Blue Monday 1
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Blue Monday

I've Gotta Have Some of Your Attention: From Long Sleeve Shirt to Strapless Top
I could be an airline hostess in the 60′s…

I was definitely feeling some New Order this Monday.  After an amazing weekend of relaxing, carousing, and pool partying, it was hard to come back to the daily grind.  I figured I’d go catch some funny at the Art Bar Players Improv  rehearsal, followed by a rousing game of Cutthroat Uno.  However, my gym clothes just weren’t gonna cut it.  After a long day of work followed by a run, I wanted nothing more than to just slip into some jammies.  Which brings us to Monday night’s piece.    

Blue Monday 2
pajama time!


You’ll be happy to know that this one is easy, and involves NO SEWING WHATSOEVER!    First, I snipped the collar off of the pajama top as you can see above.  Then I buttoned it up on me like so:    

Blue Monday 3
Almost done!


Making sure the raw edges were tucked under, I took the arms and tied them around my back to make my new flowy strapless summer top!    

Blue Monday 4
sitting pretty on the tiki bar


Blue Monday 5
double-knotted and secure

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