Do they know it’s Christmas (in July)? 1
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Do they know it’s Christmas (in July)?

Under Da Sea
I've Gotta Have Some of Your Attention: From Long Sleeve Shirt to Strapless Top

I have no idea, and am willing to accept any and all theories as to what the purpose of the below garment is supposed to be. 

Do they know it’s Christmas (in July)? 2
What am I????


Scary eh?  A huge hazmat grade viscose green and red housedress with massive sleeves, ugly length, and no breatheability whatsoever.  Usually I would cringe at the not-quite teal and red color scheme.  However, this worked perfectly for the Christmas in July party I was going to at The Whig.  It was going to need a lot of help though. 

First, those sleeves had to go!  My arms were gonna need some fresh air.  Snip and Snip. 

Do they know it’s Christmas (in July)? 3
We're ugly and you won't miss us.


Now I needed to take the top of the dress in.  I decided against taking in the bottom part, because it had pockets!  Wonderful pockets!  I also thought a slightly poofier skirt would actually look nice and festive for the evening.  But, back to the top.  I took it in 3″ at its biggest part and tapered down to take it in 2″ by the time it got to the waist.  I drew this line in chalk, and then pinned as you see here. 

Do they know it’s Christmas (in July)? 4
it's just plain old chalk, y'all.


I then put it through my sewing machine, sewing along the chalk line (I can’t sew a straight line on my own).  I did this for the other side as well.  Now, on to those arm holes! 

Do they know it’s Christmas (in July)? 5
Pin, then sew!


More pinning.  More sewing.  I decided to use my merriest red thread on this dress to make it even more Christmas-y. 

Now…time to deal with that skirt!  As I said earlier, the length was horrible.  I wanted it to fall mid-thigh.  As I cut, my sweet little kitty, Edith decided to help out. 

Do they know it’s Christmas (in July)? 6
I don't have opposable thumbs, so I'm not very helpful.


Once the skirt was hacked, I folded the raw edge under about an inch, and then folded it under AGAIN.  This fabric was fray city, and I didn’t want a messy seam to ruin my night.  There are other ways to keep your seams from fraying, and I’m sure you’ll see them here in due course. 

Do they know it’s Christmas (in July)? 7
gimmie some thread!


Once the new hem was sewn, I was almost done!  There was just one more, VERY important step.  I needed to iron all of my new seams.  ALWAYS do this!  It’s the step that will give your piece that “finished” look. 

Do they know it’s Christmas (in July)? 8
a most "pressing" matter.


Now that my seams were looking spiffy, all I had to do next was make a sash out of the leftover fabric from the skirt to hide that elasto-waistband. 

And that’s it!  I now had a dress that was ready for some holiday cheer!  I actually wore it all day yesterday.  This is definitely a “makes me feel pretty” dress that I am quite taken with. 

Do they know it’s Christmas (in July)? 9
Feelin' Holly and Jolly.


Do they know it’s Christmas (in July)? 10
my guardian angels!


Do they know it’s Christmas (in July)? 11
Yay! Presents!


Do they know it’s Christmas (in July)? 12
Touched by an Angel


Do they know it’s Christmas (in July)? 13
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