I’ve gotta have some of your attention 1
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I’ve gotta have some of your attention

Do they know it’s Christmas (in July)?
Blue Monday

Usually I avoid shopping when hungry.  I thought this precaution only applied to grocery shopping until I bought this guy for a mere fitty cent at Goodwill.    

I’ve gotta have some of your attention 2
Hi. I'm not very interesting.


What food did this immediately make me think of (and instantly crave), you ask?    

I’ve gotta have some of your attention 3


 A big plate of Orzo!    

I’ve gotta have some of your attention 4
looks just like dried orzo


 Sadly, the Columbia Greek Festival is still months away, so this is about as close as I’m gonna get to my beloved orzo for now.    

So, I needed a fun strapless top for a Wednesday night of Trivi-YEAH! at the Whig, followed by Mr. B’s Goodtime Karaoke Explosion.  A top that could withstand the mind-boggling South Carolina heat.   A top that would be fun and funky.  Basically anything but what the above pic represents.    

To make this “Emph” top into an “Ooomph!” top, a few amputations (insert eeevil laughter here) were neccessary.    

I’ve gotta have some of your attention 5
This will only hurt for a minute...


Ah!  Now we’re getting somewhere.  Do you see the strapless top yet?  I decided to use the elastic-y bottom as the new top of my new top.  All I had to do was take it in a few inches on each side so it would stay up and keep as much of the width at the new bottom as I could to allow for my hips (and so I could get into the thing).  After that, I sewed the new bottom raw edge under.  I was rather pleased with the results.    

I’ve gotta have some of your attention 6
Oooh la la!


After adding a few tres chic accessories, including a belt I thrifted for a dollar and a kicky beret, I was ready to get trivial!    

I’ve gotta have some of your attention 7
Team What About Bob FT(almost)W!


I’ve gotta have some of your attention 8    

I’ve gotta have some of your attention 9
Wednesday is $2 (4x what I paid for my top) Pint Night at The Whig!


At the end of the night, we came in second place, which felt like first.  High fives were exchanged.  Afterwards, We karaoked to our hearts’ content.  And, because I know you care, I rocked out like Chrissie Hynde with “Brass in Pocket”.  Cause I’m special (special!)…soooo special….much like my new lil strapless top.


    • angelfairydust

      Sorry I didn’t mean to post then I hadn’t finished!! You never mentioned in any of your posts that you’ve had cancer so I thought it might have been a friend support or charity thing. Short hair really suits you, you have a gorgeous shaped head for it, like Jessie j! (Do you know who jessie j is? She’s a pop star in England and shaved her head for comic relief!! It really looks amazing!)
      I have a few friends who have had cancer and I shaved my head for one of them when she had chemo. I wish I had pictures! It’s about 15 years ago though!! Feel free to message me on Facebook Lauren angelfairydust Duffy 🙂 xx

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