Happy St. Pat’s!

When I purchased this verrrrrry short frock, my good pal Erin raised an eyebrow and said, “I think that’s meant for a small child”. I could help but think it would be just perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

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It IS easy being green!

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Happy St. Pat’s Vol. 2!

I hate ruffly tshirts.  There!  I said it!  So, when I found this top for $1, I had no intention of leaving it as-is!



I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day on Saturday, but technically it fell on a Sunday.  I couldn’t very well not celebrate on the correct day as well, now could I?  I liked the color of this top, but those ruffles had to go!



I used the fabric from the ruffles to make the halter straps for my previous refashion.  :)

I took my new top in about 1″ on each side…



…but thought it could still use a little something.  I reached for a shoulder pad from the day before.

Hmmmnnn...what can I do with you?

Hmmmnnn…what can I do with you?

I cut it open and ripped out the foam.



I stitched down the raw edge at the top, pinned it to my new tank, and stitched it down.

Do you see where I'm going here?

Do you see where I’m going here?

It's a POCKET!!! :D

It’s a POCKET!!! :D

And just like that, my new top was ready for a day of excessive merriment in Charleston, SC!

Just Chillin' at the Battery!

Just Chillin’ at the Battery!

Hi Dan!

Hi Dan!


That’s a clear Bloody Mary, Folks!



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Accessories are very important!




Mmmmmm! Duck Pot Pie! :)

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Happy St. Pat’s!

Technically, this is supposed to be Q&A Monday.  So…I could either answer a question, or show you a fun refashion from my fabulous St. Patrick’s Day weekend.  Which one do you think I’ll choose?

That's right!  :)

That’s right! :)

When I scored this dress for a mere dollar, I knew it was exactly what I needed to celebrate one of my favorite holidays, St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Now, clearly this dress has a few issues, but methinks I can get them taken care of in time to get my drink on!  :)

I didn’t like anything about the top of this dress.  As temps were in the 70’s, I decided some choppage was in order!



Some of you are really going to hate what I did next…which was remove the peplum (I know some of you love ’em).



There are a couple of reasons for this.  First, I hate peplums.  Yes, I’ve done several refashions where I’ve left a peplum in tact, but that was really more for your benefit than mine (I’m selfless like that).  Also, I knew I’d be taking this dress in from the sides, and that peplum would just get in the way.  So…off it went!

I snipped really carefully, but you could still see where the peplum had been cut.

Messy!  :(

Messy! :(

No biggie!  I turned the dress inside-out and restitched the seam between the skirt and the top (sort of like a french seam).

This'll hide the mess!  :)

This’ll hide the mess! :)

I hemmed the raw edge on the top of the dress…



…then I got to work on taking in the sides!

Getting it nice & fitted!

Getting it nice & fitted!

...almost done!!!!

…almost done!!!!

I must apologize for failing to photograph what I did next.  :(  I added two green halter straps to the front of the dress from a tshirt I was also working on refashioning.  You can only barely see them in the after pics, as my hair is covering them up.  Just know they’re there and they look just fine (promise!).  :)

Check out that dress now!

Mmmmm!  Sassy!

Mmmmm! Sassy!

My new frock was perfect for a St. Pat’s party with pals!  :)

Green with envy?

Green with envy?

...just a normal face for Jacques!

…just a normal face for Jacques

Hi over there!

Hi over there!

Heeeere's Jonny!  :)

Heeeere’s Jonny! :)

I'm short.  :(

I’m short. :(


You guys asked for it, and now I'm going to start putting this at the end of each post (See?  I'm listening!)!  :)

You guys asked for it, and now I’m going to start putting this at the end of each post (See? I’m listening!)! :)