Skirt is Shirt

Recently, I invested in a new dress form!  I can’t believe I’ve gone so long without one.  It’s like having a clone I can use to try on things, experiment with drape, and pin!  I haven’t decided on a name for her yet.  :)

I decided to use her to refashion this skirt.

It's a skirt!

Now, this is a perfectly nice skirt.  Sadly, it’s too small for me (a size 0…crazy!), plus it has a couple of small stains on the waistband that I couldn’t get out in the wash.  Happily, it was a freebie!

I decided to turn this skirt into a top.  First, I cut out the lining.

Cut. It. Out.

Then, I put it on my dress form upside-down and pinned it where I wanted the neckline and arm holes to be.


Then, I ran it through my machine to make my sleeve-ish things.  :)


Now I have a fun, blousy top made of oh-so-very-soft silk.  You can’t even see the small stains due to the way my top drapes.  :)


My new top pairs well with Vinho Verde!

Check out my wingspan!

I headed out with my fella to celebrate a very special guy’s birthday.  :)

Happy Birthday, J.J./Boombox Guy!!!! :)

J & J!

Ah, Love!

It's Sam!

It's Alex!


Child’s Play

When I found this little guy at the dollar-a-pound Goodwill, I was stoked!      

So purdy!


As you can see, it’s a lovely little girl’s dress that I figured I could just wear as a top…no refashioning necessary.  Yeah…no…as this is a garment intended for a small child, (not a grown woman pushing 30), that didn’t quite work out.      



I managed to get one arm in, and that was it.  No worries, as I am a refashionista.   I can make this happen!  I decided to make this into a flowy tank top for the evening.      

Before I did any cutting, I safety-pinned the lining to the silky front in several places to make the rest of the refashioning process easier.      

Keeping that lining in its place!


Now that the lining was secure, I made one big cut.      

Basement kitteh lends her support.


 So far so good!  Next, I took the raw edge, tucked it under, tucked it under again, (to keep it from fraying)pinned it, and sewed it down.      

Gimmie some thread!


 Now I needed some strappies to keep my tank top up.  I briefly considered making straps from the leftover fabric, but went the lazy route instead.  I always keep any finished scraps (ie, ties, sashes, etc) from dresses that I amputate in refashions, as they make excellent straps.  I took this guy…      


…and turned him into these guys…      



 Then I sewed them to my new top.      



 And Viola!  I had an adorable top to wear for a fun evening of Trivi-YEAH and Karaoke!      

Getting my nature on.


Our Trivi-YEAH team was stacked with the greatest minds Columbia had to offer.      

The General Knowledge Guru


The History Guy


The Music Guy


That girl who makes terrible guesses.


 Sadly, Team “What About Bob?” (sans Bob) lost soundly.  :(       

I consoled myself with some loverly Mr B’s Goodtime Karaoke Explosion at Art Bar.      

Karaoke Kru.


Me and Sis!


 Fun Times!  :)