a comfy sheer top for another scorching SC day!
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It’s hip to wear squares!

I could be an airline hostess in the 60′s…
Cocktails after work? Yes please!

This top was fairly easy. I hacked off the 3/4 length poufy sleeves to make lil cap sleeves. Sewed new lil cap sleeve raw edges under. The neck was super tight, so I cut a 5″ slit down the middle and sewed those raw edges under as well. I didn’t have to take this one in at all! Yay! 

It’s hip to wear squares! 1
a comfy sheer top for another scorching SC day!


Also, on the left shoulder, there’s a velcro strip, which would be how you would get into this thing with the old (horribly constricting) neck. I stitched this closed to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions. 🙂 

I like how this matches:
A. the screen behind me
B. the SC Arts Commission conference room
C. the opening credits for “Saved By The Bell”

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