Channeling Chanel 1
All,  Year 1: The Beginning

Channeling Chanel

Burn Victim
Halt(er)! Who Goes there?

I was so very very very excited about this piece.  

Channeling Chanel 2
Uncle Fester?????


Black!  Black!  Oh beautiful black!  How I have missed thee!  When scouring the thrift store for clothes to refashion, I hardly ever find any in black!  And for those of you who don’t know me….I loooooove black.  It’s so classic…so elegant!   Also, I had just rewatched this awesome movie the night before:  

Channeling Chanel 3
starring the lovely Audrey Tautou!!!


I looooove vintage Chanel clothing.  Sadly, having chosen a highly lucrative career in Non-Profit Arts Management<—sarcasm (don’t feel bad…it’s wonderful work! 🙂 ), I own none of it.  However, I saw potential in this dress to make my very own Chanel wannabe dress with simple lines and a classic look.  

First off, I needed to remove some of that length.  A lot of it actually.  Then, I needed to take it in on the sides a good bit, but still in keeping with the drapiness of the dress.  

Channeling Chanel 4
Chalkin' and Pinnin'


I decided against taking the bottom of the dress in, as it looked nice as is, and I didn’t want to lose those marvelously practical pockets.  

Next, I hemmed the bottom of the dress under.  

Channeling Chanel 5
a quick and simple hem


Now, I just needed a sash for my waist to complete the look.  I haven’t gone into detail about this yet, but let me advise you against just tying a scrap of fabric around your waist (I’ve cringed at waaaaay too many refashioning blogs that tell you to do this!!!).  Nothing tackifies up your creation like some fraying scrappy mess around your midsection!  Finish everything you do.   Chanel would agree with me on this one, I’m sure!  

To make a nice lil sash, I took some of the fabric from the bottom of the dress that I cut off earlier  

Channeling Chanel 6
Yay! I'm about to be reincarnated!I


I cut a smaller strip from this, folded it over once, the folded it under, and THEN pinned it all along the strip.  

Channeling Chanel 7
pinned and ready to go under the needle!


Now, All I had to do was sew it down!  

Channeling Chanel 8
Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!


Yay!  All Done (after pressing my seams and my sash)!!!!  

I think it turned out quite lovely.  

Channeling Chanel 9

Seriously…this might be my favorite yet.   I felt so chic and got tons of compliments all night long!  🙂  CoCo would have been pleased.  

Channeling Chanel 10
Standing waaaaaaay too close to the TV!!!


 Bonjour!  😉

Channeling Chanel 11


What do you think?

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