Day 359: Scrap-Busting Dress

For today’s piece, we need to go back to Day 117 of this lil’ blog.  :)

First it was this.

Then it was this…

…but what about all this?

For those of you who were wondering what was going happen to the bottom part of this dress…wonder no more!  :)

I needed something that would work as a cute coverup to wear erranding before I ventured over to a friend’s place for an afternoon swim!

I laid my leftover dress scrap upside down, and placed one of my best-fitting dresses over it, right in the center.  This is going to be my template!

Just like this!

I pinned along the outside of the template dress…

You can outline this in chalk if you like.

I left everything from the armholes up open, placing two pins right at where the shoulders of the template dress start.

I sewed two seams, one on each side of what was about to be my new dress!

Emo sewing: All life is a meaningless abyss, dude.

Then, I sewed my shoulders down!


Now my sweet new coverup is ready to head off for an afternoon at the pool!  :)

Love the sides!

Refashioning gives you wings! Literally! :)

Not bad for just a few little seams, eh? :)

Digging that neckline! :)

I must say,  I’m quite happy to know someone with access to a private pool!  It makes the SC summer heat somewhat bearable!  :)

Keeping cool in da pool! :)

Good company & good beer make for a great summer day!  :)

Mmmm! Tasty Wheat Ale! :)


Day 358: Anita Dress

Today’s dress comes all the way from Saudi Arabia!  Anita bought it from a second-hand bazaar with the intention of refashioning it for herself, and then decided that those ruffles just weren’t for her.

Ruffles Galore! :)

I was actually pretty stoked about this one, folks!  I love the ruffles and that bright red hue! :)

This dress still needed a bit of work though.  First, I trimmed off those sleeves.


Then, I pinned each side to get it more fitted.

Shaping up!

I ran each side through my machine.


I used one of the leftover scraps from the sides as a sash to break up the lines of the ruffles a bit.

And I must say…I love it!  :)

Lady in Red!

I heart these ruffles! :)

Cheers!  And Much Thanks to Anita for sending me this fabu frock!  :)

Day 354: Lunch Outing Dress

I love funky-printed, but frumpy skirts!  When I found this one at one of my fave $1 thrift stores, I was hooked!  :)

Trust me…I love it. Really.

The only problem with me and skirts, is that since I’ve learned how to sew, I’m done with wearing separates (for the most part)!  For years I could never find dresses that fit me (no boobs, all butt).  But now, rather than being a victim of whatever the proportions for an “average” size 2 (or 4 during the holiday season) are, I get to decide how my dresses should properly fit!  It’s quite empowering!  :)

To ‘dress’ up this skirt, I first cut two 6″ slits right under the elastic waistband, like so:


This left a couple of fray-happy raw edges, so I pinned those bad boys down!

Raw-No-More! :)

After running each side under the needle, I was almost done!  The body of my new dress was still pretty shapeless.  While this would work fine for a swimsuit coverup or if I was preggo (never gonna happen, folks!), it wouldn’t work so well for a day at work!  I grabbed a fave antique brooch, and gathered some of the fabric off to the side like so:


Check it out now!  :)

Voila! :)

I rocked my new frock downtown in Five Points.  :)

Lunch Outing Time! :)


Day 351: Egyptian Papryus Dress

Thrift Stores always seem to be teeming with loads and loads of awkward-lengthed skirts!  Well lookie here…here’s one of them right now!

Do you see the potential in this?

Okay.  So the cut of this skirt is ridonkulously boring and the length is lousy, but check out that print!  It’s delightful and perfect for a warm (but not too warm) South Carolina evening.  :)

Don’t look at it as what it is.  Look at it as what it could be (Good advice for refashioning/terrible advice for romantic relationships)!  :)

I put my skirt on my dress form, using the button closure as a sleeve-y strappy thing to go over one arm.  Then, I pinned where this left that side open to make it fitted.  :)

Taking it in!

I ran this through my machine to make a single seam.


Then, I lopped of the extra fabric, and tossed on my new dress to go out & about for the evening!  :)

Just Chillin’ poolside…like ya do. :)

Just Chillin’ at Hunter-Gatherer…sippin’ a Pale Ale…like ya also do!

Just Chillin’ with some Egyptian Papryus…like I honestly never do! :)


Day 345: Denim Aversion Dress

I’m a firm believer that denim should only exist in 3 states: jeans, jackets, and the occasional miniskirt!  Anything else is just too redneck-y and sad for my tastes!  :P

But then I stumbled across this:

So why in the world would I choose this terrible thing?

Sometimes I actually pity a piece of clothing.  This is one of them!  I’m going against my denim aversion to try and make this dress cute…or at least wearable!

Could it be done?!?!  I had to try!

First, I set about removing those sleeves.  I grabbed my seam ripper, put on an episode of Downton Abbey, and picked away!  :)

Picky Picky!

Double Amputee! :)

Next, I pinned those raw edges from the armholes under.

No raw edges here!

I sewed down my new armholes…

Going sleeveless! :)

…then plopped this frock on my dress form and got to pinning/fitting!

Ooooh! It’s shaping up, folks! :)

As I pinned, I noticed something peculiar.  This dress is living a huge LIE!!!!

Fake Front Placket!!!! WTH????

Since the button-up front was a false front, I couldn’t make it quite as fitted as I would like, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get in/out of the thing!  :/

I put my new dress under the needle to take in each side.


Okay, so now everything is nice & fitted, but that length needed some serious hikeage!

A nice, big chop!

A nice, new hem! :)

I pressed the whole thing, tossed it on, and hurried off to The Thirsty Fellow to meet some pals for baseball and beer!  :)

Not my usual, but a VAST improvement! :)

I love these guys! :)

Go Gamecocks!!! :)

Such cuties! :)

Oh…and I have a challenge for you, dear reader:


Cheers!  :)