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20 Tie-Dye Techniques to Try this Summer

Mad About Madras: A Preppy '80s Dress Refashion
Art Deco-ish Dress to Strapless Top Refashion

By now, you guys know I’m a big fan of dye refashions. I’ve done a few Tie Dye Refashions too! Tie-dye techniques are all over Pinterest lately.

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I’ve been doing a lot of research on tie-dye techniques and projects I want to try, and I thought I’d share some with you!

Some of you may remember my faux tie-dye refashion using powdered dye.

faux tie dye refashion

More recently, I did an ombre dip dye refashion that turned out really well too (after a bit of trial and error)!

ombre dip dye tie dye refashion

And THIS stovetop crumple dye refashion is one of my absolute favorites!

crumple tie dye refashion

I even upcycled a scrub top using a folded tie dye technique!

folded tie dye technique

I dug waaaay back in the vault to find this stovetop dip-dye refashion from that year I refashioned something new every. single. day.

stovetop dip dye refashion

There are seemingly endless ways to tie-dye your way to a fun, unique, and distinctly summery look. And it’s not just for clothing! Linens, shoes, and curtains are perfect candidates for a boho upgrade!

I know I’m looking forward to bringing a little more tie-dye into my life this summer, and I hope you are too!

I hope you enjoy exploring these tie-dye tutorials I found to share with you!

Tie-Dye Techniques & Tutorials I can’t wait to try:

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Mad About Madras: A Preppy '80s Dress Refashion
Art Deco-ish Dress to Strapless Top Refashion

10 thoughts on “20 Tie-Dye Techniques to Try this Summer”

  1. My daughter and I did the sharpie on shoes tie dye. Mine ended up looking like a galaxy, so I added dots of silver and white fabric pen and they look awesome! It was a great project to do with a nine-year-old. 🙂

  2. Love it! Just did my first tie-dye project…. a reverse tie-dye using bleach/water/heat (sun). I used a classic spiral pattern on a coral colored hoodie, rubber-banded it, put it in a bucket full of bleach water, and set it in the sun for several hours. I LOVE the results! It is coral, yellow, pink, and all shades in between. It was so easy, I can’t wait to find a new project to try! I have yet to try actual dye…. maybe next time!

  3. I just finished doing a bunch of tie dye with my son, and we were inspired by your projects! 2 more ideas are: using clothespins to make patterns in the tie dye, and using blueberry juice – we got the most beautiful violet by boiling some regular frozen blueberries! Also, drawing or writing on top afterward with fabric markers is fun. Will definitely be trying out the sharpie tie dye soon.

  4. this was the post i was waiting for! but please dye a wedding dress! i am still wanting to take a beautiful one apart….after advice from the FB group, i learned each piece like lace or satin will dye differently…lots of people suggested tea…that might be pretty too
    xo eva

  5. I remember all of those dye pieces! I have done a few of your dye techniques. A friend of mine dyed a shirt for me that had a heart in the middle of it! I want to figure out how to do that and the shoe one.

  6. Great post! I’ve been wanting to do some dying and your comprehensive issue is absolutely at the right time. I am definitely saving this one. I will follow you on Pinterest just as soon as figure out how…


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