pregnant Pause Dress

How does one write a suitable preface for something like this?


I couldn’t just stop at one before pic, either!  :)

Just sayin'.

At first, I didn’t understand why the shape of these atrocious overalls was so odd.  Suddenly, all became clear!

Ma, as in Maternity. As in Oh Ma God, no! ;)

Yep.  You’re looking at a pair of maternity overalls!  As I clearly have no need for these as-is, it was time to get to work!  :)

I knew I wanted to turn this into a dress, so I unpicked the crotch  area…


…and then cut off the legs!

Chop! And Chop!

Then, I put the whole thing on my dress form and started pinning!

Pinning where I unpicked the crotch!

Decreasing that preggo belly section!

Shortening that back section!

Taking in those sides!

Then, I ran all of the pinned sections under the needle!

Whirrrrrrrr! :)

Then, I gave my new dress a new hem!

Almost done!

I pressed my new seams & hem…and now I have a comfy and totally non-preggo frock!

Much better, eh? :)



Day 285: Nostalgia Top

When I saw today’s piece at the thrift store, I immediately became nostalgic.  This is a pajama top that is almost identical (just a different color) to a set of pajamas I had in high school that used to be my grandmother’s in the 70’s.  I loved them to death, but accidentally got bleach all over them, and that was that.  :/

Or was it?  :)

Well hello there, old friend! :)

I scoured the thrift store, looking for the bottoms to this top, but they were nowhere to be found.  :(  Had I actually found them, I would have happily kept them as my new fave pair of jammies!  Sadly, this was not meant to be.  Happily, this means a refashion is in store!  :)

I put the PJ top on my dress form, and pinned the sides…

Hot. Pinning. Action!

I stitched up the sides on my machine, like ya do.

This is how we do it.

I cut off the extra fabric, but still wasn’t quite pleased with my new top…yet!

Chop! And Chop!

Now my new top is ready for a gloriously sunny day!

Too bad I made it at night. :/

Oh the joys of lounging in a comfy silky top!  See?  You can wear your jammies in public!  ;)

Digging that Art Deco applique big time!


Day 245: Mandarin Blue Dress

Today’s dress wasn’t very cute when I first put it on.  :/

Great Print, but the rest is pretty dowdy!

Not to worry!  I know just what to do to make this dress adorable in no time flat!

First, I removed some of the length!


Some of you guys have asked how I manage to keep the hem even when I shorten my dresses.  I just fold the cut off bit as I go, and everything is Even Steven!  :)

Next, I lopped off those ugly stretched-out sleeves!


Now my dress is cute as can be and ready to head out the door for work!

Love Love Love it!

Love Love Love it!

Feeling quite girly! :)


Day 234: Brunchtime Dress

When the jumpsuit meets culottes, nothing good can come of it!

This ain't pretty, folks!

This piece is all sorts of lameness.  :/  I got to work on de-lameifying it!

I unpicked the crotch of this silly thing with my seam ripper.

Pick! Pick! Pick!

Then, I chopped of the legs!

Chop and Chop!

Then I closed up the front and back seams where I unpicked the crotch earlier.  :)


Stitch it up!

I cut off the extra material from the front and back seams, then I got to work on hemming my new dress!

Yay! A new hem!

I turned the dress around so the zipper closure was at the front.  It could be worn either way.  :)

Ready to head off to brunch!

It's like a salad in a cup! ;)


Cheers!  :)