so comfy and fresh!
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Cocktails after work? Yes please!

It’s hip to wear squares!

These early entries won’t have any before or during photos.  So sorry.  They were made before I intended to blog about my efforts.  Stay tuned for more detailed bloggage. 

so comfy and fresh!
so comfy and fresh!


This one is a cutie!  Fun for work and after-work cocktails. 🙂 Digging the print big time.Removed shoulder pads. Made into V-neck. altered sleeves. Taken in on both sides and back (lots!). shortened. turned excess fabric into sash for waist. 

Cocktails after work? Yes please! 1
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  • Jeni

    Just finished reading the whole thing too, and something I took away, besides new dyeing techniques, (yay!) is that while, yes, frequently you do make similar changes and make a lot of things into the styles which you like-certain lengths, certain necklines, sleeves or no sleeves, etc. (because after all, you are the one wearing the clothes!) that doesn’t take away from how different and bizarre many of the pieces you start out with are.
    Even if it easy to alter a dress on a dress form and even if it is easy to fix something you would otherwise like if it was a different size, it takes much more imagination to take on pieces that look truly hideous or like a bad joke (to some) in their current form and to turn them into a fun new item for a girl about town such as yourself.
    Also loved your revelation about how this works in art, but is not the best approach in relationships. Potential-seeing. Yep, I can relate to this too.
    And in the meantime, I will be making my first pilgrimage to the nearest goodwill outlet this week…

  • angelfairydust

    Wow jillian your hair was REALLY. Short!! How come you had such short hair?! I’m on Facebook bytheway my name is Lauren Duffy and I’ve commented a few times on things 🙂

  • Chong

    Same here. I finished the whole 2010 to 2013 chronicle in six days 😛 First few days of reading and I started looking at clothes differently. Last night I was putting on my skirt (a bit over-sized, hand-me-down skirt from my sister) as a tube top then dress then halter top and thought… limitless. This is just infectious. I really hope I could follow-through but first I need to learn the basics in sewing 😛 Thank you for the blog Jillian 🙂

  • Carolyn

    Me too! Lol! I’ve just scrolled through every post. It’s taken me about 2 weeks to get through them, but I feel so inspired! I “refashioned” my first project this weekend…sweater into a cardigan! I have a Goodwill trip planned this weekend..can’t wait!

  • Diana

    Okay, so, I just recently discovered your blog, and I’ve been reading it with reckless abandon. Now, I’m to the end/beginning, and I don’t know what to do with myself except hit Goodwill.

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